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16 Modules for Constitutional Law II (Rights and Equal Protection)

Powerpoint Slides and Videos from "An Introduction to Constitutional Law"


This year, professors will have to adapt their classes for distance learning. One helpful tip is to break down the doctrine into small, manageable bites. The buzzword is module, which is synonymous with unit or topic. To help professors, I have divided the corpus of constitutional law into separate modules. Each module will link to a set of Powerpoint slides, as well as previews of videos from An Introduction to Constitutional Law. The slides are free. Students can purchase our book ($23.99) to access the full video library. I encourage professors to consider recommending our supplement for this semester. Our book matches up with all of the leading casebooks. If you would like a review copy, please e-mail me: josh-at-joshblackman-dot-com.

The first post in this series focused on Constitutional Law I (Structure and Powers). Today, I will post sixteen modules for Constitutional Law II (Rights and Equal Protection). And on Wednesday, I will share seven modules for an upper-level First Amendment Class (Speech and Religion).


Module 1: Slavery


Module 2: The Privilege or Immunities Clause


Module 3: The Enforcement Powers of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments


Module 4: The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment


Module 5: "Economic" Liberty in the Progressive Era


Module 6: "Personal" Liberty in the Progressive Era


Module 7: "Economic" Liberty Through the New Deal


Module 8: "Economic" Liberty After the New Deal


Module 9: Equal Protection Clause on the Warren Court


Module 10: Affirmative Action on the Burger and Rehnquist Courts


Module 11: Affirmative Action on the Roberts Court


Module 12: Sex Discrimination


Module 13: "Heightened" Rational Basis Scrutiny 


Module 14: The Right to Privacy on the Warren and Burger Court


Module 15: The Right to Abortion


Module 16: Gay Rights