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Free Speech

New Group Seeking Legal Help Related to Speech Restrictions and Compulsions


Looks like an excellent project, with a first-rate Board of Advisors; here's their pitch:

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism is a new nonpartisan group that advocates for equality under the law regardless of one's immutable characteristics; for tolerance of different opinions; for open and free inquiry; and for compassionate opposition to racism based on our common humanity. It opposes what it views as a new orthodoxy and environment of intolerance rooted in Critical Race Theory; FAIR's advisory board includes John McWhorter, Bari Weiss, Steven Pinker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Coleman Hughes, and other highly regarded public figures.

Consistent with its mission, FAIR supports students, teachers, and employees who are being compelled to affirm principles with which they disagree, who are stopped from expressing their true views, and who are being punished and silenced if they do not comply. To that end, FAIR is building a nationwide network of independent attorneys who can offer advice and, if necessary, pursue litigation. If you are a lawyer with civil litigation experience and would like to join FAIR's legal network, please contact

I expect I'll probably be giving them some occasional informal advice as well, so if any of you get involved, perhaps we can work together. I'm inclined to think that the cases will involve the First Amendment, related statutes (such as laws limiting private employer retaliation based on employees' political activity, or the California statutes limiting private university and high school speech codes), contract law, and more.