Meet, Heckle Tim Cavanaugh at UCLA Tonight managing editor Tim Cavanaugh will participate in an Occupy Wall Street panel discussion tonight on the campus of UCLA. 


Occupy Wall Street Panel Discussion

Moderator: Joyce Appleby, professor emerita, UCLA.

Pro-Occupy: Christopher Hicks, Student Labor Action Project national coordinator at Jobs with Justice. 

Anti-Occupy: Tim Cavanaugh, managing editor,

7:00pm (Pacific) 

Thursday November 17

Bunche 1209B
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 

The event is open to the public. 

Schedule is for opening statements, four he-said/he-said questions, closing statements and audience Q&A. 

Please come by to watch Cavanaugh take the unpopular "anti" position, and say hello before or after the talk.  

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  • Almanian||

    Wish I could be there! This would be fun!

    Give 'em hell, Timmeh. We know you will.

    Oh, also - FUCK California

  • Ska||

    Seriously - this sounds like it has a lot of potential for teh lulz.

  • Paul||

    Will Tim be correcting grammar of the audience during the Q&A?

  • Montani Semper Liberi||

    Tim, you should do the weird hand signals to show if you agree/disagree with what he is saying. Also, be a "human microphone" and shout everything that he is saying so that everyone can hear. I understand it's not exactly mature, but itt would make for great lulz.

  • ||

    +1 Montani

  • Montani Semper Liberi||

    Your movement is a joke, and you deserve to be mocked mercilessly. Deal with it.

  • Almanian||

    That would be extra awesome

  • ||

    PLEASE video this.

    Record the fuck out of it.

  • tim tim tim||

    lead skulls are thicker than blood:
    (a quick reminder of the role played by the banks, rather than just the "mortgage losers")
    so much for "keynesian" stimulus - doesn't help your "libertarian" cause when you (your magazine) push shit like this too:
    how things change in 18 months [see matt welch defending ron paul]

  • Colin||

    If Tim wears his mobster outfit he might not make it out of there alive. At best, someone will piss on him.

    But is he really anti-occupier? It seems his posts on the matter have been ambivalent at most.

  • Gibreel||

    Yeah, why isn't there a seat in the middle? (pro-whinging, anti-proposals) Or did Ayn Rand and Marx plan this arrangment out?

  • ¢||

    professor emerita

    I thought you were making a Latin joke. Turns out, that phrase is a thing.


    But seriously, you gotta break the ice by asking her about her botched sex change. She's an intellectual, so she'll totally get it, and then you'll be friends.

  • Almanian||


    So that's not like "authoritah" or something?

    I don't speak Latin, so...dunno.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    professtrix emerita would be more accurate, no?

  • *||

  • Zombie Jimbo||

    "Student Labor Action Project ", SLAP? I swoon at the implied violence. Progressives should denounce, or at least downtwinkle, this aggression.

  • dennis||

    I attended a lecture by Joyce Appleby once. It was pretty interesting.

  • ||

    I wish I could be there!

  • ||

    That's going to be fucking ridiculous. The audience will be 95% against Tim. I wouldn't be surprised if they censored him with crowd noise.

    Good luck Tim.

  • ||

    I've been to these sorts of things at UCLA before.

    95%? You're underestimating. If there's anybody in the audience on Cavanaugh's side, it'll be because they're lost and in the wrong room.

    This is gonna be one hell of a hostile audience--like watching a heel come into the ring at Wrestlemania.

  • wareagle||

    perhaps Tim can ask why OWS is not protesting ever-rising tuition costs in CA. Seems some students were, in fact, doing that just this week after one school instituted a 9% hike for next year, the 3rd increase in 3 years. I'm sure it's Wall St's fault.

  • BlueBook||

    They're going to hate you no matter what, so you might as well go in full riot gear with a few flash-bang grenades to punctuate your arguments.

  • Mark West||

  • Gibreel||

    The things the crowd will shout at Tim:


    "Give me some money!"

    "I'm supporting your fat ass bank account (didn't some guy say that to Peter Schiff?)"

    "You're greedy!...(to another protestor, 'hey, get your hands off my i-pad')"

    "I don't understand!!!"'

    "For a magazine called 'Reason'...."

    "Property is theft ('hey, get your hands of my i-pad')"


  • Suki||

    Where is Postrel?

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    The hell? You're debating someone who seems to be all of 3 years old. They couldn't find someone who was in the proper weight-class?

  • Private Idaho||

    Totally off-topic (don't hate me because I have ADHD), and not that the OWS "movement" is not totally compelling, but in a Boise Walmart today I witnessed Four Loko! On the shelves with the respectable intoxicants. Not banned!


  • Private Idaho||

    And totally not connected with or to my narcissistic comment, another Four Loko editorial! What the

  • Charlie||

    Get ready for an ad-hominem fest, Tim.

  • Charlie||

    Oh, and be prepared to get buried under a ton of straw.

  • Suki||

    Live blog? Is anybody live blogging the event?


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