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Ted Cruz's Jaunt to Cancun Validates Everyone's Priors

Plus: Facebook's fight with Australia, New York legalizes surrogacy, and more...


By now, you've probably heard about Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) fleeing his mid-crisis state for a family vacation to Mexico. As Texans struggle to survive amid days of freezing weather and power outages, the Cruz story is, at best, a distraction from any real issues involved. But it's also perfect tribal warfare fodder, so of course it became the centerpiece of Texas crisis coverage and commentary yesterday.

Perhaps the most tedious part about the whole cycle is how rarely anyone's opinions on this story deviate from their already-held opinions of Cruz and/or Republicans more broadly. Those who think he's the worst have seized on this as another opportunity to say why he's the worst—what kind of monster abandons his constituents in a time of tragedy to soak up some sun in Cancun? Those who normally support Cruz countered that the senator is powerless in this situation and that the senator and his family staying in Texas and suffering along with the masses wouldn't have accomplished anything.

That last part is both true and not. A number of politicians, including those from outside Texas, have been doing plenty to help out from afar. For instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.)—a perennial punching bag of Cruz's—helped raise $1 million for Texans in need yesterday. So the idea that Cruz couldn't be doing something doesn't fly.

Did Cruz necessarily need to remain in Texas to do good deeds for the people there? The AOC example also suggests the answer here is no. The Cruz defenders are right about at least that much; the senator could very well have pitched in from his phone and laptop on a Mexican beach.

But did he actually do that? The answer is also no.

There's no evidence that Cruz high-tailed it out of Texas and then, once he and his family were safe, got right back to work in aiding his constituents. Rather, he arrived in Cancun, spent his time there defending his decision to flee Texas, and then returned ahead of schedule yesterday afternoon, blaming the whole debacle on his kids.

"With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon," Cruz said yesterday.


Everybody's wrong about the Facebook/Murdoch standoff in Australia. Reason's Scott Shackford explains why here. "The fight between Facebook and Australian media companies—which boiled over Wednesday with an announcement that Facebook would no longer allow users to share links to news stories from outlets based in Australia—is not about 'democracy' or monopolies in any way, shape, or form. It's about advertising revenue, and who gets it," Shackford writes.

The drama stems from the Australian government trying to charge Facebook and Google to link to news websites.

As usual, Mike Masnick at Techdirt also has some smart thoughts on the issue. "Facebook is a terrible, terrible company and deserves lots of blame for lots of bad things that it does. But this ain't it," Masnick writes. And yet…

We can argue about whether or not Facebook is 'compatible with democracy' but the simple facts of the situation are that Australia—pushed heavily by Rupert Murdoch—has decided to put in place a plan to tax Google and Facebook for any links to news. The bill has all sorts of problems, but there are two huge ones that should concern basically anyone who supports a free and open internet.

First is the link tax. This is fundamentally against the principles of an open internet. The government saying that you can't link to a news site unless you pay a tax should be seen as inherently problematic for a long list of reasons. At a most basic level, it's demanding payment for traffic. There are two entire industries out there based entirely around trying to get more traffic from these companies: "search engine optimization" and "social media management." The reasons there are those industries is because everyone else in the world has figured out that having prominent links on search engines and social media is valuable in its own right and that it's up to the sites that get those links, and the corresponding traffic, to make use of it.

But here, a bunch of lazy newspaper execs who failed to adapt and to figure out better internet business models not only want the traffic, they also want to get paid for it.

This is like saying that not only should NBC have to run an advertisement for Techdirt, but it should have to pay me for it. If that seems totally nonsensical, that's because it is. The link tax makes no sense.

More here.


New York has legalized gestational surrogacy. Until this week, the state of New York made it illegal for a woman to carry another's child. "My husband and I had our two daughters through surrogacy—but we had to travel 3,000 miles to do it because our home state had banned the practice," state Sen. Brad Hoylman (D–New York City) said in a statement. "Thanks to the Child-Parent Security Act, gestational surrogacy is finally legal in New York State, giving LGBTQ couples and people experiencing infertility the opportunity to build a family through surrogacy here at home." You can find more info on the new rules and requirements for New York surrogates here.


• Americans made our sixth unmanned landing on Mars yesterday.

• Vaccine passports: libertarian or Orwellian?

• Capitol riot update:

• South Carolina has banned nearly all abortions. Planned Parenthood is suing to stop it.

• Would Americans have more babies if the government paid them? "Research from around the world suggests that, like other fertility policies, payments to parents do slightly increase the number of babies people have in the near term. But no move has made a major long-term difference," reports The New York Times.

• President Joe Biden walks back plans to be humane to undocumented immigrants:

• A federal minimum wage increase isn't likely, Biden told a group of mayors and governors this week.

NEXT: Americans' Lust To 'Cancel' One Another Should Spark Soul Searching

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  1. Everybody’s wrong about the Facebook/Murdoch standoff in Australia.
    That must include, by definition, Reason’s Scott Shackford.

    1. If you are super literal, and are completely unfamiliar with common discourse.

      1. Someone paid to write should produce a better sentence. It’s lazy writing not common discourse and wrong on a few levels. Not only is Longtobefree correct in that it includes Shackford, but ENB also professes to speak for and about ‘Everybody’ in the sentence. Is she omniscient now too?

        1. Someone who thinks ENB is a poor writer, or that Reason is a poor libertarian publication, should realize they have precious few minutes of life, and spend their time elsewhere instead of bitching everyday.

          1. That was a terrible translation from what appears to be the original Chinese ….

            1. Is WK really Feng Feng? Does WK know the taste of Swallwell’s cock? If so……. ick.

          2. Someone that rushes to the defense of a magazine has a sadder life. You prove time and again you dint think critically but just regurgitate what your perceived betters tell you.

            1. Absolutely 180 degrees off.

              I think Reason is a valuable libertarian publication that communicates a point of view that is hard to find anywhere else. It is consistent on my part, then, that I consume their content, support them financially, and defend them here.

              It is odd that CACLLs like yourself spend massive amounts of their time here on a website they don’t particularly like. (Of course, the real reason you all hang out here is that it is one of the few political sites on the internet with very little moderation, so you can come here and act like assholes.)

              1. I’ve been here since 2005 dummy. They have taken steps away from liberty and towards the authoritarianism you seem to prefer. Sorry some people try to keep their institutions non corrupted. You wouldn’t understand that though as you have no original understanding of libertarianism. You merely repeat what you are told. It is a sad and pathetic life. Bastiat and Rothbard would both consider you a non libertarian since you have no deep understanding or capability to argue a perspective deeper than “someone else says.”

              2. “I think Reason is a valuable libertarian publication …”


                There are three lies there. First, the valuable part. Second, the libertarian part. Can you guess what the third is?

                1. That Geiger Goldstaedt is a libertarian.

                  1. That you can reason through any idea at all.

              3. (Of course, the real reason you all hang out here is that it is one of the few political sites on the internet with very little moderation, so you can come here and act like assholes.)

                You mean like when you stole my handle?

              4. (Of course, the real reason you all hang out here is that it is one of the few political sites on the internet with very little moderation, so you can come here and act like assholes.)

                Thanks, Sarah. Tell us some more about how much joy you get in being cruel to old white men.

                  1. Sarah Jeong, the former NYT editor. She wrote “The Internet of Garbage,” which is a how-to manual on shutting out free speech from online forums, based off of arbitrary definitions of “bullying” and “harassment,” etc. She’s also the one who had a bunch of tweets talking about how much she hated white people (even though, LOL, her boyfriend was a white guy) before the NYT hired her.

                    Soave wrote a couple of articles on her if you do a search.

          3. Get bent.

          4. Boy, talk about projection. This is what I wrote
            Someone paid to write should produce a better sentence. It’s lazy writing…
            I can see from your response to Ltbfree that you aren’t into literal interpretation but you could have at least read my response and taken a moment to process it before cackling back.

      2. “If you are super literal”

        Which is exactly the game you tried to play yesterday on TJJ2000, you hypocritical cunt:

        1. Never in the history of the U.S. has any country even come close to sending its entire population here. He wasn’t just literally wrong, he was VASTLY exaggerating.

          1. Lol. Never change Dee.

          2. Except that’s not what he did you lying cunt.

          3. Everyone hates you.

    2. Seems an opportunity. If Fox News were to offer content for free and Facebook were to accept – very unlikely – then Fox would have a huge audience, expanding influence and changing opinions.

  2. By now, you’ve probably heard about Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) fleeing his mid-crisis state for a family vacation to Mexico.

    I blame Biden and his loose southern borders letting Latinxes flow freely.

    1. “Got a problem with people of Latin Heritage? With Latin-X, you can kiss those problems adios!”

    2. Who knew a state senator was the primary point of contact for natural disasters. Guess we can finally admit Katrina wasn’t bush’s fault.

      1. Cruz is usually pretty politically aware though, and should have anticipated this.

        1. We’ve had Democratic politicians violating their own public health dictats for months to fly out of town to visit relatives, take luxury holiday vacations, and eat with large gatherings in restaurants while they tell the rest of us to stay in our pods and eat our bugs. Cruz is an idiot if he thought he could do something like this and it wouldn’t come back to bite him in the ass.

          The guy was already skating on pretty thin ice because he’s so unlikeable. Fucking off to Mexico when half the damn state is without power was an utterly boneheaded move. If he had any political savvy at all, he would have posted something from his freezing-ass house along the lines of “can’t stay on our phones long due to a lack of power. Please reach out to your neighbors during these difficult times–there’s nothing more powerful than good people working together to get through a crisis. #WeAreTexas.”

          That would have at least garnered some goodwill until the power came back on. Talk about an own-goal.

        2. I absolutely don’t care he did that. His family is his primary responsibility. He isnt the only well off that left the state. He isnt responsible for the Texas energy planning.

          1. I don’t care either, but when you’re in as many crosshairs as Cruz is, you usually avoid putting yourself in those positions.
            Even if there was nothing wrong with it.

            1. Media always has cross hairs on the other side. They have collectively spent as much time on travel gate as they have Cuomo hiding nursing home deaths.

          2. “I absolutely don’t care he did that. His family is his primary responsibility.”

            That’s why, after someone repeatedly and publicly called his wife a hideously ugly pig, Ted Cruz spent the next five years licking the guy’s scrotum.

            Imagine how confused Cruz’s children must be concerning how a father should act when someone attacks their mommy.

            A real “family values” guy — first the wife, now throwing his daughters under the bus for his screw-up.

            1. “That’s why, after someone repeatedly and publicly called his wife a hideously ugly pig, Ted Cruz spent the next five years licking the guy’s scrotum.”

              Your erotic desires are not of interest to those who are not asshole bigots, asshole bigot.

              1. Enjoying the culture war, clinger?

                You get to bitch and whimper about it all you like, but you will continue to comply with the preferences of better people.

                Cruz — cucked coward, anti-social misfit — is exactly the kind of Republican who should be your hero

                1. You will ultimately be executed as a communist by your conservative betters. Like the rest of you. Every progressive is a traitor.

          3. That is a dodge. He should have been at his desk calling everyone he knows in Washington and the state government to get some help.

            We have enough stuff to provide portable energy, heat and water. When the tsunami hit Aceh we dispatched half the damn navy. Heck one aircraft carrier can supply enough energy, water, food and medical assistance for an entire city and they did that. There had to be something he could have done or at least tried like hell.

            How many days did it take to get any assistance. He is the representative from the state of Texas to the federal government. And you have the gall to excuse that he abandoned them?

            His family my ass. What mom can’t take the kids on an airplane by herself? What a lame excuse.

            Plus poor Snowflake.

            1. Brilliant. But how do you get an aircraft carrier to Austin? Will rising seas flood the desert and make this possible? Can we wait 12 years?

              1. Perhaps not but we have plenty of trucks and airlift capacity.

          4. The leftist media hypocrites only care because they’re desperate to flip Texas. If anyone cares about this country they better get over it, come together, and focus on destroying democrats.

            If we do not destroy the democrats, they WILL destroy us. We are at war.

        3. He needed a vacation. He is entitled to time off.
          What would he do in Texas that he can’t do from Cancun besides freeze his butt off? He has a computer, internet connection, and a cell phone. What can’t he do? Should he visit freezing victims and hand out medals like this was a war?
          If you work at government, you quickly realize how little gets done due to meddling Senators and Congressmen. That man’s main tool is a telephone. Their presence never helps anyone.

      2. But never ever say that this might be Biden’s. Or that Green energy isn’t the panacea theyve sold us.

        Dumb of Cruz, but complete bullshit that his story leads the news. Not TXU shuttering coal plants after their private equity takeover, explicitly to cut carbon emissions. Not asking whether subsidising Green Energy to the extent we do in the US, doesn’t freeze out more reliable, inexpensive alternatives. Not why Texas NG producers and distributors, after getting their wakeup call in 2011, still didn’t winterize their shit better. Why Obama’s EPA prohibited natural gas infrastructure from being powered by the same natural gas they were pumping, but instead had to be plugged into the grid. Again for emissions and CO2 reasons. Or when and how much it will take cities to restore clean water to their inhabitants.

        No, instead we’re going to hate on Ted Cruz, because he’s a conservative symbol. Disgusting behavior, straight out of Pravda.

        1. Dumb of Cruz, but complete bullshit that his story leads the news.

          Sure, it’s bullshit that those other things you mentioned aren’t being focused on, but that’s why what Cruz did was so dumb. He should be hammering on that stuff after the power comes back on at his freezing-ass house, not flying his kid down to Mexico while millions of others are stuck. If he doesn’t understand by now that the media is going to blow up any slightly negative thing a Republican does to galactic proportions, then he either needs a wakeup call or someone needs to primary him in 2024 so that lisping simp Robert Francis O’Rourke or Abortion Barbie doesn’t end up taking the seat.

          1. He’s someone that is fantastically competent in 99 percent of his professional life, and when the last, crucial 1 percent comes due—the most critical decisions a professional will face three or four times in their career—Cruz can be relied on to do exactly the wrong thing.

            He did it in the primaries, blaming the Right for violence, then picking that shrew Fiorina as his running mate. He did it on 1/6, using the Left’s language to characterize the demonstration. And he did it now.

            1. Did you like how Cruz let Trump cuck him with the wifey comments?

              The guy is a whimpering coward.

              1. Arthur L. Hicklib knows all about cucks because he sees them all the time. It’s called a mirror.

                1. Your whining resentment toward your betters makes stomping you in the culture war — not completed, but settled — all the more enjoyable and important, clinger.

                  1. Not as much as slamming the claw hammer into your skulls will be, hicklib.

              2. In the words of your progtard master Kamala “it….. was….. a….. debate!”

                So fuck off with your moronic comments. You should also kill yourself.

          2. “but that’s why what Cruz did was so dumb”

            Did anyone die due to Cruz’s actions. No

            How about Emmy Award winner Cuomo, did anyone die? You bet your deflecting ass they did. What did the left do? They gave him an Emmy. What if your Mother died, would you think an Emmy was appropriate? Cuomo should be beaten and dragged through the streets with his disease spreading, hypocrite brother next to him.

        2. He is a leading United States senator who left his post in a crisis when he should have been at his desk getting assistance to his constituents.

          Criticizing people for being outraged about that. Chutzpah

          1. Post? He has a “post”? He spends most of his time in Washington.

            1. He wasn’t in Washington. Even he admits he was wrong.

    3. On CNN, ABC, and even Fox I have heard that the cold weather froze up power plants running on natural gas and on coal. In North Dakota, where fracking supplies a lot of the nation’s natural gas, it is rumored that it gets even colder than Texas. Methane turns liquid at -250 F, which is pretty darn cold, even for Texas. Coal already looks solid to me, but maybe I am missing something.
      What happened is probably something like what happened in California last summer. When renewables are a big enough part of the electricity network and they stop producing, the grid can’t keep up and are forced to cut off some parts. In California that meant no air conditioning – in Texas no heat.

      1. The methane doesn’t freeze. Other liquids in the gas stream can. In addition, atmospheric water can condense and freeze on structures. Ironically, coolant for power plants can freeze, if portions of the outer loops aren’t adequately insulated. Which is what took down South Texas Nuclear Project for awhile. Although, guessing at nuclear’s hyper-intense regulatory environment, the shut down was likely because their fifth backup pump stopped working, or the like. “Can’t be too careful!!”

      2. One of the problems that’s predictably not getting a lot of coverage is that Texas switched from using fuel-driven compressors to electric compressors, in large part because the electric ones were “greener.” Basically, Texas used the gas in the pipes as the energy source to power the pumps.

        Natural gas doesn’t freeze until it hits -296 degrees. It doesn’t even liquify until -260. So the claims on gas lines not being properly weatherized is a lie, because it would never get cold enough to actually freeze it in the pipes. Switching to electric pumps extended the point of failure all the way back to the generating sources. Using natural gas-driven generators could have kept the lights on, or at least allowed for short rolling blackouts to manage the increased load demand, rather than the complete shutdown that took place.

        1. Well, they used to be able to siphon off gas to run their compressors etc.. Obama changed all that shit to electrically driven. Great, if the grid can supply power. If gas kept running, we don’t lose as much power, and we don’t lose as much heat.

          The more time passes, the more obvious it is just how incredibly destructive and corrosive that malevolent little son of a whore was to this country.

          1. Tony tried to run the line the other day that being reliant on fossil fuels was what caused Texas to shut down, and that a total conversion to wind and solar needed to take place. After I pointed out to him that it was gas and coal-fired electric plants that kept things operational during Snowpocalypse, and not my solar panels,* he fell back to his “we’re all going to be extinct if we don’t do this!” hysteria.

            *The average home uses about 30 kWh of power a day, and my panels produced about 10 kWh TOTAL during the three-day period. That’s because it was fucking cloudy and snowing most of the time, and the panels themselves stayed covered with snow because it didn’t get warm enough to melt off. Even on an average day, in one of the sunniest states in the US, the panels only produce half the energy my house needs, and I live in a modest-sized home, not a McMansion. I like having them, but they are a supplement and not something I want to be totally reliant on when the temperatures drop in to the teens or even below zero.

        2. In other words, this is the fault of the democrats. Like always.

    4. Personally as a libertarian, I think Texas or any state is better off during a disaster if all politicians leave the country…..

  3. The senator both flew and took a cruz to Cancun.

  4. LOL.

    Reason = msm regurgitation, just a day or two behind

    1. I think the last four years of TDS has dulled the edge, so to speak. Without the hate-nexus of Trump in office, I think we’ll start to see valuable criticism again.

      My optimism levels: moderate to drunkenly moderate.

      1. If you like your “criticism” mild and carefully controlled, always supportive of the totalitarian leftist narrative, sure

        1. Surely there is value in the bare fact that the hypocrisy, moralism, etc. etc. is carefully itemized and analyzed by the brain trust of the comments section, hey?

          We’d be out of a job.

          1. The comments section is the only thing that has value here

            1. I miss John though. I wonder where he went?

              1. Likewise

              2. I’m starting to wonder if he actually died. He’s never taken this long of a break before.

                1. I haven’t seen an obit with his name on it.

                  Probably just knocked the dust of this place off his feet, and found better things to do with his time. Good for him.

                  1. It’s funny, for all the shit he took from the liberaltarians, he was actually more well-read than probably anyone else on here. He was constantly bringing up historical information from books he had read.

      2. Of mostly who they can tie to trump. And all bad actions will of course be called trumpian.

  5. Those who normally support Cruz countered that the senator is powerless in this situation and that the senator and his family staying in Texas and suffering along with the masses wouldn’t have accomplished anything.

    It’s probably better when legislators don’t try to govern. Hell, I’d rather governors refrained from it most of the time.

  6. Until this week, the state of New York made it illegal for a woman to carry another’s child.

    Child? CHILD?

    1. “Oh, very well. ‘… to be infested with another’s clump of cells.'”

      1. Or ‘zygote’.

    2. Is this so other women can now experience the joys of abortion? It’s hard to tweet your abortion when you’re infertile.

    3. woman

      Racist! Misogynist gender-bigot! Waaaaaaaugh!

    4. Hahaha! That got me.


    The media these days is saturated with tales of “evil conservatives” and our heinous plans for world domination through “insurrection”. In fact, most mainstream articles that cover recent events including the election and the protests at the capitol make a point to always mention “white supremacy” and “terrorism” in the same breath as the word “conservative”. This is an entirely deliberate propaganda tactic called “word association” or “word redefinition”; change the subtext of a word or group label in the minds of the masses and you can often change perception from positive to negative.

    In other words, Conservative = Racist/Terrorist. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true, it just matters that people are conditioned to subconsciously make the connection.

    1. The political left has committed itself to a fantasy world; a parallel universe. They deeply believes in things that never happened, and treat those beliefs as sacrosanct. Why? Probably because their movement is infected with people that are easily manipulated by word redefinitions and false associations. Are they victims of propaganda? Sure. Are they innocent? No, not really.

      Refusal to question the actions and motives of your chosen movement is willful ignorance, and leftists should be held accountable for that.

      They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

      They call conservatives “insurrectionists” and “traitors”, but they are the only people openly trying to dismantle constitutional protections and the Bill of Rights.

    2. I’ve been told by trustworthy sources such as WK that mass fire extinguisher casualties are the number one on the job risks for Capitol officers due to insurrection.

      1. Alt-right militias are stockpiling millions of fire extinguishers and sand buckets for an attack on DC.
        You laugh but it’s a danger to our nation’s freedoms.

      2. Officer Sicknick very obviously died as a consequence of struggling against a violent mob all day. The chances he just happened to die of a stroke that evening by total coincidence are minuscule.

        Your making light of his death and denial is reprehensible. It shows your true colors, and destroys any credibility you have if you ever speak of regard for law and order in the future.

        1. Officer Sicknick very obviously died as a consequence of struggling against a violent mob all day. The chances he just happened to die of a stroke that evening by total coincidence are minuscule.

          No, it’s not obvious at all, in fact, unless “died as a result of struggling with a violent mob all day” was put on autopsy report as the cause of death.

        2. Very obviously? Based on no physical bruising?

          Lol. God damn. You are truly a pathetic person.

        3. Glenn Greenwald has some great reporting on the collapse of the Sicknick narrative:

          I don’t imagine you’ve ever heard of Greenwald because he’s a left-wing libertarian, and you’re not.

          1. CNN and NYT both updated their original reporting saying the same…. yet WK is a true believer.

            1. That Sicknick was killed as a result of being hit in the head by a fire extinguisher is not as certain as originally reported. It is not ruled out, only less certain.

              However, there is very little chance his death was just a coincidence. Whatever the exact cause turns out to be, it is obvious he died as a consequence of struggling with MAGA rioters that day. It is reprehensible that you joke around about it.

              1. Whether he died in a nursing home or a hospital or an insurrection or a random stroke, who cares? He died.

              2. “That Sicknick was killed as a result of being hit in the head by a fire extinguisher is not as certain as originally reported. It is not ruled out, only less certain.”

                Steaming pile of lefty shit.

              3. Hmmm….so any stressful situation could have triggered this stroke. As an officer, I’d say he was a ticking time bomb and should have retired. If this hadn’t happened, the next thing would have triggered it.

          2. “left-wing libertarian”

            Which is an oxymoron.

        4. You’re the one making light of his death, trying to use it as a political weapon and lying.

          But the real question is: are you ready to die?

          1. White Knight di- is the one who kept bringing up Sicknick over and over and over as a cudgel….

        5. As opposed to callously and gleefully propagandizing about his death?

    3. Laughable. Conservatives are patriots and progs are traitors. Period. There is no such thing as a patriotic prog.

  8. 20 years from now I’m going to teach students about how in the same country, at the same time, people became millionaires and did prison time for the same substance.

    Nothing new here.

    1. Tweeting memes?

    2. Cocaine? Meth? Untaxed cigarettes? How long is the list? Pretty sure you can start teaching about it right now.

    3. Nothing new here.

      Public school teachers, ignorant of human history, gonna teach public school students about history.

    4. Federalism is anathema to the Left. All laws must be exactly the same everywhere. There should be nowhere to run.

  9. “Would Americans have more babies if the government paid them?”

    The last thing we Koch / Reason libertarians want is more American-born babies. Ideally our country’s birthrate should be zero so we can use it as additional justification for unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


    1. Who needs the extra expense of raising them anyway? And now that my good friend Bill is pushing his lab meat, they’re not even worth anything dead.

    2. Ideally our country’s birthrate should be zero

      Zero? Why aren’t we lining up citizens and shooting them to make room?

      Come on, man.

      1. So you’re saying are birth rate should be negative?

    3. The birth canal is just an imaginary line, man! Extend the voting age to the first trimester!

      1. But legalize abortion to the ninetieth.

  10. Americans made our sixth unmanned landing on Mars yesterday.

    We fucking own that shit. SPACE FORCE!

    1. Woah buddy. Enough of the American exceptionalism. This is Bidens America. We don’t do that shit here.

      1. Was the thing launched during the Trump admin? SPACE FORCE!

      2. Biden promised to land our sixth unmanned spacecraft on Mars within the first hundred days of his administration and you said it couldn’t be done!

        1. Haha

    2. I’d say it’s time to try something new. Oh wait, it’s NASA. Never mind.

  11. Vaccine passports: libertarian or Orwellian?


    I remember when they were going to be called immunity passports, but those of us ingenious enough to become immune the natural way get the shaft.

    1. Irony is you are probably for Voter ID if it is orwellian and against voter ID if it is libertarian (in a lefty reason type of definition)

      1. Its pretty racist, cuz those dumb minorities cant figure out how to go online and register

        1. They can’t be expected to figure out such things.
          What minority can afford a one-time $10 fee these days?

  12. “But it’s also perfect tribal warfare fodder…

    … so I’m happy to stoke the flames!”

    — ENB

    1. Remember when ENB talked about Democrat politicians that we’re violating their own lock downs to enjoy vacations? Yeah, me neither.

  13. Obama mandarins back in power, and a curious thing happens…

    ISIS has ramped up the intensity and frequency of its attacks in central Syria. They are attempting to spread their influence back into the areas of their former self-proclaimed Caliphate. So far, the terrorists haven’t been able to push all that far towards the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle and western Deir Ezzor.

    This could just be a matter of time, however, since they now appear both revitalized and re-equipped.

    1. Remember when the story was that America and Obama was trying to overthrow Assad for a pipeline and oil? That’s the bs I remember hearing from the Russian/Syrian propagandists and their American mouthpieces. I guess the new story is that Democrats like ISIS or something.

      1. Or foreign intervention. See Obama. Clinton. Biden.

        1. Intervening to support democratic movements. See Bush, Reagan, every Republican ever during the cold war. When did supporting democracy become controversial? You guys have been so twisted by partisan politics and Russian/strongman propaganda.

          1. No better feeling than advocating for the Neocons on a libertarian board.

          2. Intervening to support democratic movements.

            There wasn’t anything democratic about the CIA’s Arab Spring color revolutions.

          3. When did supporting democracy become controversial?

            For libertarians and anti-war people it’s always been that way because there are a ton of places the US could intervene, but do not – so why not?

            & even if you could answer that question well enough to make it interesting, it doesn’t work, exporting US government to other countries.
            And we don’t have to go back far in time – just look at Afghanistan & Iraq to see it doesn’t really work at all.

            The point is we should only be spending US money and spilling US blood to further US interests, not to further other foreign interests.

            And it doesn’t matter who is president at the time.

        2. So, what are you advocating FOR? Does the JesseAz Syrian policy white paper call for more or less American intervention in Syria?

          1. Leaving them to work it out is unlibertarian

            1. It’s a straightforward question for JesseAz. He can answer it himself.

              Sound like your answer is that you would favor a non-interventionist foreign policy. If so, I agree with you.

              However, I want JesseAz’s answer please.

          2. Since day one I’ve said no intervention beyond infrastructure strikes on their military if using chemical weapons dumbass. No boots on the ground.

            1. Sounds reasonable.

              Yet your criticism of the Biden administration is that they are not intervening enough, or is it that they are somehow clandestinely supporting ISIS?

              1. No it isnt. Where did I say that shit for brains? My criticism for syria was him increasing convoys there again last week.

                God damn you are stupid.

                1. You may have made that criticism somewhere else, that I did not see.

              2. Oh look, there you go, trying to put words in everyone’s mouths. Did you learn that at Media Matters bootcamp?

                1. Sure. Asking JesseAz questions is putting words in his mouth.

          3. Im advocating for sending you to Syria

      2. Remember when the story was that America and Obama was trying to overthrow Assad for a pipeline and oil? . . . . I guess the new story is that Democrats like ISIS or something.

        These are not actually different things. The Obama Administration was, in fact, arming ISIS (accidentally, according to them), with the intent of destabilizing/overthrowing Assad’s government. It wasn’t a secret.

        Biden’s Neo-Cons come in (including a number of former Bush II guys for good measure), and suddenly ISIS is armed again.


    2. When will they make landfall in New Jersey? Please keep us informed.

  14. …35 officers are under investigation for actions on Jan. 6.

    Fuck the little people? No problem. Our betters, however…

  15. “A federal minimum wage increase isn’t likely, Biden told a group of mayors and governors this week.”

    More evidence for what I’ve been saying all along. When it comes to economic issues, the smart approach is to ignore what Democrats say they’ll do, and pay attention to what actually happens when they’re in power.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $3.12 billion

      1. Though I didn’t before know that the Russian ’77 Flu and the ’09 Swine Flu (Weird, I’d thought it was an Avian Flu?) were thought to be from lab escapes as well.

        I’d like to see the receipts on those two claims.

    1. Without the colon after ‘study’ the headline appears to imply that it was a German lab accident. I was wondering how much the CCP paid Merkle to push that narrative.

      1. Yeah, my first thought was, “At least we’ll be able to call it the Nazi Flu.”

    2. So my lyin eyes weren’t lyin after all?

  16. South Carolina has banned nearly all abortions. Planned Parenthood is suing to stop it.

    What’s its standing?

    1. Penumbra P. Jones, for the appellant.

  17. Would Americans have more babies if the government paid them?


    1. Can I get paid to try?

      1. If in Cali, you’ll need a signed permission slip.

    2. Wish I had frozen some viable sperm back in the day. And bought bitcoin.

      1. Why not have both? Spitcoin!

  18. President Joe Biden walks back plans to be humane to undocumented immigrants…

    At least he didn’t lie like the last guy.

  19. “President Joe Biden walks back plans to be humane to undocumented immigrants”

    Ummmmmmm, we’re ignoring the fact that he liberated Orange Hitler’s concentration camps, freeing countless kids from cages in the process?

    1. No, this can’t be. TJ2222 (or whatever the heck his handle is) assured us the Democrats have a sinister plan to import the entire population of Mexico into the U.S.

      Yet it seems, from actual actions, there isn’t that much difference between Democrats and Republicans.

      1. Except that’s not what he said you lying piece of shit. He compared the numbers to the equivalent of a state moving and then you tried to infer it was literal:


    I don’t live in your pseudo-reality, Madam Representative. You can’t manipulate me with this, and you can’t make me question who I really am through your narrative-driven distortions. And my following and base of informed support is growing.

    1. “my following and base of informed support is growing”

      Don’t worry Madam Representative, Twitter and Facebook will put a stop to that.

  21. A federal minimum wage increase isn’t likely, Biden told a group of mayors and governors this week.

    Someone forgot to replace the previous administration’s economic advisors.

  22. Would Americans have more babies if the government paid them?

    Americans would *try* to have more babies if the government paid them.

    1. Just remember: the best thing about kids…. is making them.

  23. …the senator could very well have pitched in from his phone and laptop on a Mexican beach.

    Optics are the only thing senators can contribute in these situations, so unless he did it with an arctic Zoom background…


    This is ridiculous. Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.

    1. If “showing your work” is white-supremacist, doesn’t that eliminate sports and the performing arts?

    2. My kids would’ve graduated years earlier with better scores if they didn’t have to show their work. And after all that time spent conditioning them to be better than black kids with ‘show and tell’… it’s a betrayal.


    American media can claim anything and you are expected to believe it. If not you will be branded a conspiracy theorist and immediately enjoy the love and adoration of millions of your now fellow conspiracists.

  26. Lol. Enb cares more about Cruz than the “cultural norms” of China, such as:

    You have a president excusing away atrocities… but the gotcha on Cruz is far more important. Pelosi stock buys a day before an EO weren’t even good enough for a writeup. God damn what a joke.

    1. Many of the same folks excoriating Cruz voted to put a guy in the White House who was in the pocket of evil credit card companies and the architect of laws that threw black men in jail for victimless crimes . And put a woman in the V.P. position whose message to young girls is to sleep with a married man so you can get your first rung on the political power ladder.

      1. Don’t forget money. She got a lot of money from those political appointments straight out of college.

      2. And all of this excuses the Cruz’ story, how?

        1. Because going on vacation with your kids when you’re not even in state government or running the state is somehow wrong.

          1. Not wrong in the sense of illegality, but wrong in the sense of displaying the opposite of leadership and solidarity with his constituents; wrong in throwing his kids under the bus and lying; wrong in being politically tone deaf; wrong in going against advisories against traveling to Mexico.

            1. This is one of the dumbest things you’ve ever written.

              1. So, it was dumb when Mother’s also pointed out that it was politically tone deaf:


                You are calling Mother’s dumb.

            2. A senator leads his constituents?
              Now I may just be an evil Canadian, but I was always under the impression that a senator represents and that a governor and president lead.

              1. No, I connected “leadership” with “solidarity with his constituents” with the conjunction, and. “And”, often used to connect lists of things, things that are distinct from each other.

              2. To parse the sentence you way, the phrase, “leadership with his constituents”, would have to make sense.

            3. “….. displaying the opposite of leadership…”

              Haha. You need to be lead so badly. Are you one of those “radical individualists” that hangs out here?

        2. A Senator fleeing his blizzard-stricken state is a bigger story to you than the President of the United States making excuse for genocide.

          What a miserable piece of shit you are. Stupid too.

          1. It is? How did you come to the conclusion that it is a bigger story for me?

            1. Because you complained when I brought it up.

              1. Because you were deflecting from a discussion of Cruz by bringing up a different topic. I was calling you out on your deflection tactics.

          2. The Uighur holocaust Denier can be WK’s sweet new nick.

            1. UHD?

    2. And your super strong evidence of what she cares about is: “She didn’t write about Issue X, in this morning’s blog entry, so I can read her mind and know it means she doesn’t care.”

      But yet heaven forbid anyone make an inference about the things Donald Trump says. When it comes to Trump, every utterance must be taken super literally and cannot possibly have obvious subtext.

      1. Holy shit you are a crying little bitch lol.

        You literally don’t think chinas atrocities are more news worthy than Cruz taking his family out of sub zero Temps. God damn youre pathetic.

        1. The cover he’s running over the Uighur holocaust makes it pretty obvious he’s being paid to minimize the story.
          A literal fucking holocaust denier.

          1. Wouldn’t be surprised if the poster turns out to be some PLA schlub, sitting in a troll farm. Just a worthless, lying, stupid, mendacious sack of shit.

            To Hell with him, and the entity that employs him.

          2. Running cover? Yesterday I linked to Reason’s coverage of the issue, when you tried to claim they never cover it.

            1. You linked to an ENB Roundup post reviewing another article, you lying fuck.
              Sullum wrote full articles about Trump making court challenges 64 times in three months, but aside from a one paragraph Brickbat, Reason has never made more than a handful of mentions let alone written an article dedicated to the subject.

              Here’s our resident authoritarian mouthpiece cum holocaust denier’s post yesterday:

              1. Yes, so Reason has covered the issue.

                They may not cover it as often as you would want them to, but it’s b.s. when you make claims they don’t cover it.

        2. I never commented on which story is more important. Of course, China’s atrocities are a bigger story.

      2. I mean, my comment said nothing about trump lol.

        1. You have said PLENTY about Trump in the past four years.

          1. Yes. When he had a libertarian policy I defended the policy. But my actions are worse than you crying someone brought up genocide. Lol.

            1. It’s just false equivalancy after false equivalancy was that idiot monster.

              1. *with that*

      3. The Tart has a track record. It is pretty obvious what ENB is. It is not a libertarian, that is for sure. Maybe she’ll stay in OH and learn something. I tend to doubt it though. People like The Tart don’t learn much because they already know so many things that aren’t so.

        1. She’s the most libertarian person I know.

    3. When people lash out at politicians travelling with family during a crisis, it’s usually because of blatant hypocrisy on their part, disregard for their own rules, or because they are otherwise escaping a situation of their own making, which the rest of us are forced to endure.

      I don’t care if Senator Cruz took his family on vacation. I don’t care if it was during bad weather or Covid or other crises, either. Here’s why:

      Was it planned in advance? If the timing is coincidental, then it’s not hypocritical.

      Was he advocating for people to not be allowed to travel with their families? If not, then it’s not hypocritical.

      Was he in any way responsible for the condition of the energy infrastructure that failed in his state, or the policies they operated under, or the planning that various public and private organizations conduct in that state to prepare for unusual cold weather? If not, then what’s the big deal? What would be different if he had moved his family to his DC residence instead?

  27. A federal minimum wage increase isn’t likely, Biden told a group of mayors and governors this week.

    Well, IIRC at the Town Hall he *did* say the $15 thing would happen “gradually”.


    Ted Cruz’s return to Texas coincides perfectly with the departure of the winter storm. I don’t know how he did it but he did it! It’s a wonder we could get along without this guy for even one day #Sarcasm @tedcruz


    Hi @PressSec! What luck! I have solved the Texas energy crisis for you.

    Just appoint Ukrainian energy expert Hunter Biden the head of the cold weather task force

    What could go wrong with the smartest man the President knows?

  30. Re: immigration

    I think the idea is to walk a fine line here so that you don’t encourage more unlawful immigration while going through the legislative process to reform the law. If there’s a massive run on the border then it’s going to hurt any chance of changing the law.

    1. Granting amnesty to those already deported, as bidens plan includes, surely won’t encourage people to come in illegally.

      1. It’s a tricky situation.

        1. It really isn’t. It is basic human psychology. Reward a behavior and they will continue to do it.

          1. It’s incredible that all these Big-Brained Smart People don’t seem to understand how incentives work.

        2. Clearly, you are not a parent.

  31. Biden stopped sales to SA to help them versus Iranian backed Houten rebels on Yemen. Ignored a terrorist bombing of a civilian plane by the same group. And now has ended all sanctions against Iran and Iranian leadership…

    All to allow iran to legally pursue nuclear weapons in 5 more years (based on original Iranian treaty).

    1. Houthi* weird auto correct.

    2. The neocons don’t get their excuse to bomb Iran unless Iran has a nuclear arsenal. As long as the sanctions stayed in place and Israel and the GCC countries were working together to keep Iran contained, the US’s presence wasn’t really needed, and the only support required would have been military aid (which is FAR cheaper in the long run than keeping thousands of troops stationed in the Middle East for decades on end).

      Biden’s handlers desperately want another Middle Eastern war to break out in order to justify all the gayops they’ve been doing there since the Iraq invasion.

      1. “Biden’s handlers desperately want another Middle Eastern war to break out in order to justify all the gayops they’ve been doing there since the Iraq invasion.”

        This, and God willing, they’re all in D.C. when it goes catastrophically sideways.

        Nuclear brinksmanship is hard. Even with bright guys like Allen Dulles, George Shultz, and Caspar Weinberger handling it. We still nearly threw down with the Soviet Union three or four times, and needed some unforeseen rationality at the sharp end to not turn the whole fucking Doomsday Machine on.

        Now, we’re expecting geniuses like Susan Rice and Lloyd Austin to handle it? Rice couldn’t even keep Libya from being a fuckup, and object lesson for every other dictator on the planet. We’re so fucked.

        1. Rice couldn’t even keep Libya from being a fuckup, and object lesson for every other dictator on the planet.

          The Libya invasion was arguably as bad as Iraq, because we literally deposed a foreign leader who had been utterly and completely pacified, and left it as a failed state with active slave markets. As big of a fuckup as Iraq became, at least there is a semblance of a government in place, even if it’s on the precipice of going pear-shaped due to the competing ethno-religious rivalries.

          Rumor is that the main reason Ghaddafi was deposed was because the EU and the US wanted to set up an Africa-to-Europe oil pipeline in order to make Europe less dependent on Russian gas imports. Ghaddafi was standing in the way of that and the Arab Spring color revolutions provided the excuse they needed to take him out. I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar was going on in Syria with Assad.

          1. I had thought that, if it simply wasn’t fallout from the general destabilization of the MENA world that year, that it was due to Khadafy trying to set up an oil bourse without using US dollars. Shrug. I can see why a pipeline might transit Libya, but I would’ve thought up West Africa to Morocco, then cross the Straits, would be better. Or Algeria – Tunisia – Pantelleria – Sicily – EU. Double shrug.

            Whatever reason they thought deposing him was a good idea, the clusterfuck ruined state it is now, is not a good bullet point for relying on a Biden Administration State Department’s competence. Nor is Austin worrying about shit like if SHARP training is up to date, or whether ‘right-wing extremists’ have been rooted out of the ranks.

            Stupid, arrogant leadership historically leads to really bad wars.

            1. I had thought that, if it simply wasn’t fallout from the general destabilization of the MENA world that year, that it was due to Khadafy trying to set up an oil bourse without using US dollars.

              Yeah, trying to get Libya off the petrodollar was the other possible reason I’d heard as well.

              1. There’s a pretty consistent correlation between trying to go off petrodollars and getting deep-sixed by the USA. I even half-suspect the current psychotic spending spree we’re on has to do with the emerging awareness that this system’s days are numbered.

            2. Also, per Lloyd Austin, just a quick reminder that he was in charge of CENTCOM when ISIS broke out, took over a sizeable chunk of the Euphrates River valleys, and nearly penetrated deep into Baghdad if it hadn’t been for Iranian militias engaging them at the outskirts. He subsequently called them a “flash in the pan.”

              This is the guy leading the nation’s armed forces now.

              1. This is the guy leading the nation’s armed forces now.

                But he has dark skin, which is the important thing.

        2. They are on the list for the Daddy Gov bunkers, so why should they even try to avoid nuclear war?

          1. You survive modern nukes by not being where they go off. Not by relying on a bunch of concrete and dirt to save your ass. Besides, any nuke strike against DC that doesn’t have the Russian Federation or the PLA’s name on it—and maybe their’s too—is going to be a bolt from the blue. Suicide non-hostile nation air freighter scheduled for Dulles, diverts, detonates in an air burst, that sort of thing.

  32. Thread on how rush Limbaugh is worse than an Iranian general pushing terrorism abroad based on media eulogies.

  33. “What If Bill Gates Disappeared?” – CREEPY Kids Video Praises Bill Gates as the Defender of the Earth’s Climate from Those Evil Fossil Fuels

    1. At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?

      What this comes down to, though, is that Bill Gates has been so rich for so long that he’s spent the bulk of his adult life without anyone telling him he’s wrong. That has the same corrosive effect on character and sanity that you see in the case of kings and dictators. People want some of Bill Gates’ money, so they constantly suck up to him and tell him his ideas are great even when they’re atrocious, and the guardrails normal people live between don’t exist in his case.

      So he throws money around at insane things. That he isn’t outwardly off his rocker like Howard Hughes was is small comfort; Hughes mostly kept to himself in that hotel suite in Las Vegas as he descended into madness. Gates is everywhere.

      Gates said that he modeled his charitable foundation after the one the Rockefeller family founded. But the Rockefellers took decades to become obsessed with globalist-utopian causes; Gates fell out of the philanthropic womb that way.

      It’s a problem. There needs to be some limiting principle governing this man’s excesses. But where that will come from is a good question. When he’s openly discussing destroying an industry that directly employs a half-million Americans for the purposes of “climate change” (formerly known as global warming, until it couldn’t be denied that there was no statistically significant warming going on) when we’re in the middle of the worst cold snap much of the country has seen in decades, finding ways to check this increasingly nutty bull in a china shop begins to become an urgent necessity.

      1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math Push
        Liberal education collective claims asking students to show work is racist

        1. they were also behind the new COR math shit

      2. Don’t forget this guy is buying up millions of acres of farmland, to the point where he’s now the country’s largest landowner, other than the US government, AND he’s pushing this bullshit “synthetic meat” scam because cows are supposedly destroying the ozone layer with their farts.

        Gates has morphed into a villain right out of a Hollywood thriller–an ultra-rich oligarch attempting to socially engineer all of humanity to conform to his Malthusian ideals. This guy and his wife are dangerous, and that’s not hyperbole because they’ve become megalomaniacal in their activism as it relates to globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, who have been quite open about the fact that they want to implement a techno-feudalist society (“You’ll own nothing, and be happy.”).

        1. A billion aurochs, steppe and plains bison roaming grasslands and farting from Spain to Beringia to Mexico in the Pleistocene at the peak of the last ice age, but the descendant domestic cattle are suddenly a mortal threat.
          That’s not even to factor the other giant methane producers like the horses, gomphotheres, mammoths, mastadons, megaloceros, etcetera that have gone extinct since then.

  34. But mah private companize!!!!

    In its bid for TikTok, Oracle was supposed to prevent data from being passed to Chinese police. Instead, it’s been marketing its own software for their surveillance work.

    1. Taylor Lorenz panics over Clubhouse’s ‘unfettered conversations,’ exposing antisocial pandemic pathologizing

      “Public figures as various as Elon Musk, Ai Weiwei, Lindsay Lohan and Roger Stone have joined it, and the unconstrained conversations it has enabled have incurred the wrath of China, which banned Clubhouse last week,” write Lorenz and fellow New York Times reporter Erin Griffith, claiming that the app is reckoning with “rising complaints about harassment, misinformation and privacy.”

      “The growth has been accompanied by criticism that women and people of color are frequent targets of abuse and that discussions involving anti-Semitism, homophobia, racism and misogyny are on the rise,” Lorenz and Griffith write. Such complainers include Porsha Belle, a Clubhouse “influencer” who alleges that after whining about “misogyny,” her account was suspended after multiple reports from others against her. Another one is Rachelle Dooley, a deaf woman who complains that she has been “kicked out” of some rooms.

      So, in other words, Clubhouse is like real life. For all of the incessant apoplexy from Lorenz and her ilk over harassment on Twitter, Clubhouse seems uniquely designed to ensure that nobody has to interact with anyone they don’t want to. As with real, pre-pandemic life, either you’re invited to the party or you’re not, and if you start acting like the police, you get the boot from everyone there for a good time. As long as we’re in pandemic purgatory, that seems like a necessity.

      But to Lorenz and company, the fear isn’t that some unlucky few will take corona Karens seriously and continue to isolate themselves from all socialization other than the livid narcs of Twitter. It’s that someone, somewhere, will have “unconstrained conversations” without the fear of tattletales trying to cancel them for their unfettered thoughts.

      1. Facebook to Label Climate Change Posts Like Covid, Vote Content

        Facebook Inc. will begin labeling some user posts that mention climate change in the same way it has annotated posts discussing elections and Covid-19, a sign the social network is taking climate-related misinformation more seriously.

        The labels will direct users to Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center — an existing hub that includes related news articles, climate change data and recommendations for Pages to follow. The new labels will be added to some posts about climate change, regardless of their accuracy, a strategy Facebook has used with other widely discussed topics as a way to fight falsehoods.

        1. Tim Pool the other day was discussing Zuckerberg being an anti vaccine guy for covid just last summer, but now last week bans people who question the vaccine.

        2. The Ministry of Truth bravely charges ahead.

      2. But to Lorenz and company, the fear isn’t that some unlucky few will take corona Karens seriously and continue to isolate themselves from all socialization other than the livid narcs of Twitter. It’s that someone, somewhere, will have “unconstrained conversations” without the fear of tattletales trying to cancel them for their unfettered thoughts.

        Yeah, that’s pretty much what it boils down to. That’s why they’re running the Sarah Jeong playbook by complaining about harassment–according to this line of thought, as a de facto public square, online forums of any kind shouldn’t tolerate “bullying,” and the forum owners can shut out wrongthink by playing the “it’s a private business!” card. And with progressives attempting to classify all non-leftists as domestic terrorists, they can use that to leverage even further suppression against their sociopathic ideology.

  35. Given that the media hates us for disagreeing with them, we should stop buying their products and aggressively pirate them.


    1. At a minimum.

    2. When you say ‘aggressively pirate’ do you mean “continue not buying their products and digitally stealing their assets” or “fire the port side cannons”?

    3. Beater laptop with no personal information is constantly tethered and downloading.

    4. What fucking difference would that make? They don’t get most of their revenue from selling their shit product to actual consumers. They have a cabal of multibillionaires who will subsidize them for the rest of eternity. See the Bezos Post, or any of the Simon and Schuster NYT best-sellers where 90+% of the “sales” came from wholesale buyers who bought the books and let them rot in a warehouse unread because they wanted to buy off the radical left wing authors who would be prominently placed in the forthcoming Democratic administration.

      Or let’s pretend that they do actually sell a consumer product. Who buys more of their shit, the 1.7 billion Chinese, or you?

      You don’t fucking matter.

  36. On January 8, 2021, there were 314,972 new cases of Covid-19.

    On February 17, 2021, there were 69,165 new cases of Covid-19.

    That is a 78% reduction in new cases, and if you aren’t seeing that in the news, it isn’t because it’s not an important story. It’s the most important story. So, why isn’t this the lead off story on every network and the biggest headline on every website?

    I strongly suspect it has something to do with the contempt news organizations harbor towards average Americans, the way news organizations imagine themselves to be the arbiters of reality, the understanding that the current administration still wants Americans to be scared of Covid-19, as well as the media’s fear itself of cancel culture.

    Also, I suspect there are some residual chilling effects associated with broadcasting any good news on the Covid-19 front for fear that good news on Covid-19 may embolden people to stop wearing masks, avoid vaccination, or, God forbid, embolden Trump supporters to rally together to perpetrate more insurrection over the upcoming months in response to Biden pushing through gun control measures or passing the Green New Deal.

    Are there any better explanations?

    1. My comments at Reason for the past two months (revealing data indicating many American states were approaching natural herd immunity to covid) was echoed in a Wall St. Journal commentary today by Johns Hopkins professor of Medicine Marty Makary, who also appeared on Fox Business News segment last night.

      We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April
      Covid cases have dropped 77% in six weeks. Experts should level with the public about the good news.

      Amid the dire Covid warnings, one crucial fact has been largely ignored: Cases are down 77% over the past six weeks. If a medication slashed cases by 77%, we’d call it a miracle pill. Why is the number of cases plummeting much faster than experts predicted?

      In large part because natural immunity from prior infection is far more common than can be measured by testing. Testing has been capturing only from 10% to 25% of infections, depending on when during the pandemic someone got the virus. Applying a time-weighted case capture average of 1 in 6.5 to the cumulative 28 million confirmed cases would mean about 55% of Americans have natural immunity.

      Now add people getting vaccinated. As of this week, 15% of Americans have received the vaccine, and the figure is rising fast. Former Food and Drug Commissioner Scott Gottlieb estimates 250 million doses will have been delivered to some 150 million people by the end of March.

      There is reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection. As more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, there are fewer Americans left to be infected. At the current trajectory, I expect Covid will be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.

      Antibody studies almost certainly underestimate natural immunity. Antibody testing doesn’t capture antigen-specific T-cells, which develop “memory” once they are activated by the virus. Survivors of the 1918 Spanish flu were found in 2008—90 years later—to have memory cells still able to produce neutralizing antibodies.

      Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute found that the percentage of people mounting a T-cell response after mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 infection consistently exceeded the percentage with detectable antibodies. T-cell immunity was even present in people who were exposed to infected family members but never developed symptoms. A group of U.K. scientists in September pointed out that the medical community may be under-appreciating the prevalence of immunity from activated T-cells.

      Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. would also suggest much broader immunity than recognized. About 1 in 600 Americans has died of Covid-19, which translates to a population fatality rate of about 0.15%. The Covid-19 infection fatality rate is about 0.23%. These numbers indicate that roughly two-thirds of the U.S. population has had the infection.

      1. continued from above

        In my own conversations with medical experts, I have noticed that they too often dismiss natural immunity, arguing that we don’t have data. The data certainly doesn’t fit the classic randomized-controlled-trial model of the old-guard medical establishment. There’s no control group. But the observational data is compelling.

        I have argued for months that we could save more American lives if those with prior Covid-19 infection forgo vaccines until all vulnerable seniors get their first dose. Several studies demonstrate that natural immunity should protect those who had Covid-19 until more vaccines are available. Half my friends in the medical community told me: Good idea. The other half said there isn’t enough data on natural immunity, despite the fact that reinfections have occurred in less than 1% of people—and when they do occur, the cases are mild.

        But the consistent and rapid decline in daily cases since Jan. 8 can be explained only by natural immunity. Behavior didn’t suddenly improve over the holidays; Americans traveled more over Christmas than they had since March. Vaccines also don’t explain the steep decline in January. Vaccination rates were low and they take weeks to kick in.

        My prediction that Covid-19 will be mostly gone by April is based on laboratory data, mathematical data, published literature and conversations with experts. But it’s also based on direct observation of how hard testing has been to get, especially for the poor. If you live in a wealthy community where worried people are vigilant about getting tested, you might think that most infections are captured by testing. But if you have seen the many barriers to testing for low-income Americans, you might think that very few infections have been captured at testing centers. Keep in mind that most infections are asymptomatic, which still triggers natural immunity.

        Many experts, along with politicians and journalists, are afraid to talk about herd immunity. The term has political overtones because some suggested the U.S. simply let Covid rip to achieve herd immunity. That was a reckless idea. But herd immunity is the inevitable result of viral spread and vaccination. When the chain of virus transmission has been broken in multiple places, it’s harder for it to spread—and that includes the new strains.

        Herd immunity has been well-documented in the Brazilian city of Manaus, where researchers in the Lancet reported the prevalence of prior Covid-19 infection to be 76%, resulting in a significant slowing of the infection. Doctors are watching a new strain that threatens to evade prior immunity. But countries where new variants have emerged, such as the U.K., South Africa and Brazil, are also seeing significant declines in daily new cases. The risk of new variants mutating around the prior vaccinated or natural immunity should be a reminder that Covid-19 will persist for decades after the pandemic is over. It should also instill a sense of urgency to develop, authorize and administer a vaccine targeted to new variants.

        Some medical experts privately agreed with my prediction that there may be very little Covid-19 by April but suggested that I not to talk publicly about herd immunity because people might become complacent and fail to take precautions or might decline the vaccine. But scientists shouldn’t try to manipulate the public by hiding the truth. As we encourage everyone to get a vaccine, we also need to reopen schools and society to limit the damage of closures and prolonged isolation. Contingency planning for an open economy by April can deliver hope to those in despair and to those who have made large personal sacrifices.

        Dr. Makary is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, chief medical adviser to Sesame Care, and author of “The Price We Pay.”

        1. Natural herd immunity explains why the rate of new daily covid cases has plummeted in most states during the past 2 – 3 months, which can better understood by seeing the graphs at:

          States with the sharpest declines in new covid cases are:

          North Dakota -93.2%
          Nebraska -92.5%
          South Dakota -91.8%
          Wisconsin -91.0%
          Minnesota -90.8%
          New Mexico -90.3%
          Iowa -90.2%
          Wyoming -89.8%
          Missouri -89.3%
          Tennessee -89.0%
          Michigan -88.6%
          Montana –88.4%
          Illinois -87.5%
          Idaho -86.9%
          California -86.8%
          Indiana -86.2%
          Arkansas -86.2%
          Nevada -85.9%
          Arizona – 85.4%
          Colorado -84.3%
          Ohio -84.1%
          Maine -81.9%
          West Virginia -81.6%
          Alaska -81.4%
          Utah -81.2%
          Washington -81.2%
          Oregon -80.2%
          Kansas -77.2%
          Pennsylvania -74.7%

          Data as of 2/18/2021

          1. As of 2/18/2021, 28.455 million Americans (8.59%) had tested positive for covid. Since CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected with covid (than have tested positive), about 130.9 million Americans (39.55%) have been infected with covid.

            And since just 5 cases of covid reinfection have been identified in the US (and just 50 worldwide), virtually all of the estimated 130.9 million Americans previously infected with covid remain immune from reinfection.

            But Anthony Fauci continues to lie about immunity conferred by past infection (as he is campaigning to vaccinate all Americans, including those already immune due to past infection). On Sunday’s NBC News (between 5 and 6 minutes on the video at
            Fauci falsely claimed “Prior infection doesn’t protect you against reinfection.”

            According to CDC, 56.28 million Americans (17.0%) have received a covid vaccine. But since about 40% of vaccines were given to previously infected people (who were already immune), and since the vaccines are about 90% effective, about 9.2% of Americans have become immune from vaccines.

            Since an estimated 39.55% of Americans are immune due to past infection, and since an additional 9.2% are now immune due to vaccines, about 49.8% of all Americans are now immune from covid.

            During the next several days, over half of Americans will become immune from covid (per CDC estimate).

            Since herd immunity occurs when/after about two-thirds of a population has been infected or vaccinated, counties and states with a covid case rates above 10% are now experiencing sharp declines in new cases due to herd immunity.

            So why won’t Reason expose this extremely important and very good information?

            1. According to estimates at (which I consider close to reality, but not their worst case estimates that falsely presume new virus strains will reinfect many previously infected people), the following 26 states will continue experiencing huge declines in new covid cases towards attaining herd immunity in the next month or two.
              AL, AK, AZ, AR, CO, ID, IN, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OH, OK, SD, PA, WI, TN, UT, WV, WY.

              According to estimates at, the following 15 states will continue to experience significant declines in new covid cases towards attaining herd immunity in the next two or three months.
              CT, DE, CD, GA, KY, MD, MI, MO, NH, NJ, NC, RI, SC, TX, VA.

              And according to estimates at, the following 7 states will continue experiencing declines in new covid cases, but may experience an increase, during the next several months.
              FL, HI, IL, ME, MA, OR, WA

              But perhaps most notable, is estimating increasing numbers of new covid cases in 3 deep Blue states during the next several months. CA, NY, VT

              One thing that is clear, many/most Red states will experience herd immunity before many/most Blue states, which should also change the political discussions and school/restaurant/bar/sports lockdown policies in Blue states.

              Unfortunately, most left wing news media is based in NY or CA, and they’ll be the last to report the very good news that is occurring among us deplorables in fly over country.

      2. The facts are undeniable.

        The interesting question is why this information isn’t being broadcast to average people.

        It’s as if we’d shot Osama bin Laden, he were bleeding to death in U.S. custody, and the news media didn’t want anyone to know.

        Why are they acting like that?

        1. Just do a Google search for “Scott Atlas herd immunity” or even a search for “covid herd immunity”, and you will see why very few Americans (who are more expert than me about viral immunology) have been courageous enough to tell the truth about natural herd immunity.

          The first 100 weblinks (i.e the first ten pages) of searching for “Scott Atlas herd immunity” trashed and demonized Scott Atlas (and falsely accused him of promoting a “strategy” of herd immunity) for telling the truth about natural herd immunity back in the fall.

          The Google search for “covid herd immunity” used to result in very similar articles (trashing Sweden, Scott Atlas and anyone else who truthfully explained herd immunity), but now the search generates lots of articles claiming the vaccines are the only viable way to achieve herd immunity.

          1. “Vladimir Lenin used the military metaphor [the commanding heights] to justify his New Economic Policy, proposing that free markets could be permitted so as long as the government retained control of certain “commanding heights” like heavy industry and transport.[2]”

            —-Commanding heights of the economy


            There’s something like that happening in social media today, where they’ve established effective control of social media through antitrust cases, holding the White House and control of the Senate, and repeatedly threatened to break social media companies apart if they don’t crack down on conservative speech, “misinformation”, etc.

            The government doesn’t need to own the broadcast networks, the cable networks, the social media companies, etc. in order to control what they say or what they won’t say. They just need to control the commanding heights of media, and the effect is more or less the same. And that’s what’s happening right now.

            The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights. If the police sometimes violate our rights, that doesn’t mean their legitimate purpose isn’t to protect our rights from criminals. Likewise, if we become increasingly persuaded that the First Amendment is being used as an excuse to stifle criticism of the Democrats’ policies and the government they control, it in no way diminishes our support for the First Amendment in its proper role, which is to protect our right to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

            1. You act like the social media companies, aka the oligarchs, aren’t equal partners in this.
              That is a mistake.

              1. Google and Facebook may be obligated to respect our rights, but they’re well within their rights to treat customers like shit so long as they don’t violate our rights. The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights, and if the government is failing at that, they’re failing at their only legitimate job.

          2. Scott Atlas doesn’t know a thing about immunology.

        2. Yeah, they announced IL’s stats on the news with my 12-yr.-old in the car last week. Something like a 2-3% vaccination rate and 4.4% positivity rate, the lowest seen in almost a year. My 12-yr.-old asked how, with only 2-3% of the population vaccinated, so few peolpe were contracting COVID. That, if you had a 4.4% positivity rate, shouldn’t most of the population be immune? We had a nice conversation about compound interest and doubling times, after which he concluded, “So I probably don’t have to get the vaccine.” I said, “You’ve been in school for a couple of weeks now, do you know anyone who had it? Anyone who died? Especially anyone your age?” To which he replied, “I probably didn’t need the vaccine in the first place.”

          I decided it was best not to bring up my in-laws who’ve been on lockdown and haven’t seen their grandkids in over a year.

          It’s beginning to remind me of how pushing the AGW narrative on kids in school turned them off to it. Or seem like some sort of social experiment about how long you can subject kids to such indoctrination and conditioning before they dissect and reject it.

    2. They changed the PCR threshold on testing last month. They can’t admit the threshold changes led to a greater than 100% increase in positive tests.

      1. The interesting question is why they’re doing these things.

        Imagine you’re a progressive for a moment, and try to come up with an explanation for the news media’s behavior that doesn’t suggest they’re contemptuous of average people.

        I can’t think of anyway to do that, and if there isn’t a way to do that, it may suggest that the news media is, in fact, as Donald Trump said, the enemy of the American people. They’re afraid of we might do if we knew the truth.

        1. They think the average people are dumb and beneath them. They honestly do. They have no regards to the fact they are less trusted than even congress.

          1. And we’re not saying that without evidence.

            1. Yeah, I was going to say that it’s possible that they’ve sublimated the idea that the proles are beneath them and aren’t actually overtly contemptuous of them, but the evidence contradicts that.

        2. They are not doing these things Ken. The labs run the tests as instructed by the manufacturer. I have provided concrete evidence of the sensitivity and specificity of PCR for this virus.
          Jesse linked to a CDC website and I quoted exactly what it said about test cycles.

          You and him are spreading fake information about a serious disease.

      2. It would be helpful if JesseAz provided evidence (e.g. a key weblink or journal article) of his claim that PCR threshold led to a >100% increase in positive tests (as I haven’t seen/read anything like that).

        But if PCR threshold changes have led to a huge increase in false positive tests for covid (as Jesse asserts), that means natural herd immunity is arriving much sooner than the data I presented indicate.

        1. You want a link to something even the NYT reported on last year? This is common fucking knowledge. The inventor of the test said thresholds were too high. God damn. Is this a WK sock?

          1. That MSN article was from last August, and merely amplified unverified claims from anonymous sources in the unscientific NY Times.

          1. I couldn’t find anything on that cdc website indicating that the PCR test threshold was changed. Please provide more details.

          2. The NYT. Yes that is where I get all of my medical scientific information.

            Oh here is what the CDC page you linked to says about PCR cycles. Since I don’t think you read it.

            If you read this much you might at least get a definition of what you are talking about.

            “To improve the test’s ability to detect virus, an RT-PCR test creates many copies of the same genetic material from the virus in a process called amplification. The cycle threshold (Ct value) is the point at which a reaction reaches a fluorescent intensity above background levels. The Ct value indicates when the nucleic acid target is detectable in the amplification process. There is a correlation between the Ct value and the amount of viral genetic material that was present in the specimen.“

          3. It is a terrible thing to deliberately spread misinformation about a very serious disease.

        2. After new daily covid case rates fall below 10 per 100,000 in most states (and especially once new cases drop below 5 per 100,000), which is likely to occur in the next several days, weeks or month, the public will increasingly oppose the unscientific, unwarranted and disastrous restrictions on schools, restaurants, bars, sports stadia, and other businesses, including mask mandates and social distancing.

          The bad news is the left wing news media will falsely credit Joe Biden and vaccines for the huge decline in covid cases, which is occurring largely due to natural herd immunity (with vaccines the icing on the cake).

          And if covid rates increase in CA and NY (as predicts) while plummeting everywhere else in America, Cuomo and Newsome will likely not remain in office.

          1. While hundreds of rural Red counties have been at the forefront of the natural herd immunity process in America (which is why left wing media propagandists along the east and west coasts haven’t reported it), increasingly more highly populated urban and suburban counties also appear close to achieving herd immunity.

            Counties with populations >150K with high covid case rates are:

            Case Rate – County, St – Population
            17.0% – Yuma, AZ – 195K
            15.6% – Lubbock, TX – 278K
            15.4% – Webb, TX – 250K (Larado)
            14.7% – Imperial, CA – 174K
            14.4% – Miami-Dade, FL – 2,716K
            14.3% – El Paso, TX – 622K
            14.3% – Kings, CA – 152K
            14.2% – Utah, UT – 516K (Provo)
            13.1% – Muskogee, OK – 189K
            13.0% – San Bernardino, CA – 2,035K
            12.6% – Providence, RI – 626K
            12.3% – Brown, WI – 248K (Green Bay)
            12.2% – Elkhart, IN – 197K
            11.8% – Salt Lake, UT – 1,029K
            11.6% – Los Angeles, CA – 10,040K
            11.6% – Racine, WI – 195K
            11.5% – Davidson, TN – 626K (Nashville)
            11.4% – Richland, NY – 474K (Staten Island)
            11.4% – Rockland, NY – 325K (NYC suburb)
            11.2% – Milwaukee, WI – 947K
            11.2% – Kern, CA – 900K (Bakersfield)
            11.1% – Douglas, NE – 517K (Omaha)
            11.0% – Waukesha, WI – 389K (Milwaukee suburb)
            11.0% – Passaic, NJ – 501K (Paterson)

            1. Also
              11.3% – Maricopa, AZ – 4,485K (Phoenix)

          2. What cased it to fall after the first wave? What did we do differently after the first wave hit? There is something you are leaving out.

            There’s your answer. There are not enough people vaccinated here to account for the difference from peak. Also transmission rates after vaccine are still unknown.

            Yep I am one of those you mentioned skeptical of your herd immunity theory. In fact it may never happen. But keep up the good work. You have really dug into this.

          1. That WHO notice and guidance didn’t assert that many/most PCR tests are false negatives, but rather was a reminder that false positives (and false negatives) can occur.

            1. Yes and in the lab they are close to zero. In practice false positive is less than 1% false negative is higher.

              This is due to processing errors such as inadequate sampling or contamination.

              The meme about cycles and sampling comes up from people who are trying to find reasons why the data are overblown. Actually because there are more false negatives than positives the opposite is true.

            2. No they just gave definitions I can give you other sources.

              Here is one.


            3. Also you brought up Manaus. They thought they had herd immununity. Now they are worse than ever. In fact they are digging mass graves and running low on oxygen.


            4. It was some time ago but one of my summer grant jobs when I was an undergrad was making PCR preps for a lab doing research on plant DNA plasmids.

              We were using gels then I think.

    1. Now do the rest of the media like Glenn Kessler saying Biden didn’t actually say there was no vaccine when he did.

      1. Ah, JesseAz. Deflecting from the topic.

        Kindergarten level knowledge: two wrongs =/= right

        1. Clowns say what? How is that deflecting? The entire MSM has turned into a pathetic sycophantic organism with Biden in the white house. Youre just too much a left fuck to notice.

        2. Hey, aren’t you the pathetic piece of Marxist bootlicking shit who said that shooting an unarmed woman in the face for trespassing even though there were 6 police officers with AR-15s standing 6 feet behind her was a good shoot?

  37. “President Biden Backs Study Exploring Reparations to Black Americans”

    Corrected headline:
    “Biden Backs Study Exploring New Vote Buying Action”

  38. Musical interlude…it’s like mainlining the Nineties straight into your veins:

  39. “Pandemic cost California more than 500,000 tourism jobs, $86 billion in 2020”

    Headline writers are full of shit; should be:
    “Newsom cost California more than 500,000 tourism jobs, $86 billion in 2020”

  40. 7 day average peaked on inauguration day. Totally nobody screwing with case definitions or numbers. Totally believable.

    1. Meh. Also ~3 weeks after first vaccines started rolling out.

      The data’s shitty, but believable.
      It’s believable because it isn’t single-sourced.
      Thousands of counties & states roughly confirm the trends.

      1. I disagree. Shitty data on false premises, even if compiled and delivered faithfully, does not make for confirmed trends or truthful reporting. All the distributed sources all using the same bullshit rolling or exponential average positivity rate (or all the organizations reporting data faithfully to one or two organizations that compute the rolling or exponential average) doesn’t exactly confirm any trend(s).

      2. Case in point (not to indict you personally) but considering immunity isn’t conferred until 2 doses, 2 weeks apart, starting counting vaccinations in weeks at t0 is complete bullshit.

  41. No issue with Cruz going away.

    Huge issue with the guy who told people to stay home and THEN went away.

    It’s the hypocrisy, stupid!

    1. that is the real story

  42. “-@CapitolPolice tell me 35 officers are under investigation for actions on Jan. 6…”

    I certainly hope one of them is the murderer of that woman.

    1. The woman who was forcibly entering the Congressional chambers, at the front of a violent mob? That one?

      1. The unarmed woman on public property, you lying pile of lefty shit?

        1. Of she wasn’t there to protest a statue, she shouldn’t have been there. And the punishment was appropriate.

        2. Oh, please. Public property with people who work there whose lives were being threatened by a violent mob. The woman was killed because she was threatening the lives of congress members and staff.

          1. Nobody’s lives were in danger you authoritarian simp.

            1. Well, somebody might have gotten bruised falling down some stairs!

              1. She couldn’t possibly have known that she wouldn’t cause multiple strokes in all those officers hours to days later, it was a multiple attempted murder.

                1. And how about the cops she traumatized who committed suicide? The woman had amazing powers, almost as wonderful as Trump’s. After all, he caused this by sending nasty tweets!

                  1. Nice you show not one iota of concern over those suicides.

                    1. From the sociopathic cheering a cop shooting an unarmed woman in the face for the offense of trespassing when there were 6 police officers armed with AR-15s standing 6 feet behind her.

                    2. Btw, no fucks given over anyone who commits suicide. I’d say I hope you do it some day, but I’d rather get the chance to skullfuck the 45 caliber hole in your head when you get caught playing Antifa some day. Please, please PLEASE fuck around and find out. I’ll be there if and when.

                    3. “Nice you show not one iota of concern over those suicides.”

                      I’m laughing at your scummy attempts at justifying the murder of that woman; you know that, but as a TDSS-addled piece of shit you’re grasping at any straw you can find in the hopes of diverting attention from those attempts.
                      Don’t assume your assholish behavior is fooling anyone, you steaming pile of lefty shit.

                    4. Why the fuck would anyone commit suicide over something like this?

                      There’s some concern for ya.

                    5. Whataboutism is out of fashion. Find a new logical fallacy please.

          2. The woman was killed because she was threatening the lives of congress members and staff.

            Really? Did she announce that she was going to kill them, or come after them with the clear intent of doing harm?

            If just walking through a broken window on public property is an automatic death sentence to you, then you should be just fine with Kyle Rittenhouse plugging your lefty boos in Kenosha for their clear intent to harm him, including physical attacks and wielding weapons at him.

            1. Live in your dismissive fantasy version of what transpired. It absolves you from looking at your own beliefs and how they prop up the people who tried to destroy our nation.

              1. Maybe you should try getting out of your own fantasyland yourself, Sarah.

          3. Keep in mind this same stupid cunt can be found elsewhere on this site this very day having a histrionic bitch fit because 2 cops shot a guy who decided to brawl with them in the street over a jaywalking ticket and attempted t steal their guns.

      2. BTW, scumbag, how many times have you been banned?
        Were they all for kiddie porn links like your BFF turd?

        1. Zero.

      3. Ahhhh the capital offense for trespassing.

        1. Violently trespassing. But you conveniently gloss over the violence of the mob that day.

          1. “…But you conveniently gloss over the violence of the mob that day.”

            TDS-addled shit is pretty sure there was violence somewhere in the vicinity, and therefore murder is justified.
            TDS-addled shit hopes to be taken seriously…………….
            By other TDSS-addled shits

          2. What violence?
            Pummeled with a cardboard sign and some flags after handing out a beating with your billy club? A fat boomer trying to scratch out your eyes? A cop stuck in a doorway and yelling?

            That’s amateur hour compared to the assault on the Whitehouse a few months before. How come you didn’t dub that a violent insurrection?

            1. Oh, so it’s cool for someone to gouge a cops eyes out, as long as the attacker is fat.

              You are showing your true colors, Mother’s. You have no regard for law and order unless those violating law and order are lefties. You cheer for American political strife. What an asshole you are.

              1. “Oh, so it’s cool for someone to gouge a cops eyes out, as long as the attacker is fat.”

                TDS-addled shits pick cherries for a living, right, TDS-addled shit?

      4. Guilt by association doesn’t justify shooting an unarmed protester any better than the excuse that she was trespassing on public property.

        I understand why people keep grilling progressives on this. It’s because progressives, almost universally, will violate any professed principles they claimed to have once had when pressed on these issues, and it expose them as unprincipled.

        Why do you feel it’s necessary to defend this police officer shooting an unarmed protester on public property? Why does that matter to you? Is there some logical conclusion you would need to concede if you admitted that this shooting was unjustified? Why is it important to you that police be free to shoot unarmed protesters for trespassing on public property?

        1. Ultimately, I defend the police officers because I give a shit about having a functional democratic nation, with peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next. Why do none of the CACLLs here care that a violent mob was trying to break into Congress and disrupt the counting of electoral votes?

          1. If you think defending the police for shooting unarmed protesters on public property defends the principles of democratic government or the peaceful transition of power, you’ve lost your mind.

            1. “Ultimately, I defend the police officers because I give a shit about having a functional democratic nation, with peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next…”

              You lying pile of lefty shit, you defend a cop murdering an un-armed woman as a result of your TDS.
              Further, in order for any claim that the protestors would disrupt the transition of power, there must be some possible way for them to have done so.
              There wasn’t; that’s your fantasy, not reality. The worst result in any possible case, would have been a slight delay as the vote would have taken place a bit later.
              You, along with your BFF turd, Tony and others, as Ken notes, are simply not mentally capable of separating your lies from reality.
              Fuck you with a running, rusty chain saw, you lying pile of lefty shit.

              1. Obviously in reply to WK, not Ken.

              2. Why must you be such an angry young man when your future looks quite bright to me.

                1. I’m curious why you choose to make a public ass of yourself every day, TDS-addled shit.

            2. It certainly does when said rioters were violently trying to break into Congress to disrupt the peaceful counting of electoral votes, and possibly physically harm congresspersons, the Vice President, and Capitol staff.

              1. threatening the lives of congress members and staff.

                possibly physically harm congresspersons, the Vice President, and Capitol staff.

                Don’t try qualifying what you said, now, White Excrement. You took a position, better stick with it so you don’t look like the disingenuous piece of shit that you actually are.

                1. Sure, because police officers’ jobs are to wait until after the violent behavior results in death, injury, and destruction before they do anything.

                  Oh, wait, at the point they shot her down two out of three of those had occurred.

                  1. Tell us again about the murder of Michael Brown you fucking piece of shit.

                  2. So why didn’t the cops shoot any Antifa or BLM rioters that were doing just that?

                2. Red Rocks calling 911: Hey, there is a violent mob smashing the windows of my house and threatening to break down the doors any second.
                  911: Like to help you, but we have to wait until someone is killed first.

                  1. I didn’t realize Red Rocks lived in a public building in Washington D.C. accessible to the public and that dozens of police officers waved him through the corridors of the building. I also didn’t realize that it was standard procedure for police to shoot someone in the face for breaking and entering when they are unarmed and pose no threat to anyone.

                  2. Take not, again, of how this pathetic piece of shit always returns to a thread 4 or 5 hours after it has died to try to get in parting shots without anyone noticing. He’s that fucking narcissistic and pathetic.

                  3. Leaving aside the fact that a private residence is different from a public building, I wouldn’t call 911 until after I shot the intruder–and that’s assuming I’d even bother doing that, instead of taking their dead body out to a deserted field as a meal for the local wildlife.

          2. The White Knight
            October.22.2020 at 3:18 pm

            It means conservative and conservative-leaning libertarian, and I coined it.
            Is there a law in Canada that ordinary people aren’t allowed to coin acronyms. Here in the godamn USA we have freedom of speech.
            *Waves little flag*

          3. I defend the police officers because I give a shit about having a functional democratic nation

            Between the fact that we’re a federal republic and Congress’s approval rating, what functional democracy are you living in?

            1. WTH. They were in the middle of counting the electoral electoral votes. You know, the electoral votes from the states that comprise our federal republic.

              1. “…They were in the middle of counting the electoral electoral votes…”

                Yes, you pathetic piece of lefty shit, it might have been delayed by an hour or so.
                THE DEATH OF THE REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Fuck off and die.

          4. And yet you called it fascist totalitarian police stateism for federal marshals to defend a court house in Portland after protestors locked dozens of people inside and tried to burn them alive. Because you’re a subhuman piece of shit. I hope I get the chance to fuck you aorta if you ever get caught fucking around with your LARPing buddies when the shit hits the fan. I really do.

        2. “Tresspassing”

          Yeah Ken that is an apt description.

          What was going on was kinda like a 6th grade class taking a tour of the national monuments and one of them slipped off to somewhere they were not supposed to be.

      5. An unarmed woman incited a reasonable fear of death of great bodily harm in a trained police officer? What about the police that stood aside as the mob broke out the window she climbed through? Are they culpable?

        1. It’s even worse than that because the question isn’t even whether the police officer in question is guilty. The question is whether charges should be filed. In order for charges to be filed, a grand jury would need to find that there was probable cause–not guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. So, why hasn’t this already gone to a grand jury? Surely, there is probable cause to believe that this was a case of involuntary manslaughter–at least–and the cop that shot her has all the same rights as any other defendant.

          1. Ain’t gonna happen.

        2. The police that stood aside. Most likely they were totally overwhelmed and scared shitless.

          I know it is not an exact analogy but if an angry shouting mob is breaking into my house the first one breaking the window and getting in is sure as hell getting a bullet in the gut.

          I don’t know if it was wrong or right. There is still no excuse for what that mob did that day. That is really what got her killed.

  43. “The United States would accept an invitation from the European Union High Representative to attend a meeting of the P5+1 and Iran to discuss a diplomatic way forward on Iran’s nuclear program,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement. The P5+1 refers to the participants in the nuclear deal with Iran: China, Russia, France, the U.K., the U.S and Germany.

    Biden also lifted travel restrictions on Iranian envoys and reversed a Trump-era claim that the U.S. had reimposed — or “snapped back” — United Nations sanctions on Iran, according to a letter sent to the UN Security Council and seen by Bloomberg.

    —-Bloomberg, February 19, 2021

    The part in bold is the important part. Whatever other media hand-waving you see is only meant to distract you.

    The sanctions against Iran were imposed with the assent of Iran’s allies and friends on the Security Council, China and Russia, by the United Nations because IAEA found that Iran had violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and had thereby forfeited the right to enrich their own uranium. Obama replacing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with a new treaty–without a vote of the Senate much less ratification–was entirely unconstitutional. When Trump voided the agreement, he simply asserted that the sanctions the UN put in place were still legitimate, which was absolutely true. Iran forfeited the right to enrich their own uranium when they violated the NPT, and the sanctions are still in place because Iran has still not come into compliance with the NPT and continues to violate the NPT by enriching uranium in secret.

    By withdrawing our assertion that the sanctions are still in effect because the UN Security council and the UN approved them because of Iran’s NPT violations, the Biden administration has taken the first step to eliminating the sanctions. And anyone who imagines that this will lead to peace between the United States and Iran is suffering from delusional, wishful thinking. It may be that Israel will act without us (maybe with the support of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others in the region), but the chances of the neocons in the Biden administration letting Israel and others fight a war against Iran without U.S. participation may be lower than the chances of Israel doing nothing in response to a successful nuclear weapons test by Iran.

    Iran must not be allowed to enrich their own uranium.

    1. Who’s gonna stop them. Seems like the Trump policies had the opposite effect.

  44. China doesn’t want sanctions on Iran, so we don’t have sanctions on Iran.

    1. Actually, we do have sanctions on Iran, and we imposed them on Iran with China’s blessing. China can veto anything they want that goes through the Security Council, and they didn’t veto sanctions on Iran.

      1. China doesn’t want signatories to violate the NPT and enrich uranium in secret either. Neither does Russia.

        They’re not crazy.

        What’s Biden’s excuse? What’s the progressives’ excuse?

        They want to pursue a destructive policy that will probably lead the U.S. into war with Iran because 1) wishful thinking, 2) because they don’t like Trump’s obnoxious tweets, and 3) they want to stick it to white trash in flyover country?

        Is that it?

        Why are the progressives dumber about our security interests than China and Russia are about theirs?

        1. 4) or maybe 3a) Islamophilia

  45. Crucify them on the Tree of Woke.

  46. No $15 minimum wage? I guess Biden DOESN’T care about poor people.

    1. Of course he doesn’t, election season is over.

  47. “…Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.)—a perennial punching bag of Cruz’s—helped raise $1 million for Texans in need yesterday…”

    And how do we know that? Well, her staff sent a press release:
    “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) announced late Thursday that she and others had raised $1 million for Texas charities assisting with relief efforts against the ongoing winter storm crisis there. The fundraiser benefitted charities targeting homelessness, care for the elderly, and food insecurity.”
    I know that’s enough ‘proof’ for some.

    1. The fundraiser benefitted charities targeting homelessness, care for the elderly, and food insecurity.

      Fuck the people who paid for electricity to keep the food in their fridges cold and their pots and pans hot. $1M for food insecurity in a blackout is like putting a moleskin on the blister of someone suffering a sucking chest wound.

      1. Hard to be critical of that though. It may not be much but there is nothing wrong with free food pantries and soup kitchens.

        After something like this some people who live on the edge may have .fallen off it.

        Of course she is being self serving about it.

  48. Vaccine passports: libertarian or Orwellian?

    Can I just be practical, please? Can anyone these days?

  49. Hello my name is Rev kuck
    It has been 7 days since I last clicked a sullum article

  50. Cruz goes to Cancun and AOC raises 1 mil…and???
    What exactly will her 1 million do? Can anyone explain this to me?

    1. Boost her national status show she can be the VP pick for Harris?

    2. This is a libertarian site that always supports private charities. Here AOC has worked to raise the money privately to help Texas. Will it be enough alone, no. But are you saying that private money by AOC, other people, churches, and businesses should not be considered? Only money from the government should be used?

      Let be honest here, a kid running a lemonade stand to raise money for Texas has done more than Ted Cruz.

  51. President Joe Biden walks back plans to be humane to undocumented immigrants

    A federal minimum wage increase isn’t likely, Biden told a group of mayors and governors this week.

    “Joe Biden says some shit.”

    Such a breath of fresh air compared to when Trump used to say shit and everybody acted like it meant something.

  52. Those who normally support Cruz countered that the senator is powerless in this situation and that the senator and his family staying in Texas and suffering along with the masses wouldn’t have accomplished anything.

    I must not be hanging out on the right white supremacist websites, because all I saw out of my right-wing websites were variations on the theme of “how fucking tone-deaf can you be?” and “Jesus Christ, Cruz must be some kind of masochist for shooting himself in the foot like that”. Everybody knew just how bad it looked and with the press eager to make it look even worse, Cruz made a bone-headed unforced error with that sort of shit.

  53. The Cruz trip is just a gotcha moment. As a politician, he should know better — it looks bad to flee your state when your constituents are suffering.

    But it’s also way off base: Cruz is a US senator, not the governor. It’s not his job to deal with crises in Texas. It’s not the federal government’s job to deal with crises in Texas.

    1. But it’s also way off base: Cruz is a US senator, not the governor. It’s not his job to deal with crises in Texas. It’s not the federal government’s job to deal with crises in Texas.

      It’s not his job, but that’s not the point–he should be fully aware of the kind of media environment that exists now, which is specifically geared towards unpersoning anyone who cleaves to right-wing populism (left-wing populism is considered okay as long as it’s going after the proper designated targets, not the left-liberal establishment). More to the point, if he is going to act as a populist, then he needs to show that he’s willing to suffer along with ordinary people, not fuck off to Mexico with his kid. If he’s representing Texas as its senator, then he needs to be smart enough to at least act as if he’s working in the best interests of the state, not abandon it when millions of people have been without power for days and are freezing to death in some cases.

      1. What do Cruz’s slack-jawed politics have to do with whether he properly responded to Trump’s calling Heidi Cruz a hideously ugly pig by obsequiously licking Trump’s nuts for five years?

        It would be fascinating to hear the Cruz children talk about how a Daddy is supposed to act when someone attacks Mommy.

        1. You really seem fascinated with Cruz’s kids, you slack-jawed, slope-foreheaded hicklib. What a surprise that another progressive turns out to be a pedophile.

          1. Anti-social, powerless, disaffected, whimpering right-wing clingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.

            1. You should try a different copypasta, hicklib.

    2. POTUS did declare it a federal emergency. Don’t think anyone expected Cruz to be the incident commander. But when it is federal emergency, that means federal resources. One would think that a senator would help lubricate those processes. Watched a training session with the Joplin city manager and he talked about their federal elected officials visiting after the tornado. Their presence and involvement helped.

    3. Even if it is, the actual part of the job he does is in DC. Not to mention, whether I disagree with the lockdowns or not, he didn’t impose them and can phone it in to/from DC, or Cancun, like much of the rest of us. It’s not like he closed restaurants personally and then held a fundraiser at one or anything.

    4. Of course it is his job. He is the direct connection between his constituents and the federal government. He is not supposed to be a direct manager but he is supposed to be on the phone calling everyone he knows to get them help.

      The feds areinvolved already and are in every major disaster. Heck we had a local flood where I lived just causing water damage to homes and FEMA was writing checks within a couple of weeks.

      1. I understand how FEMA works and how the federal government is supposed to save us all from everything, at the low, low cost of 7 trillion dollars per year.

        I should have wrote “it shouldn’t be the federal government’s job to deal with crises in Texas, or any other state”.

        1. I can see the point.

          So Texas or any other state is in charge of natural disasters as they occur. Dealing with those goes up the ladder from local to state and federal levels.

          The feds tend to be more wasteful and inefficient. It is the same dollars out of my pocket so call it a form of insurance.

          Truth is local is local. A hurricane or something requires resources not available to the local government.

  54. For those keeping up with the news today:
    Per CNN: “Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behavior is not in keeping with the Department’s Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline,”

    “Six US Capitol Police officers have been suspended with pay, ”

    Extra vacation for underperforming!

    1. Suspended for Facebook posts?

  55. NOTICE — The lefty narrative is yet again Gov-God “Saviors”.
    Political worshiping, political moral signalling it’s a religious war.

  56. 37 posts today for the Red Knight. That’s $18.50 for the lefty propagandist.

    I prefer to flag and refresh. He has nothing original or relevant to contribute.

    1. 38

  57. How fucking hilarious would it be if this stupid cunt got cervical cancer and died a slow, painful death?

  58. It’s touching how concerned the people who said that Texans should be interned in reeducation camps and/or mass murdered are about the welfare of Texans now that their dead bodies are useful for trashing a Republican.

    1. Not all Texans are lousy people. The bigoted, superstitious, obsolete, backwater, Republican clingers are lousy people who can’t be replaced — by their betters — too soon. Other Texans can be decent, pleasant, productive, and worthwhile.

      1. You might find if you got to know people as individuals instead of stereotyping people with labels, you would find a lot more good people in the world than you do now.

        1. ^ this

  59. Cruz was supposed to quarantine after travel, but someone told him to do something that looks good, so he did a photo shoot where he was handing out water bottles. This, of course made him look even worse.

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