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Law student weekend, on the left and right


My Twitter feed tells me that this weekend features two conferences for law students. On the right, there's the Federalist Society annual student symposium at the University of Chicago, and on the left, there's the Rebellious Lawyering conference at Yale. Looking over the panels, some of the titles clearly belong to one conference or the other. For example, "Litigating in the Land of Lawlessness: Strategies for Litigating on Behalf of Farm Animals" is definitely the Yale conference. On the other hand, some titles could go either way, such as "Who Needs the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)?", although I suspect the answers would be different.

UPDATE: Two pictures of the audience. Conference 1:

Conference 2:

In case you missed it, the one with the women is Rebellious Lawyering; the one with the white guys in dark suits is the Federalist Society.