Tim Cavanaugh on PJTV Talking Romney, Unemployment and Krugman: Updated with Kelly Thomas Palaver

If Ron Paul sets America back 150 years, and Paul Krugman sets it back 1,000 years, could we borrow enough sesterces to pay off the debt? 

Does anybody believe unemployment is getting better? 

Should we trust Mitt Romney's flipflop on the individual mandate? 

Reason.com managing editor Tim Cavanaugh appeared recently on Front Page with Allen Barton to discuss these and other hot questions. Also in the studio with Cavanaugh and Barton: Investor’s Business Daily’s Terry Jones. 

Video recordings of the show's three segments are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, and via digital download on the world wide web (the graphical and multimedia portion of the internet). Coming soon to VHS cassette. 

First up: If job and housing numbers are getting better, why do jobs and housing look so much worse? 

Ron Paul debates Paul Krugman. Depending on who won, does this mean we're going to end the Fed or fake an invasion by space aliens? 

And jumping off from Shikha Dalmia's recent piece "5 Reasons Why Conservatives Should Root For a Romney Defeat" a discussion of whether Mitt's abandonment of his earlier support for the indidual mandate is worth your vote: 

Update: Special secret video recorded somewhere in the Los Angeles County mass transit network. Kelly Thomas blathering on Russia Today: 

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  • Just Dropping By||

    That Obama-Romney hybrid photo is even scarier looking than the Obama-Bush photos!

  • ||

    Where is the ObaCain 2008 merge?

  • yonemoto||

    Well done tim with the deflation is the natural order of things (video 2) but you forgot the "inflation robs the poor and middle class of the gains of the rising tide of technology that is supposed to lift all boats". You gotta get all the "rest of us 99%" in there.

  • Thane Eichenauer||

    "now available on DVD and Blu-Ray"

    Link folks?


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