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Upcoming talks in Brussels, D.C. and New York


In the next two weeks, I'll be speaking in a variety of fora in Belgium, Washington and New York and at the University of Virginia.

On Tuesday, I will be speaking at a few events in the European Parliament in Brussels. Both are open to the public, although subject to seating limitations.

At 9 a.m. in Room PHS 6B054, I will participate in an "exchange of views on EU-Israel trade relations and international law," with members of the parliament's delegation for relations with Israel. I think that is a diplomatic way of saying a "robust debate."

In the afternoon, I will speak on International Criminal Court jurisdiction over Turkish settlement activity in Cyprus and its possible role in a peace process. I'll be joined by professor William Schabas and Cyprus's Ambassador Kornelios Korneliou in an event sponsored by the parliament's Socialists and Democrats group. I have written about the issue before. I believe both parliamentary events will be recorded.

On Wednesday, I will be giving a paper at Leuven University entitled "Universal Jurisdiction Over Non-Political Cases: An Evidentiary Theory."

On Friday, I will be presenting at the American Society of International Law's annual research forum in Washington, which looks like it will be a great event. My draft paper is "The War Crime of Illegal Settlement as Defined by State Practice."

Then I will be speaking at two law school events. On Oct. 26, I will discuss state and federal laws about Israel boycotts at the University of Virginia Law School in an event sponsored by the school's chapter of the Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law. And on Oct.27, I'll be speaking at Cardozo Law School in New York about Israel and international law, in an event sponsored by the Federalist Society.

If you come to any of the events, feel free to introduce yourself as a Volokh Conspiracy reader.