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Supreme Court

The Inaugural Episode of "A Seat at the Sitting"—The Supreme Court's October Sitting in 90 Minutes or Less

A quick overview of all those other cases the Supreme Court will consider


You almost certainly know about the abortion and gun cases before the Supreme Court this term, but do you want to know more about the other cases the justices will be considering this term? Did you even know that there is yet another abortion case? Or that the justices will be considering cases with important implications for national security, criminal justice, and the environment? Well, I might have the program for you.

Today at 2pm Eastern, I will be participating in the inaugural episode of the Federalist Society's "A Seat at the Sitting" teleforum with Sarah Harris and Kate Comerford Todd. During this program, we will briefly survey the cases before the justices during the October sitting, which involve the state secrets privilege, the Boston Marathon bomber, AEDPA, the Armed Career Criminal Act, and the authority of state Attorneys General to defend state statutes.

The bottom line is there is more to this Supreme Court term than Dobbs and the New York gun case, and this new series will help you keep up to date on what else the Supreme Court is considering.