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Britney Spears's New Attorney Clerked For Justice Souter on the NH Supreme Court

Yet, for reasons unknown, he scrubbed that line from his firm biography.


Over the weekend, there were several reports that Britney Spears had retained Mathew Rosengart, a partner at GreenbergTraurig. I checked his firm page, and noticed that he had clerked for Justice Souter on the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Today, it appears that Spears has in fact retained Rosengart. I checked Rosengart's firm page again–and the clerkship for Justice Souter is missing!

Here is the version of the page on the Internet Archive, circa yesterday, July 12:

And here is the version of the page today:

Rosengart also made other edits to his bio. I have no clue why he would scrub the reference to Justice Souter.

No, I never thought I would write a blog post with "Justice Souter" and "Britney Spears" in the headline.

Update: The Internet Archive does a side-by-side comparison: