Fox News Channel Red Eye Host Greg Gutfeld on Media Bias, Liberal Intolerance, and Why Drugs Really, Really, Really Need to Be Legal

Before he became the host of Fox News Channel's rollicking late-night show Red Eye in January 2007, Greg Gutfeld had worked at magazines as varied as The American Spectator, Prevention, Men's Health, Stuff, and Maxim UK. And, as the fortysomething California native once told, he applied for-and was rejected with extreme indifference-a job at Reason.

Gutfeld appeared recently at Reason Weekend, the annual event held by the nonprofit that publishes this website, where he was interviewed by Reason Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward on topics ranging from media bias to intolerant liberals to the health benefits of smoking to the reason why the drug war is the dumbest thing imaginable. With the possible exception of Bill Maher.

Approximately 30 minutes. Warning for viewers prone to high-blood pressure, heart palpitations, and sour-puss syndrome: Gutfeld mixes humor, outrage and language salty enough to cure a side of bacon. Proceed at your own caution.

Downloadable audio podcast, iPod, and HD versions below.

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