Scott Shackford on PJTV Talking Ballot Initiatives, Fiscal Cliffs at Home and Abroad

Reason 24/7 Associate Editor Scott Shackford returned to PJTV’s Los Angeles studio to film a couple of post-election discussions on Front Page with Allen Barton and fellow guest Terry Jones of Investor’s Business Daily.

First up: Ballot initiatives. Often confusing, poorly written and potentially disastrous, but also an opportunity for the public to rein in government authority (or at least try to). Gay marriage, marijuana legalization and union power were all up for vote:

Next: Protests and political problems for socialists in Spain and the challenges of fiscal discipline. Will America be facing these same struggles? Note the discussion on separatist movements in Europe. This was filmed Friday before a bunch of secession petitions showed up on the White House’s web site.

Finally, the trio discussed the potential economic outcomes of President Barack Obama’s re-election and what that fiscal cliff up ahead (or perhaps in our rear-view mirror by now) is looking like. The segment hasn’t been posted in an embeddable format yet, but can be watched here at PJTV.

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  • Spiny Norman||

    I had a moment of wondering what a PJTV Talking Ballot Initiative might be.

  • mr simple||

    New drinking game: drink every time Scott says "You know".

  • Robert||

    They no wear pajamas?


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