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The Legal Academy, Episode 1: Akhil Amar

A new show about law professors.


I have just posted the first episode of a new show I am hosting about law professors.  In the show, called The Legal Academy, I'll interview leading law professors about various parts of our jobs -- legal scholarship, law teaching, and the like.

The idea is to create the best conversations that a law professor might have at a conference or the faculty lounge back when it was legal to go to a conference or the faculty lounge.  I realize it's a narrow topic for a narrow audience. It's really for law professors, those who want to become law professors, and those with a peculiar interest in law professors. But hey, buddy -- you're the one reading a blog mostly written by law professors.  So I figured you might be interested.

Here's Episode 1, my interview of Yale Law Professor Akhil Amar.  I hope you enjoy it.  I'll also be putting out an audio-only podcast version that should be out in a day or two.