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Cato Constitution Day symposium this Monday


This coming Monday (Sept. 18), the 230th anniversary of the Constitutional Convention completing its work on the new Constitution, our friends at the Cato Institute are hosting their 16th annual Constitution Day symposium on the Supreme Court's 2016 term (with a look forward to the 2017 term). All the details, and a registration form, can be found at the symposium webpage here. It looks like a very interesting program indeed. I'll be speaking about the Nelson v. Colorado "presumption of innocence" case, on a panel ("Money and Crime") that includes David Goldberg, who was the lead attorney in last term's very important Packingham v. North Carolina case. In addition to other panels, on "First Amendment Challenges" and "Property, Religious and Secular," Philip Hamburger, whose work has appeared here on the VC from time to time, will deliver the keynote address, on "The Administrative Threat to Civil Liberties." I've attended several of these Constitution Day programs, and they've all been well worth it, and I have no reason to think this year's edition will be any different.