Balance Sheet



Congress finally investigates the E-Rate program, a plan to give schools and libraries subsidized Net access. At least $200 million of the $2.25 billion spent by the program is thought to have been ripped off or otherwise misspent.

Being Tax-Averse

Actor John Malkovich bolts France after authorities insist the American pay the full 65 percent French tax on his income despite also paying tax to the IRS. "They interpret things one way, I interpret them another," Malkovich tells the New York Daily News.

Less Wild West

New Mexico becomes the 34th state to adopt concealed-carry legislation. Residents over 25 can be licensed to carry firearms provided they pass a criminal background check and a gun training course.

Spam Lite

A Maryland state judge refuses a spammer's request to force the removal of his contact info from an anti-spam site. Francis Uy posted the address and phone number of George Alan Moore Jr., on his "Maryland's most wanted spammers" site. The court ruled that Uy merely posted accurate data.

Energy Contract

Fed up with the University of California's lax management, the Department of Energy vows to put oversight of the Los Alamos National Laboratory up for a competitive contract. It would be the first time the nuclear weapons lab has been opened up to competitive bids.

Sex Sells

A Melbourne brothel known as The Daily Planet debuts on the Australian Stock Exchange -- and finds its share price quickly doubled. No word on what Lois Lane thinks -- or that stuffy Clark Kent.


Country Life

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