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Unintentional self-parody alert: Dana Milbank predicts "social upheaval" if the USSC rules against Obamacare


You know what will happen if the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell? According to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, "the nation's social fabric" will be torn part, there will be "social upheaval," and "there will be no place to hide from the national conflagration that follows."

When the millennium bug was all the rage, I had friends who were really worried about civilizational collapse because of scary scenarios they heard from their friends in the tech industry. I asked, "are any of your friends hoarding guns, ammo, non-perishable food and water, and planning to be in a secure hideout on January 1, 2000? No? Then don't worry about it.

Is Dana Milbank preparing for possible "social upheaval" and a "national conflagration?" Maybe at least putting all his 401(k) funds in cash? No? Anyone else acting as if a Supreme Court decision that would almost certainly be stayed to give Congress and the states time to adjust, and that could be subject to any number of temporary fixes while Congress and the Republicans stare each other down and eventually either reach a compromise or punt the issue to 2017, is going to make Summer 2015 make 1968 look like an oasis of social peace? No? Then don't worry about.

The disdain campaign is one thing; Milbank's column rises (?) to unintentional self-parody.