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Conference on 'Rethinking Due Process' in administrative law


What process is due those who are subjected to federal agency action? Does the Administrative Procedure Act provide sufficient procedural protections? Or does the Fifth Amendment's due-process clause require more? Do agency adjudications before administrative law judges provide sufficient process? Or should courts require more?

These are but some of the questions to be discussed at the Center for the Study of the Administrative State's conference on "Rethinking Due Process" at the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School on Friday, April 21.

The conference will feature a wide range of academics and practitioners, including Beth Brinkman, Ronald Cass, William Creeley, William Funk, Judge Douglas Ginsburg, Philip Hamburger, Gary Lawson, Nelson Lund, Jennifer Mascott, Aaron Neilson, Ashley Parrish, and Ann Woolhandler, among others (including yours truly and Neomi Rao, the center director and Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs administrator nominee).

Details and registration information are here.