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Institute for Justice: Totally Worth Your Donations

It's one of the public interest law firms that I admire most.


I just gave some money to the Institute for Justice, a first-rate libertarian public interest law firm. I've long much admired IJ: I've litigated some First Amendment cases, but it's not that hard to win them, given how strong First Amendment protections generally are—IJ, on the other hand, has figured out ways of winning even economic liberties cases, where the degree of difficulty is much higher.

Here's IJ's little pitch, which I'm delighted to pass along, with my full endorsement:

Friends, please give us money. We will use it to sue the government, whether it is arresting a retiree on trumped-up charges after she ran for city council on a reform platform and won, or shutting down a zoning-compliant homeless shelter, or hiding surveillance cameras on private property without a warrant, or preventing ex-offenders from fighting fires, or requiring defendants to purchase ankle monitoring services from a company with political, personal, and financial ties to the judge, or beating up innocent people.

Two generous IJ supporters have pledged to match donations from all new IJ donors dollar for dollar, up to $1 million. There's never been a better time to join our fight for liberty and help protect the Constitution. Double your tax-deductible donation today at

By the way, if you do donate (or have donated in the past), please leave a comment below saying you did, so your fellow readers can see. (No obligation, of course, but I think it might be nice.)