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Montreal Woman Arrested for Anti-Police Instagram Post

Cops have always quietly hassled kids for photographing freshly adorned graffiti and street art, the unfair presumption being that they might be the vandal returning to preserve their work. But even in that context, what happened yesterday in Canada is bonkers: a 20-year-old Montreal woman was arrested for posting a photo of anti-police street art to her Instagram feed.

On March 26, Jennifer Pawluck posted a wheatpaste portrait of Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafrenière with a bullet hole in his forehead to her Instagram. More than a week later, local cops came to her house with a warrant, which HuffPo Québec reports, "alleges that Pawluck acted with intent to harass Lafrenière and gave him reason to fear for his safety."

Source: Gawker. Read full article. (link)

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  • tarran||

    It's Montreal, not only are they Canadians, they are French Canadians. They're the people Shatner was thinking of when he shouted "Well, Double Dumbass to you!" while playing Kirk in Star Trek IV, the Quest for Greenpeace's Approval.

  • ||

    To be fair, if it weren't for them we wouldn't HAVE Star Trek IV, Save the Whales. I wouldn't want to live in a world without it.