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CNN on Minneapolis, Crime, and the "Defund the Police" Movement


An interesting article posted today, "Once nicknamed 'Murderapolis,' the city that became the center of the 'Defund the Police' movement is grappling with heightened violent crime." A brief excerpt, though there's much more there:

[T]he very community most directly impacted by crime and policing in the city — the north side — was among the least supportive of the "defund" idea.

"I think what's at issue is the White progressives' belief that they're helping us," said Lisa Clemons, a former Minneapolis police officer, who is Black and runs a gun-violence organization called A Mother's Love in north Minneapolis. "Oftentimes they are hurting us."

Clemons said people in north Minneapolis don't want to get rid of cops – "they just want respectful cops."

Minneapolis voters not only resoundingly rejected what was seen as the "defund" initiative, they also voted to strengthen the office of the mayor and reelected Frey, who'd become a local avatar for moderate Democrats put off by the party's most liberal wing.

The Minneapolis area with the largest Black population — Ward 5 on the north side — also proved a strong base of support for Frey in his reelection, according to a CNN analysis of voter data.