Dissecting the Durham Report

Join Reason on YouTube Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern with Eli Lake to discuss what the Durham report tells us about the FBI, the media and U.S. politics.


"If the Durham report shows anything, it is that the FBI leadership bent over backward to protect [Hillary] Clinton's campaign while launching a full investigation into [Donald] Trump's campaign on the thinnest of pretexts," writes journalist Eli Lake in a recent article for The Free Press.

Lake says the 306-page report from special counsel John Durham, released to the public on May 15, is a "black eye for the FBI," which he says was sloppy, inconsistent, and possibly "helped inject what may have been Russian disinformation into the American political discourse."

Join Reason's Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmueller this Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern for a deep dive into the contents of the Durham report and a discussion with Eli Lake of the questions it raises about the integrity of the FBI, the honesty of the media, and the lasting effects that the Russia investigation has had on U.S. politics.

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