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Judge Neomi Rao on "The Province of the Law"

A belated 2021 lecture sponsored by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution


Last month, the Honorable Neomi Rao delivered the Georgetown Center for the Constitution's 2021 Thomas M. Cooley Judicial Lecture on "The Province of the Law."  (Like many such events, the lecture had been scheduled for 2021, but was postponed until this year due to the pandemic.)

Judge Rao's lecture is a complement—perhaps even a sequel—to her 2022 Sumner Canary Lecture on "Textualism's Political Morality." given the subject, I thought it might be of interest to VC readers, so a video is below.

The Cooley lecture is delivered annually by a distinguished jurist, and coincides with the Center's annual book prize and symposium. The judicial lecture and dinner is also co-sponsored by the Federalist Society.