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Executive Power

Upcoming Federalist Society Executive Branch Review Conference

The online event features panels on a wide range of issues related to executive power, including one on federalism where I will be one of the participants.


Next week, the Federalist Society will be holding an online Executive Branch Review conference, which will include panels on a wide range of issues related to—you guessed it!—executive power. Registration is free at the above link.

I myself will participate in a panel on "State Sovereignty or Fair-Weather Federalism?" The other participants will be Prof. Edward Rubin (Vanderbilt), Prof. Carolyn Shapiro (Chicago-Kent, former Solicitor General of Illinois), and Judd Stone (Solicitor General of Texas). Judge John Nalbandian (6th Circuit) will moderate. The panel is diverse in terms of both political ideology and views on federalism issues. For example, Prof. Rubin is a leading academic critic of constitutional federalism (which he sees as mostly harmful, at least in the United States), whereas my own view is close to the opposite of his.

Among other panels, I think the ones on non-delegation and civil rights should be especially interesting, though your interests may, of course, differ from mine.