Why COVID-19 May Be the Last Pandemic

Medical breakthroughs mean we will never again suffer through diseases like the novel coronavirus—if politicians will get out of the way.


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Since the novel coronavirus first showed up in America in January 2020, the U.S. government has routinely impeded scientists, public health officials, and citizens from coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, the surgeon general admonished Americans for buying masks. As late as last August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was downplaying broad-based testing among asymptomatic people. It wasn't until this April—more than a year into the pandemic—that the agency finally acknowledged what had become clear only a few months in: COVID-19 is rarely spread by surface contact. It's primarily an airborne disease.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stood in the way as independent labs worked to quickly develop COVID-19 tests that would allow individuals to know if they were infected and should self-quarantine, and it wasn't until this spring that the agency finally approved an at-home test you could get without a prescription. The FDA also temporarily pulled Johnson & Johnson's vaccine from the U.S. market because one out of every 1.13 million recipients developed blood clots. Those are the same odds of being struck by lightning.

The one clear policy victory—Operation Warp Speed, which promised payments to developers of coronavirus vaccines—was based on biomedical innovations such as "messenger RNA" vaccines—that were already underway before the novel coronavirus appeared. "The horrors of the last year have spurred humanity to quickly develop an unprecedentedly flexible and powerful toolkit that may well make COVID-19 the last true pandemic," writes Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey in the May cover story for the magazine.

"The amazing thing is that we'll be able to forestall any further pandemics in the future because so many great advancements in vaccine treatments…have come out of that," he tells Reason TV. "Now you can just slip any piece of genetic information into that lipid and now you have a vaccine."

Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were produced far faster than any expert expected. Yet almost all of the time that it took to bring the vaccines to market was due to safety testing and other governmental mandates that could have been sped up without endangering anyone. By January 13, 2020—only two days after the Chinese researchers shared the genetic sequence of the COVID-19 virus and before most Americans had heard of the disease—the biotech company Moderna had devised the formula for its vaccine. BioNTech launched its COVID-19 vaccine program in January and had partnered with Pfizer to manufacture it by mid-March of last year. The first volunteer was injected with Moderna's vaccine on March 16, 2020, yet it was only approved by the FDA last December 17th, a week after Pfizer's vaccine met the agency's approval. Had the agency been faster off the mark and used human-challenge trials and other innovative testing techniques, the vaccines could have been brought to market months earlier with no compromise in safety. That would have conceivably saved hundreds of thousands of lives globally.

Bailey stresses that mRNA vaccines represent a whole new way of fighting diseases. "It's a platform vaccine," he says. "If we have another microbe, virus, or bacteria, we'll be able to quickly identify its genetics and just plug it into the particles that are the base of the vaccine and roll it out within three to four months as opposed to a year."

mRNA vaccines are currently in human trials for HIV, rabies, and influenza. They may also prove effective against malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and cystic fibrosis. A team of colorectal cancer experts are testing the mRNA technology in a Phase II clinical trial as a possible cancer treatment. 

Will our government allow a vaccine based on this plug-and-play model to be deployed not within months, but in a matter of weeks, to stop the next pandemic in its tracks? "My answer is to let us deploy the technologies as quickly as possible, and then we won't have to make any of these trade-offs ever again," says Bailey. "If we have another pandemic and another failure [like with COVID-19], it will be a policy failure. Our bureaucracies need to get out of the way and let vaccines be deployed in an expeditious way."

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  1. Don’t let them fool you: big pharma is evil.

    1. Nick is forgetting all the anti-vaxx idiots that will refuse the vaccine, such as the nutjobs in this comment section.

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      1. Clearly so, or else he would have written a "anti-tax idiots" article.

      2. If we've learned nothing else from this, and we haven't, it's that screaming at people, "GET THIS VACCINE OR ELSE!" has created a bunch more anti-vaxxers.

        But you can't expect the American Nazi Party (DNC) to comprehend freedom of choice.

      3. Only, you have to basically be a programmed bot not to recognize the qualitative differences between vaccines that have gone through normal, proper testing and mRNA vaccines that are an unqualified shitshow.

        You also have to be an incredibly dumb, intolerably thick asshole to regurgitate the mind-numbing equivocation that people who don't want this experimental vaccine technology are "antivaxx."

        Midwit cunts like yourself are just dumb enough to be trained and just obedient and incurious enough to perform the tricks your masters tell you.

        If any of you covid cowards could for once actually address the safety concerns brought up by qualified experts it would be a fucking miracle.

        1. It's a little ironic that the guy who's afraid to take an mRNA vaccine is calling other people cowards. People in the 3rd world are afraid of vaccine that have gone through "normal, proper testing" also. Because they heard how dangerous the are from their own "qualified experts".

          1. Unfortunately, we can't know the long-term effects of the application of this new technology against human test subjects...until we allow for time to pass to make that observation. 🙂 It has nothing to do with fear. Regardless of the libertarian stance Nick wants to take here, the government isn't somehow preventing time from passing by more quickly. We might have that data in one, two, five or ten years down the road. Who knows? All one can do is wait and see, regardless of whether one chooses to take the vaccine or abstain.

        2. Hundreds if not thousands of scientists and doctors have spoken out against these mRNA vaccines. All these vaccines failed animal trials. Plus if there's a risk to any vaccine people should have a choice. One of my heroes, because she actually was sent to jail and future employment for exposing the truth. is Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD a Biochemist who worked as a government scientist for many years developing viruses and vaccinations.
          In 2011, when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened and told to destroy all her data.

          1. The mRNA vaccines have killed 3500 Americans so far conservatively. VAERS is woefully underreported, again, as everyone that knows anything about the VAERS reporting system will tell you.

            This is public data. Anyone can look at it. Even lazy, shithheal public relations assholes working for “news” and “commentary” websites that call themselves “writers” or even “journalists.”

            To put things into perspective here, because all this is so complicated for all the smooth brains apparently. Back in my day, the swine flu vaccine that was a complete disaster killed about 75 people before they pulled it in embarrassment. To this day a black Mark on the industry.

            Or even go back to the Cutter Incident in the 1950s where a small number of kids died and they pulled the polio vaccine. I know people that got sick from that. And that wasn’t even a new technology being live tested. Just a bad batch.

            The problem isn’t a question of if this thing is killing people in horrible ways. People are dropping g dead right in front of their loved ones. Horribly. The problem is that Pfizer and the medical industry in general so controls the media and government that midwits can’t even see the forest from the trees.

        3. I love that Reason allows complete free speech in its comments, regardless of the quality of the speech.

      4. It's an mRNA argument. He just plugs in the subject of the article.

      5. Hmmm, given that you were the only one, are you having a bad Freudian slip day?

      6. Declining to take part in a medical experiment with an unapproved gene therapy drug only approved provisionally for emergency use when you are in a risk category with a 99.99% chance of surviving infection with the illness for which the drug is an experimental treatment is not being anti-vax (one x btw) you chalk eating fucking retard.

        1. Agreed. If you are in the 0.01-0.05% risk category and do not wish to receive the vaccine, one might argue that you're "pro-statistics-and-probability" for choosing the known quantity over the unknown, rather than simply "anti-vax".

      7. More deaths have been reported to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in the last 4 months than in the previous 15 YEARS combined.

        The mRNA "treatment" being touted is NOT a vaccine, it is a genetic "therapy".

      8. Prove that vaccines have had ANYTHING to do with the decrease in deaths from the top infectious diseases.

        Because I can prove the decrease in deaths had dropped 90% or more BEFORE the vaccines were ever developed. Even the CDC and John Hopkins admitted in 2000 they had nothing to do with it.

        Only 'nutjobs' run their mouths when they have no idea what they are talking about.

    2. You are right. Covid is the 3rd pandemic / epidemic scam pulled by Big Pharma in the last 50 years... all the scare people into vaccines.

      Which is why it is essential people know history. History proves Big Pharma has been a scam for 100 years.

  2. Your videos are getting really good, nice to see the improvement.

    1. Yep, his indoctrination and puppetry is good as well. Any guesses whose footing the bill?

  3. LOL. People love the pandemic, they don’t want it to end.

    1. I just want to be able to go to see live music again.

      1. Pick up a guitar and play it in front of a mirror. 🙂

        1. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on this little gem. Based upon reviews as an acoustic it doesn't sound very good. Not much bass or projection. The reason I'm getting it is because I've got bitchy neighbors, so crappy sound is a plus. But it's supposed to play like an electric and sound great plugged in.

          Still not keen on playing it in the mirror.

          1. Since you're on section 8 housing I'm surprised your drug addicted neighbors really care that much. You must be just as abysmally terrible at the guitar as you are at everything else in your life.

      2. How was that Ministry concert you fucking pussy?

        It's hard to decide which is more pathetic: the fact that you unironically still listen to Ministry or that you pussied out of a fight after you issued the challenge by inviting the guy you challenged to a concert. Of course since you think Mean Girls and Jon Stewart are still relevant I suppose it's not terribly surprising your taste in music is dog shit.

    2. It's not laughable, it's sad. I have a couple of friends with this condition. One has stated it openly. "Wouldn't it be nice if the lockdowns were permanent? Imagine if everyone social distanced permanently?" He also has mental health issues and is on medication for it. But taht doesn't explain all the tens of thousands begging the government to make the lockdowns permanent.

      1. You need new friends.

      2. Sounds like they're treating the wrong symptoms.

      3. A rather ironic complaint coming from you considering you supported lockdowns from the beginning and have stated they shouldn't end until everyone, including those with natural immunity from prior infection, has take an experimental, unapproved gene therapy drug issued under emergency use only authorization.

    3. Speak for yourself.

  4. Wasn't the covid vax financed and pushed for by big government? So don't get out of the way then? Libertarians are confused.

    1. The Moderna vaccine was developed in two days without big or small government involvement, but took the better part of a year to become available due to government involvement. Or did you miss that part?

      1. What are you talking about? Trump made the vaccine himself out of a Big Mac and Diet Coke. Don't you know anything?

        1. Too bad you didn't mute hyperbolic strawman. Or can you mute yourself... you should test it out.

      2. He missed that part because it doesn't fit his narrative.

        At the very start (day two) of this crisis people were asking, "Are there any libertarians in a pandemic?" Now on day 415 or so, people should be asking "Why isn't everyone a raging anarchist by now?"

      3. You have to do the clinical trials. Those take time. There is no way to know how well it works and side effects without it. Several vaccines did not make it because they were ineffective. The Chinese sinopharm is not looking too great.

        The last phase is double blind placebo controlled. I wanted to be in the phase 3 for Moderna but missed the boat. Someone I know was in it.

        Oh good news. The g daughter 8 year old who tested positive on the rapid test came up negative on PCR. Yay!

      4. Sure. And thalidomide was deemed a safe anti-nauseant and sleep aid for pregnant women. You know. Until it wasn't.

        Ooh ooh. And then there was the original synthetic estrogen used in the very first birth control pills that were rushed to market due to feminist lobbying. Thousands upon thousands of cases of hormone sensitive breast, ovarian, uterine, cervical and vaginal cancers ensued. My grandmother (who was taking synthetic E to treat menopausal symptoms) got to have a delightful single mastectomy because the government allowed pharmaceutical companies to cut corners on human trials. She didn't even have to do chemo or radiation. All she had to do was have one breast lopped off and stop taking synthetic E, and the cancer went into full remission.

        mRNA technologies have only been in development for about 4 decades, and until COVID had only been FDA approved to treat rare genetic disorders over the last five years or so.

        But yes! Human trials?! Screw that! Moderna had cooked that shit up in two days, and should have been allowed to roll it out then and there! What could go wrong?

        1. I'm pretty sure there haven't been any significant medical advances in the 60 years since the thalidomide disaster

          1. Ivermectin, a multipurpose anti-parasitic drug, was discovered in 1975, and is considered one of the most important drugs of the last century. It is well-tolerated by adults, children under 5 and pregnant women (though dosing must be carefully monitored), and often in a single dose eliminates a wide variety of parasites, from scabies to head lice, river blindness, strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis.

            It and its derivatives are also available for pets and livestock to prevent parasitic infection.

            So I have to say, you're wrong.

        2. IIRC, didn't scientists discover later that thaliomide was useful in treating HIV/AIDS patients? Poison is not just in the substance, but in the dosage and the application to which it is put.

          Nitroglycerin is an explosive that has killed the innocent as well, yet it also has application in treating heart patients.

          My sympathies to your Grandmother and to the victims of thalidomide, however, bad side effects in some instances should never preclude finding better uses.

          By the way, are you the one on YouTube who discusses Feminism, MGTOW, etc.? Thoughtful stuff there.

        3. "But yes! Human trials?! Screw that! Moderna had cooked that shit up in two days, and should have been allowed to roll it out then and there! What could go wrong?"

          Haha, well-spoken sarcasm! As I've mentioned elsewhere, the government is not capable of bending time and space. The natural world functions as if dictated by some cosmic Archon, and all things within this system must abide by its laws. If we want to know what this vaccine does short-and-long-term, we must run the gauntlet. 2 days != years of observation.

        4. The deaths caused by FDA over cautiousness dwarf the deaths caused by carelessness. The problem has always been that they take too long to approve effective treatments, not that occasionally a treatment proves to be unsafe despite the endless safety trials and regulatory hoops. So weird for “libertarians” to become sudden champions of stifling regulation.

      5. Glad somebody's got half a brain functioning. Nobody can tell us what the long term effects of these rushed to market vaccines are going to be.

      6. but took the better part of a year to become available due to government involvement

        Had fuck all to do with government involvement you abject fucking retard. Discovering the genetic structure of the virus in 2 days provided the theoretical basis for developing a vaccine. Actually producing one, then testing it for a whopping 5 months, then ramping up manufacturing to provide 7 billion doses was the only thing that caused a lag. The government gave the vaccines emergency use authorization before the grossly inadequate trials were even completed.

      7. It's NOT a vaccine.

    2. Not just the Covid vaccine, but Covid itself was created by Big Government. How the hell do you think they were able to create the vaccine so fast? They knew exactly what they were dealing with.

      Which is why calling this the last pandemic is ridiculous, the pandemic was only fought so successfully because it was a man-made pandemic. The next pandemic is likely to be something out of left field where they don't actually know what they're dealing with.

      And that slimy little fucker Fauci is the one who paid for the virus to be produced.

      1. Poe's Law?

          1. I am all for an investigation. But I don't think you realize calling for an investigation is the same as evidence.

            1. *not the same

            2. So you want an investigation into the origins of the virus even though you claim anyone who maintains the origins of the virus were anything other than a bat in a wet market is a delusional conspiracy theorist? OK. Too bad you weren't around to tel those stupid, paranoid, uppity niggers in Tuskegee to shut up and trust their government.

        1. The lead researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had been studying SARS-CoV (2002/3) for the previous decade, and believed she'd found the original population of horseshoe bats responsible for the original SARS outbreak. All she needed was a Biosafety Level 4 lab to do hands-on testing on the bats.

          The NIH (headed by Fauci since the 1980s) went to bat for China to get approval for the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, and then approved millions of US taxpayer dollars in grants to fund the research.

          The BSL-4 lab went operational in 2018. China was very proud of its first BSL-4 facility, and gave tours to foreign dignitaries. Shortly thereafter, two diplomatic cables were sent to the US State Department raising the alarm over lax safety protocols at the lab. I have no idea whether those cables made it up the chain to the Sec of State, let alone to the POTUS or Fauci.

          The Wuhan lab is about the same distance from the hospital where the first infections presented as the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was.

          The primary difference between the two as far as candidates for the source of the virus is that the Huanan market didn't sell horseshoe bats because even the most culinarily adventurous Chinese people don't eat them, and none of the conjectured intermediary species (pangolin, cobra, etc) were sold there either. The lab, on the other hand, was doing American-funded "gain of function" testing on the original population of bats and the SARS-CoV viruses they carried.

          Dec. 30, health officials in Wuhan were notified of an outbreak of viral pneumonia resistant to anti-flu drugs, caused by a coronavirus.

          By Jan 2, China had mapped the virus's genome (gee, that was quick!) and ordered all labs in Hubei (and a day later, the rest of China) to stop testing for the virus and to destroy all their samples.

          China would not announce it had mapped the complete genome until Jan 9, and would wait until Jan 11 to upload it to an open source website.

          China would spend the first half of January telling the WHO that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. On Jan 20, during a live TV broadcast, a top Chinese doctor admitted they had detected cases of human to human transmission. I have no idea whether he was authorized to disclose that information.

          From that point on, China would tell the WHO that transmission was primarily through close physical contact, and that human to human transmission was limited. Masks, they told everyone, don't help and might do more harm than good, because you fiddle with them and touch your face more, and this thing isn't airborne anyway.

          Meanwhile, Chinese companies associated with the CCP recruited thousands of private Chinese citizens living abroad to purchase everything they could get their hands on: masks, gloves, PPE, medical grade disinfectant, respirators, ventilators, etc--and ship them to China. China also put out a press release announcing exports of medical supplies and equipment would be delayed due to an unusual number of defective and counterfeit items. They even recalled two cargo ships laden with medical supplies bound for the US.

          Meanwhile, Chinese customs documents indicate that during the 6 weeks ending Feb 29, China (the world's largest exporter of medical supplies) imported (among other medical supplies and equipment) 2.02 billion masks.

          China locked down Wuhan on Jan 23, and over the next few days would prohibit domestic travel between Hubei and the rest of China. International flights continued as usual, including more than a thousand textile workers from Wuhan arriving in northern Italy in the last week of January.

          You want to know why we all locked down in mid March? That's when our governments discovered all of this shit. Masks don't work, China tells us, while halting exports and hoovering up all of ours in parcels small enough to fly under the radar, purchases made by private citizens to keep the CCP's greasy fingerprints off the invoices?

          You remember all those videos early on of hospitals with totally empty parking lots and deserted emergency rooms? It wasn't for lack of beds or staff. It was because our cupboards were bare and our governments had just asked themselves, "if this thing isn't airborne, why would China abscond with all our masks?"

          If Fauci was an honest actor, he'd have assumed the Wuhan lab was the most likely source of the outbreak from the get-go. They were literally doing "gain of function" research on SARS-CoV, and all of a sudden there's a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak just a hop, skip and jump from that lab? To ANYONE, that should look like the shortest distance between point A and point B. To the person who authorized the funding for that "gain of function" research on SARS-CoV, it should have been a no-brainer.

          Yet more than a year later, with all the information that's been revealed about the diplomatic cables and the unlikelihood of the "wet market theory", and with China still denying any foreign inspectors from entering the lab, he will still only admit that it's "a possibility."

          And before you call me a crazy conservative conspiracy theorist, my main sources for most of this information are Axios and the Sydney Morning Herald.

          1. I'll bet China was developing SARS-2 as a weapon for release in the USA, and an early alpha-test version of it got away from them a year early.

            1. I'm not going to say you're wrong about the biological weapon aspect of it. But I am convinced (after spending 14 months of looking into it) that it wasn't an intentional release.

              If they were going to do an intentional release, they'd have already inoculated 90% of their population, and they'd have sent out operatives with little hair spray bottles full of virus to spray on surfaces in airports across the globe.

              They certainly wouldn't have infected their own population first prior to mass inoculation, and definitely would not do so anywhere near their prized BSL-4 lab. I am somewhat stupefied that the western world is still sceptical about whether the virus came from that lab. OF COURSE it came from that lab. If it didn't, show me the natural zoonotic progression (including the wet markets that sell pangolin and cobra and horseshoe bats) and let foreign inspectors into the lab to check the records.

              Dec 30 to Jan 2 to map the entire genome? That sounds like all they had to do was compare a field sample with what they already had on file. Destroy the samples? That sounds like, "if we can contain this thing, the rest of the world doesn't need to know."

              Beijing didn't get involved until Jan 7. How much you want to bet that no mid-level bureaucrat wanted to get Xi out of bed and break the bad news that they done fucked up? Over the next couple of weeks, officials in Wuhan and Hubei would insist there were no new cases. Nothing to see here. No need for any of us to end up disappeared. It's ALL under control.

              Jan 17, a pre-scheduled biomedical conference ended in Wuhan, and local officials assured everyone there were no new cases.

              Jan 18, Wuhan had a Lunar New Year's potluck with tens of thousands in attendance. Over the next 5 days, about 5 million people from Hubei would get on trains to visit family all over China.

              All of this shit looks like everyone was terrified of sticking their head up and saying there was a problem. It was just municipal and provincial officials in denial because holy fuck, if that shit came from the lab and it's a serious problem, heads were gonna roll.

              All the really heinous shit ensued after the lockdown of Wuhan on Jan 23. That lockdown was 100% Beijing.

              I have the feeling that everyone in government knows (or strongly suspects) exactly where this virus came from. But the only people willing to go out on a limb and say it are Fox, Newsmax, OANN, congressional Republicans, and the former heads of certain institutions (cough*Redfield*cough).

              Fauci? In my opinion, he's irredeemably compromised. He trusted the CCP and authorized funding for the research. He trusted the WHO while China was cleaning out our warehouses and retail stores. He has repeatedly said he doesn't care about the economy, he doesn't care about deaths of despair, he doesn't care about the knock-on effects of delayed cancer screenings or people who are too scared to go to emergency when they're having a stroke.

              All he cares about is that 560,000 Americans have died from COVID, and that one more death is one too many.

              You know, if I had given a hostile foreign power millions of taxpayer dollars to perform "research" that resulted in the deaths of 560,000 Americans, I would recuse myself. But not Fauci. He's almost ready to admit that just MAYBE the virus came from the lab he funded. But not quite.

              1. But do you think the genomic changes that increased its virulence were engineered into it?

                1. To my knowledge, its lethality was not increased, only its transmissibility. The original SARS was pretty damn deadly (estimated case fatality rate of 14-15%).

                  Not sure whether the changes to the genome were intentional. It shares 96% of its genome with SARS-CoV. It's possible that it was circulating in humans long enough (as early as November) to have mutated on its own.

                  However, the US rescinded its moratorium on gain of function research in 2018, which seems like quite the coincidence (same year the BSL-4 lab went operational).

                  And many of the original arguments "debunking" the lab leak theory were pretty ridiculous. "The closest relative of this virus exists in a wild population of bats in Yunnan, a thousand miles away from the lab." I was like, you think that supports the wet market theory? What's more likely? Wild bats in Yunnan found their way to a wet market 1000 miles away that just happened to be down the block from the only BSL-4 lab in the country? Or that they were brought to the lab by someone who'd spent the previous decade studying SARS-CoV, and someone was careless?

                  CRISPR leaves footprints on DNA and RNA, so that would be one way to tell if it was altered in the lab. But if the footprints are there, I doubt anyone in a position to know is going to admit it.

                  Because, you know, the NIH was funding the research. The State Department had been warned. Those warnings either didn't get in front of the people making decisions, or they did, and those people screwed the pooch. Which is why I think Fauci should have recused himself from the matter at the outset.

                  When Redfield came out and said he thought the virus came from the lab and that it had been intentionally altered, all Fauci would say is that it was a possibility and an opinion, one that "most public health officials" don't agree with. Then he reiterated that it's more likely the virus was circulating among humans "under the radar screen" for months and had mutated naturally.

                  Which doesn't make a lot of sense. Viruses tend to mutate to become less deadly, because viruses don't actually want to kill you. It's a shitty reproductive strategy, like burning down your house with all your kids inside. If there were a more deadly variant circulating that mutated into this one, it's hard to believe it would be circulating "under the radar".

                  We are being asked to set aside Occam's razor, and believe a series of events occurred that are each less likely than the alternative explanation.

                  Anyway, that's a longwinded way of saying I can't know, but it seems likely to me that they were fucking with SARS-CoV in the lab, they had an accidental escape, and anyone who believes Fauci regarding this particular question has zero understanding of human psychology.

                  1. Go, Honey Badgers!

              2. Karen, it is always a pleasure to read your posts. As an activist for Men’s Rights, your voice should be heard.

                I am aware of the various arguments for and against mRNA vaccines. I believe this should be a matter of personal choice. I am a 78 y/o retired surgeon. I took Pfizer as soon as I could get it.

                Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
                Retired surgeon

    3. Well, there were the Nazi orders to close businesses, but only certain businesses and certain types of businesses, and the Christofascists were all in on closing bars and strip clubs.

      There were the Nazi orders to stay home, and dictating how you had to exercise to be approved.

      There's the Maskurbator fascism for wearing a submission garment in public.

      There was YET MOAR NAZISM that people who refused to comply or whose papers weren't in order had to be put in camps in several countries and various US cities.

      But it was amazing how many alleged libertarians turned into greedy leftists demanding a handout, and pocket-Nazis ratting out their neighbors.

  5. This might be the dumbest thing Nick has ever written.

    1. Give credit where credits due. This is only the dumbest thing he's written this month.

    2. To be fair, much of it is quoted from some of the dumbest stuff Bailey has ever written.

    3. At least he's gotten over his millennial obsession.

    4. It's the last pandemic because they're never going to let it end. Stand by for the War on COVID.

      1. Just like the war in Afghanistan. 20 years later.

    5. I can't argue with that except to wonder on which side his bread is buttered?

  6. " . . . if politicians will get out of the way."

    Well, yes. If the sun never sets again, and gets twice as hot tomorrow, the global climate warming change panic sellers may turn out to be right.

  7. "Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were produced far faster than any expert expected."

    Minor detail; there is no vaccine yet fully approved as safe by the FDA.
    All injections no being given are experimental, approved only for emergency use.
    No data on long term effects.
    No data on use by persons capable of bearing a child. (they used to be called 'women')
    No data on children.
    Yet the populace is being forced to accept these injections as if they were proven to be peachy keen fine for every one.

    1. Nobody is being forced. Yet. Personally I'm going to wait to get stabbed until I need to in order to engage in normal activity. And not a day sooner.

      1. Several companies are requiring the vaccine to retain, or apply for, a job.
        New York is not only requiring the vaccine, they are requiring you cough up your private medical information to private corporations just to exist.
        And you prove my point by admitting you will accept the vaccine "just to live normally"

        1. I'm not anti-vaccine. I just don't want to be a guinea pig.

          Regardless, all the examples you mentioned aren't examples of being forced because you can choose a different job or a different place to live.

          1. Jfc. Just get the vaccine now. You'll be fine.

            1. I know Utopia is fiction, but still. Makes me reluctant.

              They really need a preview function for idjits like me who put html into their posts.

              1. LOL. A bad Amazon series is your basis for science.... wow.

                1. Jon Stewart is his basis for comedy, what else would you expect? In this case he's probably right to be hesitant to take an experimental, unapproved drug only being administered under emergency-use-only authorization. But it's a rather hilariously ironic position coming from somebody who spent the entire last year telling us that failure to strap 3 or 4 paper or cloth masks to our faces was personally responsible for killing his grandmother. And with his cirrhosis and morbid obesity he probably IS in a higher risk category, after all.

            2. Yup, and Nazis shouting that in everyone's faces are creating more anti-vaxxers.

              Especially as it literally has a higher death count than all other vaccines combined. In fact, under age 65, you're as likely to die of either COVID or the vaccines. Which is, admittedly, a very low number. But since it's so low, and on par, why bother?

              I'm very pro-vax, but shit like that doesn't help.

              1. Speaking of the death count, it's funny how the "health experts" have reacted to these documented COVID vaccine fatalities. If I recall correctly, the government pulled a swine flu vaccine in the 1970s after giving it to 45 million people...because approximately 50 of them died from it. We're well beyond 50 already, but I guess, in this case, that the perceived threat of the global pandemic is overriding typical medical protocols. I suppose there's some calculation where the number of people that died with COVID (and not necessarily, *from* COVID, mind you) must be greater than those projected to succumb to the vaccine.

          2. Regardless, all the examples you mentioned aren’t examples of being forced because you can choose a different job or a different place to live.

            So fuck those illegal immigrants then, right?

        2. Ok, so what is your point? It's private companies, they can do whatever they want.

          1. Yeah see some of us aren't any more in favor of corporate fascism than the government kind, so we exercise our equal freedom to do whatever we want to call out shitty policies from corporate oligarchs instead of competing to see how much of their cock we can fit down our throat. This is also by no means limited to privacy companies. You can't sit for the bar exam with a COVID shot. You can't travel out of state without a COVID shot. You can't travel by air without a COVID shot. You can't enroll in government schools without a COVID shot. You can't work in numerous jobs in federal, state, and local government without a COVID shot. You also can't contract with federal, state, or local governments without a COVID shot. So take your false dichotomy and shove it up your ass with Bill Gates' cock until they both come our nose.

      2. Plan on close to two months until you get both and the second one kicks in. Or you could go with Janssen if you can find it.

      3. I don't take orders from Nazis in order to live my life normally.

    2. I conferred with physicians I trust and with whom I work; I've also seen a number of people [not old, or sick] die from the virus.

      It was an easy risk matrix for me.

      1. I've had the opposite experience. My friends and family members have had it (including my dementia-riddled 99-year-old grandmother), but they all shrugged it off. Anecdotal, yes, but it is what it is.

    3. Oh Jesus Christ.

      You know what, if you don't want the vaccine, don't take the vaccine. Thats on you. No one is forcing you to do anything.

      Accurately stating that the vaccine works and is safe is not "forcing." It is people engaging in their free speech rights to discuss the truth.

      Continually spreading misinformation and pretending you are special for making a very stupid decision is dumb. Present hard evidence or get a life.

      1. >>for making a very stupid decision

        results still out.

        1. Letting the government take your money to buy a vaccine pre-production and then cheerleading the vaccine is a very stupid decision, regardless of the efficacy of the vaccine.

          1. ya until they repeal the 16th though we can only complain in limited circles

      2. Accurately stating that the vaccine works and is safe is not “forcing.”

        I'm 42, haven't ever gotten a flu shot and haven't had the flu in at least the last decade, if ever. When someone tells me the vaccine works, are they doing so from an informed position or did they just make a stupid decision to tell everyone everywhere the vaccine works?

        1. Whether a vaccine is necessary or desirable for you personally has no bearing on whether or not it works

          It would be like me saying Mopars don't work because I've never owned one

          1. Yeah fortunately we have shit loads of data indicating that the vaccines don't really work either. Huge rates of reinfection. The government authorities have so little faith in them that they still insist you wear 2-3 masks on your face and continue to stand 10 feet away from other people even after receiving the vaccine. So it's working basically like every other attempt at a coronavirus vaccine since the beginning of medical history. Who'd have thunk.

      3. For the vast majority of people under the age of 50, the risk from dying of Covid is minimal, akin to that of driving to work every day. There is no impetus to get a shot for that. And yes, I've had both shots solely because my neighbor is a pharmacist who brought shots home from missed appointments, so took me no effort.

        Criticizing people for understanding their actual risk and acting in response to that risk is not libertarian in any manner, it is just fear peddling.

        1. COVID eliminated the need to drive to work for millions of people. Think of all the lives we are putting at risk by getting innoculated!

          Sorry, got stuck in left gear.

          1. Hilariously, if you crunch the excess deaths data for 2020, that's pretty much what happened. Covid, as nasty as it might be for the over 75-set, is about as comparable to how well Americans butcher each other behind the wheel.

          2. COVID cleared the roads of commuters, so the crazies could run wild at 100 mph on the capitol beltway and interstates and kill even more people.

        2. The reason for an under 50 to get the shot is that COVID is evolving to become worse with time. Current versions may not be much of a threat to you or me, but future versions will be. It doesn't hurt to get more immunity.

          1. That's only one part of the equation. Only time can tell what side effects might derive from this pioneer application of the mRNA technology to the masses. So in that sense, it is possible that it might "hurt". There's no guarantee either way, as we just don't have that data yet.

        3. akin to that of driving to work every day

          Actually you are 20 times more likely to die in a traffic fatality in your lifetime than you are to die of COVID.

      4. No one is forcing you to do anything.

        Yes, cunt hole, they are.

        Accurately stating that the vaccine works and is safe is not “forcing.”

        No, that's just idiotic propagandizing as there are now over 10,000 deaths and over 50,000 adverse reactions reported to VAERS, and that likely represents only a small fraction of total deaths and adverse reactions since VAERS is an optional self-reporting system.

        In conclusion, go fuck yourself with a running chainsaw. If the vaccine is as magical as you think it is then no one else besides you needs to take it. Kinda like the face diapers you've been forcing people to wear for a year and a half.

      5. "Accurately stating that the vaccine works and is safe..."

        We don't know that yet. Unless you have a time machine and have seen the rest of the decade. So remove "accurately" and the rest of your sentence would be correct.

    4. I'm not anti-vaccine. I won't get it personally and if other people want it, they should buy it.

      I'm anti-government taking my money, buying a vaccine without asking, and then creating/allowing policies that 'encourage' me to get the vaccine they bought without asking. And that's setting aside all the expansive IP bait-and-switch and regulatory favoritism and every other manner of socialist/collectivist/fascist malfeasance that went into getting us where we are.

      I'll be fine with or without the vaccine, it's the taking on one end with the progressive coersion on the other end that's the far more protracted and pernicious problem. Worldwide COVID deaths are just beginning to get within sight of Hitler levels of lethality and almost certainly won't make it to Stalin or Mao levels.

      1. I'm anti-experimental gene therapy for a virus I had last year and recovered after a few days of taking extra Zinc. If I was 70, it might be a different story. Also, they will give the shot to my kids over my dead body.

        1. Also, I will never knowingly take a shot that uses fetal stem cells in the production, which the J&J and AstraZenaca shots do

          1. I hope you're being sarcasmic. It's hard to tell.

            Regardless, snopes is always fun.


            1. The same Snopes that told us Trump was a Russian intelligence asset and that Joe Biden never withheld any funds from Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired. And admit in the first 3 sentences of their fact check on this issue that the vaccine does, indeed, derive from the same fetal kidney cells that have been used in the production of nearly every vaccine since 1970. Good work Columbo.

            2. You are completely wrong. My undertanding is the have been repeatedly cloning the liver cells of some long ago aborted fetus for testing purposes. Fewer use a different clone line to manufacture vaccines.

              Snopes is a propaganda outlet.

        2. they will give the shot to my kids over my dead body

          Most likely, yes. And your kids' dead bodies will shortly follow if the current trials are any indicator.

    5. Thank God we're not, yet, being forced to accept the shot. Though Britain and some other countries are forcing it on their citizens.

      I am not, in general, an anti-vaxer. But there are multiple reasons to hesitate to accept this one, including the mRNA (which means it is not a vaccine in the normal sense of the word, but experimental gene therapy); the nature of the disease (a mere flu, in spite of all the creative accounting used to blame millions of unrelated deaths on Covid-19); and most especially the executive order exempting the maker of liability, even if the shot kills people. And it has.

      This will not be the last pandemic. Far from it. But in most if not all states, officials' overreaction to Covid is now causing a healthy reexamination of, and a movement to limit, the scope and duration of emergency powers. So maybe this will be the last economy-ruining lockdown or even the last idiotic mask mandate.

      1. But in most if not all states, officials’ overreaction to Covid is now causing a healthy reexamination of, and a movement to limit, the scope and duration of emergency powers.

        This is by far the best thing to come out of Covid.

    6. The AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines are standard adenovirus vaccines, basically identical to the yearly flu shot.

      They found a strain of the flu with a protein shell similar enough to COVID to kinda-sorta work. I know that these vaccines are the ones in the news for adverse effects (blood clots), but as far as I can tell, in regard to adverse effects, they're no different from the yearly flu shot.

      The mRNA vaccines are a completely new technology. mRNA has been in development for about 40 years for genetic disorders and genetically implicated cancers, but development for vaccines is only about 20 years thus far. And yes, it's experimental.

      mRNA has been properly FDA approved for a handful of rare genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis. The technology has never been deployed on this scale before.

      I am crossing my fingers. I really want the mRNA tech to prove safe. So many things it could treat--MS, Huntington's, harlequin ichthyosis, PKU, muscular dystrophy, ALS, prostate cancer, you name it.

      If I hadn't already had COVID, I'd probably opt for one of the adenovirus vaccines, because they're the devil I know. For my parents, Pfizer and Moderna are WAY more effective, and *for them* (age 78 and 87) what do they care if some weird adverse effect emerges in 10 or 20 years? As my dad told me when they locked everyone down, "next thing you know, they'll make it illegal to die." But they didn't go in blind. They (well, my mom and I) did our due diligence.

      Nick Gillespie needs to give his head a shake. Acting like two days and we're ready to inject everyone? What the eff?

      1. What isn't known, in the context of long-term effects, is how manufacturing just this particular spike protein to solicit an immune response will play out. If this is a novel virus, then we can't possibly have that data. Is that a fair assumption?

      2. I think the safety of mRNA is going to be based on what you do with it. Case by case depending on what it is designed to produce.

        I think the safety of the approach itself is also an interesting question to ask.

  8. This pandemic [while the virus is real and not infrequently deadly] is a lot like [the myth of institutional] racism; it provides justification and cover for the government to what it wants, and to mass media to peddle their narratives.

  9. Now that the government has seen what they can get away with, there will be pandemics for as long as it takes for our civilization to finish collapsing of cowardice and stupidity.

    1. If you let the government break the law during a crisis, they will create a crisis to break the law.

  10. So much government bumfuckery during this pandemic I am frankly astonished that people still take government seriously. Oh, but it's always someone ELSE'S government that fucked up. It was all Trump I hear some say. Or it was all Cuomo I hear others say. Their own partisan heroes are never at fault. I have friends who say we have to listen to (not an epidemiologist) Newsom even after Newsom was caught with his pants down at the French Laundry.

    The fact of the matter is that all politicians are asshats and all government is asshatery. All government is good at is killing people and breaking things. As such they're convenient if you want to wage war against another tribe. But for anything important they're just bumfuck asshats. Even Trump. Event Cuomo. Especially Newsom. Whitman doesn't get off easy. There's a special hell reserved for DeSantis and those who stick gum under their chairs.

    And they're just the poster boys. The entire institution of government is a load of rotting santorum, regardless of flag's color this term. Woodchippers for the lot of them. Pay off the national debt by selling tickets to the grand woodchipping.

    1. All government is good at is killing people and breaking things.

      Yep. Government is force. That's it. Nothing more.

      1. Thank god Biden won though right?

      2. And these are the people you trusted implicitly with your life and called anyone who refused to comply with their arbitrary and capricious diktats a granny killer.

    2. It was all Trump I hear some say. Or it was all Cuomo I hear others say.

      Totally untrue. I blame both sides to be sure and, when I don't, it's because Trump and the Republicans are categorically worse. Florida's death rate being lower than New York's isn't Cuomo's fault, it's Desantis'.

  11. Really? We've got many jackasses who refuse to EVER get the vaccine. How will one that rolls out quicker help?

    Again, the far left and far right have found idiocy together in their refusal to get vaccines.

    1. People shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies.

      1. Unless a baby dies - - - - - -

        1. that gives you the material to use for the next cure... so ...
          win/win , right?

          there just arent enough preborns to really improve our flu survival rates... such a shame

      2. Of course you get to decide not to get vaccinated. And we get to call you an idiot. No one is promoting mandatory vaccinations (except Bailey).

        1. No one outside New York, the CDC, the FBI, several foreign governments, multinational pharma and intelligence/contact tracing corporations, and the WHO is promoting mandatory vaccinations (except Bailey).


          1. The discussions on Vaccine passports are a myth.

        2. They are an idiot for understanding their own risks? Okay.

        3. "And we get to call you an idiot."

          Thank you for making things easier in the event you suffer one of the long term side effects none of us knows about yet.

    2. it is ironic the far left and right could join hands and sing a song. I look at politics like a clock at 12 its libertarians at 3 it republicans on right and at 9 its democrats on the left and at 6 is where the crazy extremest from both parties meet. unfortunately now i think the dems are almost all @ 6:15

      1. Its 5 o'clock somewhere.

        1. Not on Haumea

      2. You don't think with the ushering in of CRT, the destruction of objectivity, etc as a mainstream DNC ideal.... makes the standard democrat a lil past 9?

        1. Yeah but Republicans won't take compulsory experimental drugs that haven't been properly trialed in humans and are, at best, about 85% protective against a virus with 1/10 of 1% fatality rate, so BOTH SIDES

    3. >>who refuse to EVER get the vaccine

      out of spite at this point.

    4. We are all aspiring Typhoid Marys. Suck it.

      1. Unlike Mary, we only get to be contagious for about 2 weeks. But everything else about this pandemic has been about taking the exception as the rule, so, meh.

    5. I might get it in three to five years...if you're still alive.

  12. Silly Nick there is always room for more and greater Pandemics. Heck they are already talking about the next one being worse and it always has to be worse otherwise what do we need the government for.

    1. Of course the next one will be worse. Heck, the next one could be an extension of this one, since the SARS-2 virus is evolving to become worse as time goes on. Nipah is 100x as lethal as SARS-2, and any human transmissible H5 flu is also expected to have lethality in the neighborhood of 50%.

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  14. But not the last panic-demic.

    When is the next election involving polarizing people and parties?

    1. The media will have a new phony emergency for us within the week. If most of us are ever calm for more than a month, they'd be ruined.

  15. Still waiting on my flying car...

    1. Fusion energy has been coming next year, for about 50 years now.

  16. how can it *still* be novel?

    1. If "Atlas Shrugged" is considered to be a novel I suppose they can use the word to describe anything.

      1. I think the difficulty there is the adjective not the noun. Novel is fine. Good novel - well that's different. But for coronavirus, novel was the adjective not the noun.

        It's these damn gummint schools. Students used to take grammar and parse sentences to know what was a noun and what was an adjective. Now we can't do that so our only option is to huddle in lockdown and die.

        1. Noun, adjective... what's the difference?

      2. 80/20 odds Sarcasmic has never read it. Being generous here.

        1. He probably got pissed that the character he most sympathized with got killed and quit reading at that point.

          He uttered nothing but uncertain opinions about physical nature – and nothing but categorical imperatives about men.

          Non-absolute indeed.

        2. The alcoholic pedophile hasn't read anything lengthier than the label on his Walmart brand vodka.

  17. What about how the government paid for the vaccines? I know social media and the Internet has created a 'don't worry it's always free' business model. So obviously it can work for vaccines too.

    But still I'm curious how much delay govt-paid vaccines created in getting vaccines out to market and into arms. How many minutes of ads are people supposed to watch in exchange for the free vaccine? And since the 65+ demographic is utterly useless for ads targeted at anything other than pharma, were those ads going to be purely about selling a different type of vaccine/pill with the covid vaccine as merely a loss-leader?

    That said - Brazil is a great case study for how markets can solve this pandemic. India too now that their government is irrelevant and out-of-the-way. Cmon market. Show your stuff.

    1. How much does an F-35 cost?

      “How much you got?”

      Only the government could negotiate those contracts. That happened everywhere. It is not a market. India has no market nor ability of individuals to pay.

  18. Uhh, no, this is only the FIRST pandemic. We're going to be in permanent pandemic mode for possibly the rest of our lives.

    1. China is collecting the DNA of Americans in order to produce more bio weapons to target us +
      The federal government REALLY benefited from the lockdown authority in more ways than one =

      Prepare for yearly seasonal lockdowns, forever and ever

  19. So nice not having to read the snide little barbs dropped like turds onto my comments by trolls like JA, ML and RM.

    Thank you Reason for the Mute User function!

    You're awesome!

    1. The trolls are completely neutered.

      1. Yeah now you can talk to your other 6 sockpuppets and cytotoxic's other 6 sockpuppets without interruption. Lmfao. Of course since you can't fucking live without your daily dose of persecution complex, you'll just unmute everyone anyway.

        1. The guy is a douche and a little lefty for my tastes, but you and those other 3 guys that always pop up at the exact same time in the exact same threads saying the exact same things are shitting up threads that sarc is in even when sarc is not being a dipshit. Just fucking mute him if he makes your blood boil like that.

          You, ML and the 3 socks usually have something interesting to say if sarc doesnt show up, so muting isnt really an option. Fucking chill mang.

    2. Be happy in your ignorant cocoon.

    3. Hey remember 2 weeks ago when you spent 16 hours and 95 posts telling us how you were taking your ball and your 12 sockpuppets to go circle jerk yourself at Glibertarians? Did it turn out that they weren't that enamored of your Marxist viewpoints as I predicted? Or did you just need to come back so you could wallow in your imagined persecution because you have no other purpose in life?

  20. If they just create the vaccine before the virus escapes and inoculate the researchers, we might not need a public vaccine in the future.

    1. How do you create a vaccine for a virus that is still under development in the lab?

      1. Exactly.

  21. I had my second Pfizer shot last Tuesday...still standing...And if I were the only one, that would still beat the record of that "hog's-jaw-dog's-paw" Dr. Strange cure for leprosy found in Leviticus.

    I know on which bob-tail nag my money's is bet.

    1. Oh, and I have no particular urge to buy Microsoft Products, so I know I'm still doing all right! 🙂

    2. It's hilarious that you think you are one iota better than people living 5,000 years ago who mindlessly took the concoctions of a shaman because you mindlessly take the concoctions of a drug company backstopped by the government with no liability for its products. And all this to protect yourself from a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying from COVID. At least the ignorant rubes losing their lives in a desperate attempt to save themselves from leprosy were facing an actual threat of death when they allowed themselves to be experimented upon.

  22. And much will be dependent on the long-term effects of these vaccines. We're hearing horror stories already. Will Cytokine Storms resulting from these vaccines spell death for most Americans and the end of our way of life? Nobody knows the answer to that question.

    1. Cytokine storms result from the infection, not the vaccine.

  23. Yeah, the country is getting poorer by the day and the party in power that has complete control of the federal government wants to nationalize the entire medical sector and remove the last shreds of market incentives in healthcare. And as a reminder almost all medical breakthroughs come from the US (you know, the country cracking at the seams). I'm sure that all translates to wonderful medical innovations in the future.

  24. Last pandemic? Hardly. mRNA vaccines may be an effective way of dealing with some viruses, but don't forget that there still are viruses (like HIV) that have no prospect of a vaccine. And SARS-2 was particularly crappy for a virus. Just wait until Nipah evolves enough to ignite a pandemic. That virus is 100x as lethal as SARS-2. And the Chinese will undoubtedly engineer viruses for which safe mRNA vaccines aren't possible for their biowarfare programs, and given their history, those viruses will probably escape from a lab too.

  25. The PRC has come close to perfecting viral war and it will be able to release killer virus faster than vaccines can be created and distributed. I guess if we treat the Chinese communist party well, we'll be OK.

    1. Don't worry, the Koch-suckers are doing their part. The alligator will surely eat them last.

  26. Politicians will forever start and cultivate epidemics for the same reasons as they do the same with war(s). Self-aggrandizement.

  27. Learning how not to make a lightbulb.

    In theory you can plug in any series of codons to get the ribosome to generate a protein.

    It does not mean you have found the master key to open all locks.

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  29. "Our bureaucracies need to get out of the way..."
    Speak for yourself, not everyone. Bureaucrats are not "mine". They don't work for me because I don't vote, don't authorize them, don't recognize the majorities' right to speak for me, pick rulers for me.
    No one needs rulers, and once chosen they won't step aside. Once a coercive govt. is created, it grows until it destroys the society that created it. Political history shows the rise & fall of societies that tried to use violence instead of reason, rights, choice, a voluntary govt.
    No "checks & balances" are needed in a system of rules without rulers. Non-violent agreements put the individual in charge, value self-governance, rights. The worldwide political paradigm doesn't.
    When people get out of their own way and stop endorsing the initiation of force by an elite on all, then we can live in harmony.

  30. So Nick Gillespie now thinks that Ronald Bailey is an expert on vaccines and virology - because Reason calls him a Science Correspondent. News flash: Ronald Bailey is not an expert on anything scientific, and he is certainly not capable of offering scientific advice or predictions. Bailey doesn't have any answers ("my answer is to let us deploy the technologies as quickly as possible, and then we won't have to make any of these trade-offs ever again"). He is a pretender. So is anyone who says they have answers for the best "public policy" for the future of anything. The best public policy is "hands off", which means let free people decide what they want to do with respect to scientific research and everything else; and which means don't tell people what to do; and which means don't have the government rob the public and then tell the public that you know how to help the government take care of them.

    1. Ronnie the Reason Idiot's last article on the fertility situation in the US was laughable, like some bad high school composition paper.

  31. '...Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were produced far faster than any expert expected....' Sure they were. Reminds of De Niro in Raging Bull - '....bring me the steak (it's not ready, cooked, safe, fully tested etc. ).....just bring me the Steak!!...'

    Or Gov Whitman and 9/11, '....Nearly 15 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admitted for the first time that the air in the area surrounding Ground Zero was unsafe to breathe. ...' We are still paying out billions for 1,000's of cancer cases caused by all that 'safe and effective air' the government assured us was the case.

  32. Situation isn't good hope will be better ... soon
    So the last will be first, and the first last.

  33. Once again the black hair dye is seeping into Nickie's brain. Mother nature will always stay one step ahead. Evolution will always out smart humans at some point. Plus, not all pandemics are viral, the Black Death was a bacteria you idiot, Nickie.

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