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George Washington University Law School launches the Cybersecurity Law Initiative


I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Cybersecurity Law Initiative, of which I am the director, at George Washington University Law School. For years, GW Law has had strong faculty expertise and curricular offerings in cybersecurity law. We decided to bring that together with a formal initiative that includes affiliated scholars from elsewhere in the university.

In the near term, the initiative will include a lecture series that is open to the public on topics of cybersecurity law and technology. It likely will host conferences in the field as well. In the long term, we may end up expanding to include research papers or perhaps a more formal educational component (possibly making cybersecurity law one of the specialty fields offered in GW's LLM program).

For more details—including information about full scholarships available to study cybersecurity law at GW—see the website for the initiative: I'll announce future events for the initiative on the home page and on my Twitter feed. If there's a particularly interesting event, I may also flag it here on the blog.