Remy: Go to Mexico

Remy rediscovers his priorities


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Confronting a crippling winter storm, calling impeachment witnesses, and administering a life saving vaccine are all important. But sometimes we all need a little "me" time.

Written and performed by Remy; music tracks, background vocals and mastering by Ben Karlstrom; video produced by Meredith Bragg

When an ice storm comes rolling in
And folks might soon be shivering
You could be in the office governing
Helping out your constituents

Or you could go down to Mexico
Sip a drink on the sunny shores
You sound good at your job on Twitter so
You could go down to Mexico

We're gathered here for an impeachment
The president's lacking innocence
So we owe it to all the citizens
To move forward with several witnesses

Next week is recess

Or we could go down to Mexico
Sip a drink on their sunny shores
It's Valentine's weekend, don't you know?
Maybe I'll spend it down in Mexico

As a pandemic starts to rage
And we make a vaccine hooray!
Let's show our data to the FDA
We'll discuss it in a few weeks, okay?

Uh…for real?

There a test for determining
If the people you elect to lead
Are maybe not so great at governing:
Do people prefer this to your currency?

Then maybe go down to Mexico
Sip a drink on their sunny shores
When a nickel is worth less than Doge
Yeah, maybe go down to Mexico…