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Podcast on Murr v. Wisconsin


Donna Murr speaks at a press conference at the Murr family's cabin on the St. Croix River. The Murr family were the plaintiffs in Murr v. Wisconsin.

I recently did a podcast on the Supreme Court's important property rights decision in Murr v. Wisconsin, with Clint Schumacher of Locke Lord, LLP, as part of their Eminent Domain Podcast series. The last part of the podcast also covers some other issues. Clint even asked me to give some book and TV show recommendations!

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the sound on the podcast. But I think everything is still readily audible.

I wrote about the Murr decision and its likely effects here and here. Robert Thomas has a helpful compilation of links to other commentary on the case, at the Inverse Condemnation blog.

NOTE: I coauthored an amicus brief in Murr supporting the property owners, on behalf of nine state governments led by the state of Nevada. As with other posts about Murr, what I write here represents solely my own views, not those of the states I represented. The same is true of what I said in the podcast. The brief is a pro bono project, and I have no financial interest in the case.