Portland Protests

How Portland's Protests Drifted into 'Dangerous Territory'

"When terror is seen as justified, I think it's inevitable that something terrible is going to happen," journalist Nancy Rommelmann told Nick Gillespie last week.


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"When terror is seen as justified, I think it's inevitable that something terrible is going to happen," journalist Nancy Rommelmann told Nick Gillespie last week about the Portland protests she's been covering for Reason. (Watch excerpts above, or listen to the full-length podcast interview.)

Her pessimism proved prescient: A man was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday, August 29, during a showdown between Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump supporters. This follows the killing of two men and the wounding of a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin during protests of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Things seem to be intensifying in the nation's capital as well, with D.C. protesters intimidating Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) while walking away from Donald Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention, demanding that diners raise fists in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and displaying a guillotine outside Amazon founder Jeff Bezo's Washington residence.

Rommelmann explains how the protests in Portland, which have already lead to the burning and vandalizing of municipal and federal buildings and many businesses, are fanning out into residential neighborhoods, with demonstrators shining lights into houses in the early-morning hours and demanding that sleeping families "wake up" to racism, income inequality, and other issues.

"If you're a 22-year-old and you're home and you're not in school anymore, and maybe your job has gone away because a lot of jobs were lost in Portland" due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, "you're looking for identity and you're looking for people to hang out with," says Rommelmann, who has interviewed dozens of protestors. "Then you put on an outfit and you go out every night and you feel energized and part of something."

She worries that as the protests in Portland meet minimal resistance from the city government, demonstrators are becoming emboldened even as they become less focused on specific reforms.

"When the definition of free speech or a peaceful protest starts to become very elastic, when terror is seen as justified, we've seen how these things go," she says. "People justify the things in their mind. They blame the white supremacists of Portland, or the city government, or the cops. And they see what they're doing as creating some sort of justice."

Written by Nick Gillespie; edited by John Osterhoudt; thumbnail graphic by Lex Villena.

Protest video by BG On the Scene/Brendan Gutenschwager; Photos: Caitlin Ochs/Reuters/Newscom; Allison Dinner/ZUMA Press/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; Terray Sylvester/Reuters/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; Ted Nieters/Polaris/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; Amy Katz/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Mark McKenna/ZUMA Press/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; Allison Dinner/ZUMA Press/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; John Rudoff/Sipa USA/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom; Nathan Howard/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Mark McKenna/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Mark McKenna/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Amy Katz/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom

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    2. I said this in the morning lynx, but this appears to be a new kind of level. It does not appear that the victim, Danielson, was doing anything other than walking on the sidewalk, when the attacker saddled on up to him and shot him cold blood.

      In the Austin and Kenosha shootings, they appeared to be the result of things becoming wild west- the police aren't doing anything, and so people go to a protest with loaded weapons and settle things between them, High Noon, style.

      But if the facts remain the same, this is not the Wild West. This is South American, Chavista political executions. This wasn't people arguing until someone drew. It was literally two guys with the wrong clothes on, shot.

      The fact that the authorities already had this guy once with a loaded weapon, only to let him go, basically signaled to the city that it is open season- as long as you have the right political views.

      1. The case in Austin was a result of the Antifa people running around shoving a gun in the wrong guy's face. The shooter there wasn't a counter protester. He was a soldier for Fort Hood moonlighting as an Uber driver. That wasn't the wild west. That was pure stupidity.

        Wisconsin is an example of what you are talking about. There after the riots started, 3,000 volunteered to show up to defend the city from the rioters, who were all from out of town, and one of those 3,000 ended up shooting three of the rioters. And rival gangs of people shooting one another is what you end up with when the government refuses to enforce the law or maintain order.

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      2. In the Austin and Kenosha shootings, they appeared to be the result of things becoming wild west- the police aren’t doing anything, and so people go to a protest with loaded weapons and settle things between them, High Noon, style.

        The Rittenhouse shooting is entirely different than what happened in Portland. I would characterize the Rittenhouse shooting as a scuffle between rioters and self-appointed security. Based on the video evidence of the Rittenhouse shooting, it appears that he was acting in self defense. It's always possible there are other unknown factors, but video right before the shooting showed rioters trying to burn down an occupied gas station by pushing fiery dumpster towards said station. Rittenhouse is seen taking a fire extinguisher to the dumpster which agitated the rioters.

        If Rittenhouse is convicted of anything, his lawyers are retards. I saw a breakdown of the prosecutions charging documents which read like an exoneration of Rittenhouse.

        1. The thing with Rittenhouse is that the rioters were all from out of town. If he goes to trial, he will get a jury of people from Kenosha. Good luck convicting him of anything when he was there trying to defend the jury's town from out of town rioters.

          1. The DA has to be intentionally throwing that case.

            If it even sees trial, which I'm doubtful of, there's no way in hell you can convince 12 residents of Kenosha that Rittenhouse is guilty of premeditated murder.

            He was there earlier in the day cleaning up graffiti, he had a medical kit on him, he fled the conflict and he only shot when directly threatened. Everything he did supports his argument that he was there to support local business owners and the rioters forced his hand.

            I haven't seen anything, but I'd imagine the support he's gotten has garnered him a pretty competent defense attorney. That attorney has to be chomping at the bit to get in court, this is a slam dunk.

            1. The DA acknowledged all those facts... and still charged. It was ridiculous

              1. The DA should be shot

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              2. The DA realized that failure to charge would result in larger scale riots. Rittenhouse was 100% justified in everything he did but the mob is not interested in hearing that.

                Like I said, I'll be amazed if this actually goes to trial. They're going to wait for Kenosha to quiet down and then drop charges at 4pm on a Friday.

                1. Bingo. It is plainly self defense.

                  The Rittenhouse case reminds me of the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case. The police and the prosecutor in the Zimmerman case did not want to bring charges, but it was clear they feared the riots that were certain to follow if they didn't. Pretty much the same scenario for Kenosha.

                2. "The DA realized that failure to charge would result in larger scale riots."

                  +1, the DA knows he'll never be convicted. This is a delaying action, throwing the charging of Rittenhouse out as red meat to delay the mobs.

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        2. BTW...just as an aside...does anyone else think this moron is single-handedly rendering a degree from Harvard Law an embarrassment rather than a source of pride?


      3. It like the offspring song come out and play
        "one goes to the morgue
        And the other goes home
        One guys wasted
        And the other is just fine because he's a progressive"

        1. Is gonna tie your own rope, tie your own rope, tie your own...

          1. Hey! You disrespectin me?

    3. And now these disaffected malcontents have a cause and a banner to which they can muster. And unlike sane and law abiding citizens they can get guns whenever and whenever they want.

      If Biden win they will be emboldened. If Trump wins they will be further outraged and justified in their actions. Either way I foresee a lot of terror in the coming months.

      1. If Biden wins, we will see a lot of terror because it is clear that the Democrats have no stomach to do anything about it and will have just won an election with this sort of thing. If Trump wins, I think these people end up dead or in federal prison in pretty short order. There are not that many of them who are really willing to commit acts of violence. The rest are just doing it because they know they can get away with it or think they can. Start locking them up and this will end very quickly.

        1. Start locking them up and this will end very quickly.

          Late last week the DOJ put out arrest warrants for 74 people for various federal crimes related to the Portland riots. That's a good start, at least. I'm sure there will be more to come.

          Any body want to take bets on whether or not the cases all get quietly dismissed if Biden wins the election?

          1. Maybe. If Biden were to win, he might just as easily go ahead and lock them up because he knows that they will riot no matter who is in charge and doesn't want to get blamed when they do.

          2. Nah - Biden will do a 'mayor of Seattle' on them. Like how she locked down CHAZ right after they threatened her home.

            Biden and his enablers know the difference between those you need to gain power and those you need to keep power - and will throw the useful idiots under the bus the moment they're no longer needed. And he'll be hailed a hero for doing so.

      2. I still say if Biden wins, it will die out, just like the anti-war movement did after Obama was elected. But I guess we'll have to see.

        1. I thought that too but now I don't think so. It is clear that the riots are hurting the Democrats. Yet, BLM and Antifa keep rioting. If the Democrats controlled these groups, the rioting would have stopped the moment it became clear it was hurting the Democats in the polls. They haven't. That means the Democrats have lost control of the monster they created. Worse, they lack the political will to stop them themselves. If electing Biden would end these riots, why hasn't the mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon stepped in and put a stop to them? They know the riots are hurting the Democrats and Biden in particular. So, why aren't the Democrats who run Portland and Oregon doing something to stop them? The answer is that they are afraid to because they fear the political cost from their own base more than the backlash it is creating.

          1. Somebody is controlling them - the same somebody(ies) who is the DNC's boss.
            Obviously, that somebody isn't focused on voting as a priority

            1. And "somebody" is not a euphemism.
              There is no 6000 year old Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, though I'm sure there are at least a few Jews within that somebody

            2. The people who are controlling them are focused on taking over the Democratic Party and liquidating the center left. They don't really care if Biden wins the election. They are playing a longer game and eliminating the center left and taking full control over one of the major parties. It is not a bad bet that the Democrats will win sometime if by default if nothing else. It doesn't have to be this year for the far left to win.

              1. ^This^ You articulated what I was thinking and elaborated upon it.

              2. Even without a conspiracy behind it, it's pretty easy to believe the Rioters are far closer to Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden. Furthermore the VP pick of Kamala Harris probably pissed a lot of them off. This Leftwing faction certainly hates Trump, but that doesn't make them love Biden.

            3. Ford foundation pumped millions to these organizations for hotels, travel, and bail. Look who is on the board of that foundation the last 10 years.

              1. Ford Foundation
                Open Society Foundation

                This is bigger than just taking over the democrats.
                The goal is Global Socialist dictatorship

                1. Yes, George Soros and Block Yomomma are the domestic ringleaders of the movement to "fundamentally transform" (meaning destroy) America.

                  And I'm almost certain they're getting plenty of financial help from hostile foreign entities as well.

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            4. "the DNC’s boss"...that would be the CCP.

          2. This is correct. They have lost control of the Red Guard and can't shut it off now that the polling is hurting them.

          3. Honestly, I think it’s because they’re afraid of being called racist. Racism, even when it isn’t racist at all, is their current crime du jour that warrants immediate expulsion from society. It’s their modern day witch hunt, but on a national scale. And one that convicts the “wrong” people, even based on things that happened even decades ago.

            Pols in deep blue strongholds won’t risk that.

          4. I don't think it is clear that they have continued. The lightbulb only went off in liberals' heads last week. Stopping a giant movement takes a little time. Let's see what happens in 2 weeks.

            It is noteworthy that everything turned pretty peaceful in Kenosha over the weekend after 3 assholes found out that acting like a lunatic will get your arm blown off in the best case.

            1. That and the governor agreed with Trump and called in the national guard and federal law enforcement. That is what brought order there. The only thing that will bring order to Portland is something similar. And I don't see Wheeler doing that any time soon.

        2. The manageable will be given uniforms and serve as federal (DNC) "peace" squads, the unmanageable will be liquidated.
          Normalcy bias is a bitch, because we really aren't that far away from USSA

          1. They will become the armed wing of the Democratic Party similar to what the SS was to Hitler. The SA and then later the SS were private armies that Hitler used to murder and terrorize his enemies just like Antifa is doing now. Once he took power, he liquidated the SA leadership, folded the remaining SA members into the SS and then made the SS part of the Germany Army.

            1. Yep.
              They're going for USSA or Gazi (Global Socialist Party) America, whichever name you prefer

              1. Being idiots, they don't understand that they will never get that. At most they will get something akin to Norther Ireland or the Balkans. Americans are too numerous, well armed, and violent when provoked for them to ever achieve the kind of power they want.

                1. Taking away a citizen's upward mobility is the last straw on that camel (look at California and NYC with the wealthiest along side the most poverty transfers). The straw that breaks that is Biden's tax plan. He (his socialist handlers) plan to tax savings by eliminating the 401k tax deduction for the entire middle class upwardly mobile, or anyone making over 70k (I believe that is pretty median for someone over 45 or 50 who works their ass off every day). He is also planning a financial transaction tax that will tax savings at every level. He will bring back the SALT deduction for the ruling class wealthy and their financiers. He will mandate the federal reserve on equity..or equal outcomes. He will have the federal government take over local zoning laws while he drastically expands HUD and places antifa and BLM worthless morons in every single county in the country through a voucher mandate, regardless of criminal background and credit worthiness (as Minneapolis did). We are going down the Brazil meets China path.

                  1. And the result of that will be a lot of Antifa people getting shot. Again, the best they can do is turn the country into a violent hell hole with competing death squads. I guess when you are dealing with the sorts of low intelligence people like Kirkland and Strassel, they probably think that is a good thing.

                    1. Antifa is disposable.

                      So they boil the frog, and all of a sudden we wake up and realize we have a totalitarian government that controls our resources, our travel, our communications, our access to everything - and has raised a generation of our children to be completely obedient and supportive of The State, the system (society).

                      What are we gonna do about it?
                      We're all just gonna rise up then?
                      Or we're just going to take, like we've been our whole lives.
                      Totes can't happen here.
                      X? X is just one thing.
                      What about Y? Y is just a little bit more totalitarianism.
                      And Z? Well Y wasn't that big a deal, so... not really anything we can do about it anyway.

                      Where's the line?
                      It keeps getting moved

                    2. The line is whenever people start shooting back. When that happens, and it will, they won't be doing much of anything else except dying. The problem with your theory is that it assumes that the far left has any actual following. It really doesn't. In terms of raw numbers they are very small. That wouldn't matter if the public were disarmed. But with an armed public, it means the far left is going to end up dead whenever they finally push too far.

                    3. Except I'm not talking about the far left, I'm talking about their globalist (Global Socialist) masters

                    4. Talking certainly isn’t getting it done. And really, is there any room left to compromise with the progs? Whenever we do, they just come back to take more after a short period of time.

                      We need to regain some ground. Not give more away.

                  2. "We are going down the Brazil meets China path."

                    I've been telling you for awhile that Brazil, both the country and movie, is the end goal for these people. Luxury resorts for a few, a nomenklatura sinecure for a few more technocrats who make everything work, and blocks of flats/favelas for everyone else.

                    1. Neo feudalism.

                      And if you want to get significantly into the future...

                      A techno-eugenic process of separating Man into two distinct species (and it's not like I'm the first person who's ever mentioned this) - the trans-human master race and the under race, who provides the resources for the masters but is completely dependent on those masters for their own survival.

                      Nazism didn't go away - it just changed its outfit

                    2. The under race in your example is likely to be self-repairing, self-rebuilding, cheaply powered robots, with AI roughly equivalent to a 90 IQ human. Golems, basically. Without any of that pesky free will or need to be entertained.

                      When that happens, hang on, because the gene-tailored plagues will follow closely behind.

                      Most of humanity is a liability in the eyes of a significant portion of our ruling class.

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                2. "Being idiots, they don’t understand that they will never get that"

                  We're not talking about the rioters here, or even the public activists.

                  And we are damn close to the real power players' goals. Just look at the dominance of the tech/corporate world, and how much control outside actors have over every aspect of our lives.
                  This isn't a new plan - it's been being implemented for at least 50 years.

                  "It could never happen here" is what they all say, right before it happens

    4. The asshole is 48 years old, well past his youthful exuberance stage, unless Nancy ups the age for that.

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  1. "When terror is seen as justified, I think it's inevitable that something terrible is going to happen," journalist Nancy Rommelmann told Nick Gillespie last week about the Portland protests she's been covering for Reason.

    Nick then shifted the conversation to The Ramones and Lou Reed, to avoid disturbing the narrative.

    1. It is mostly peaceful terror.

      1. Aside from the rapes, guillotine, fires, and general chaos, the French reign of terror was a festive atmosphere.

        1. You didn't say "rape" twice.

    2. What's Lou Reed doing today, anyway?

      1. Growing daisies.

    3. Honestly, Nick has been the most reasonable voice here since at least the impeachment nonsense.

      1. Seconded. Nick seems to be the reason writer least beholden to TDS and pro-DNC bias.

        1. Agreed, if we don't count Rommelmann or Stossel.

      2. Nick had been far more consistently Libertarian than some of the other writers.

      3. Which is pretty damned sad.

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  3. Why did Rand Paul walk through protesters in the first place? Who decided where Paul would exit and where protesting would occur? Why wasn't the area cordoned off? My spidey senses are pinging.

    1. "Why did Rand Paul walk through protesters in the first place?"

      "Did you see the dress that girl was wearing? What did she think would happen?" --- LoS.

      "Who decided where Paul would exit and where protesting would occur? Why wasn’t the area cordoned off? My spidey senses are pinging."

      You mean DC can't actually govern itself worth a damn? And they want to give them a state now?

      1. They don't give a damn about having a state; they just want two more democrats in the senate.

      2. I have alot of questions about it. It seems fishy. Paul was then on TV using the confrontation to score political points. You gotta believe Paul knew he was walking into it? Imagine you're the politican, surely you're aware of the protesters? Why would you walk into that?

        1. There is nothing fishy about it you fucking asshole. Paul and his wife walked down a public street and were nearly killed were it not for the police showing up. The fault is with the rioters and no one else.

          1. He wasn't just walking down a public street, he was walking down a public street while being RethugliKKKan. That's more than enough to justify murdering him and his wife. /sarc, in case it wasn't obvious

            1. That is what people like Jeff and our resident lefties actually believe. They just won't say it honestly. Instead they just justify whatever happens.

              1. And they're too psychotic and sheltered to realize what will happen to them when we decide to play by their rules

          2. " Paul and his wife walked down a public street and were nearly killed were it not for the police showing up. "

            Nobody touched the pansy or his wife. Other citizens were expressing disapproval of right-wing bigotry. Sen. Paul responded to the hecklers by hiking up his dress, clutching his jewelry, and hiding behind a police officer.

            1. They running up and screaming like a bunch of apes. These people have assaulted people all over the city. This is what they do. You don't think screaming and throwing shit and assaulting people is a big deal, because you are a sub human piece of shit and that is what monkeys like you do.

              Luckily the cops showed up. We have police to deal with people like you. Thank god for that because if we didn't, people like me would have to deal with you and the problem of your existence would be solved with a simple bullet in the head.

              1. In my understanding of self defense law, facing a large crowd of assailants is considered just cause for using deadly force. A group of 15 people kicking you to death is just as deadly as one guy with a gun or knife. I keep thinking about that white lady in DC eating at a restaurant outside and 30 BLM protestors coming within one foot of her face and yelling at her. If one person threw a punch at her, pretty sure deadly force is acceptable under the law.

            2. Yeah the pussy they are just throwing stuff at him, it's not like these pshyco yahoo's ever assaulted him in his own back yard, or shot at him during a baseball practice or anything

        2. Have you ever been to Washington DC? The entire area behind the White House is a big park, with public streets on either side. You can only get into this area from specific gates. If you were leaving Trump's speech, the only way you walk home is along these public walkways.

          Now I certainly wonder about these protests- specifically who knew to go to these sections in order to confront people leaving the speech?

          1. The exits from the White House are very obvious and easy to see. It wasn't hard for the protesters to figure out where people were going to be leaving the White House grounds.

        3. the riots encompassed all of the surrounding seats of the white house dummy. A Antifa had spotters on each corner.

          1. I don't believe the hype. I've been to Mardi Gras and seen way worse from a crowd. You mfers are pussies.

            1. First it was "nothing happened". Now it is "sure they attacked him but being attacked by an angry mob is just no big deal, like Marti Gras".

              Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound?

              1. The vapors you are emitting are entertaining, young lady.

                1. I am sure a lot of things are entertaining to a guy like you who doesn't have a job and has done nothing in his entire life except be a leach. Tell us Rev, do you live with your parents or do you just beg and move from couch to couch with your friends who do have jobs?

                  Tell us more about what it is like to be an unemployed loser member of the dirt bag left.

                  1. Just found this site. Shit John twist that knife, Well said.

            2. You mfers are pussies.

              Yeah, I'm sure a real Captain Courageous.

              1. *...I'm sure you're...*

                Edit buttone!

            3. Let me know next time you plan to attend Marsi Gras, Strazele.
              I'll meet you there

              1. Another all-talk clinger heard from!

                Open wider, Nardz. Your betters are about to resume shoving progress down your whining, powerless throat.

                1. You're the biggest sissy on this board. Go on back to Volokh and cry that they're CENSORING you.

                2. Where would you like to meet up, rev?

              2. Look at you. You can't help verbalizing your homicidal thoughts. And I supposed to meet up with you? No, thank you crazy person.

                1. This is the world you asked for, Strazele. Don't bitch out now just because you're getting what you wanted.

                2. So you didn't watch the videos? Because that Marais gras like atmosphere in DC had a ton of threats. But you thought they were pussies. Yet here you are cowering to an online interaction. Weird.

                3. Seems you're the pussy then, strazele

            4. You've been to Marais gras and had people following you with bullhorn threatening your family and sending in people to try to get you to touch them?

        4. "I have alot of questions about it. "

          "How dare people walk on...public roads? Those BASTARDS!!!"

          "Paul was then on TV using the confrontation to score political points."

          Remember when the CBC claimed protesters used racial slurs during their march to pass Obamacare? You know, with literally zero evidence? Good times.

          "You gotta believe Paul knew he was walking into it? Imagine you’re the politican, surely you’re aware of the protesters? Why would you walk into that?"

          ...because they're public streets?

        5. I have alot of questions about it.

          Sorry, but anyone who thinks "alot" is a word doesn't get to ask questions.

    2. No one decided anything except for the protesters who figured out what exit people were using to get out of the White House and started attacking people. You don't park in the White House grounds. Even someone like Rand Paul doesn't do that. And there is only a couple of exits. The protesters were waiting.

      Beyond that, even if he did choose to walk through the protesters, it is a free country. That doesn't give them the right to assault him. And fuck you for implying it does or that anyone but the animals who assaulted him are to blame for what they did.

      1. Nobody touched him, you bigoted pussy.

        1. That is because the police showed up. Had the cops not showed up they would have. They are violent pieces of shit just like you. They like you also are losers who only can act in large groups and would never win a fair fight and run every time someone fights back.

        2. Yeah, they only threw a bike at him. A mostly peaceful bike.

        3. Says the party of dead among and pronoun misuse as violence.

            1. I like them more as "party of dead"

        4. I'm not sure your being a failure really helps tho

    3. Wow. Way to prove you're a functional retard. He had to go om the streets since his hotel isn't connected to the white house dummy.

      1. Let me guess, the Trump Hotel. I wonder if campaign contributions were paying for those rooms?

        1. Another sock Tony?

        2. so you're saying you don't know how campaign dollars are used? God you're dumb.

    4. Don't walk through rioters like a thug, don't get attacked by rioters like a thug.

    5. "Why did Rand Paul walk through protesters in the first place? "

      He didn't. Just watch the videos. Paul and his wife were trying to avoid the protesters.

      "When we realized we couldn’t go the way we planned, we boarded a bus with others and went to the Trump International Hotel. It took us 45 minutes to get there and we waited there a while longer, figuring the crowd would settle down or leave.

      As our Uber approached our hotel we ran into roadblocks two blocks out, preventing us from driving all the way. So we got out and walked.

      That’s when the mob saw us.

      Thankfully, a friendly observer named Jack Murphy had been out all night directing people to safety and taking videos of the mobs.

      Murphy directed police toward us and we found a couple of policemen on the corner, just as a chanting mob came at us.

      The crowd multiplied fast. One of them yelled: “We’ve got Rand Paul trapped!”

      First, there were a handful of people — then 30, then 60, then over 100 screaming and out-of-control lunatics."

      "My spidey senses are pinging."

      They should be. The Leftwing protestors set this up to terrorize Paul and his wife.

  4. When their violent and destructive behavior is tolerated by local communities and SUPPORTED by the outside (Democrats have been protecting the rioters for months now), that is becomes more widespread is not a surprise.

    1. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


      (But of course, the other truth is that Trump personally did all the rioting that ever was)

      1. Be fair. Trump made them riot, by simply existing.

        1. Exactly. It's not like these people have agency. They're just animals blindly following their instincts.

          Actually, I shouldn't compare them to animals. I like animals, and that's an insult to animals.

  5. Amazing how these protests are only now becoming dangerous after 3 months of being mostly peaceful. What changed?

    1. (Yeah, that's sarcasm, we all know what changed - the polling data changed, that's what changed, and now the church has been issued new hymnals to sing from.)

      1. the church has been issued new hymnals to sing from

        And the new hymnal is really the same as the old hymnal. "It's all Trump's fault" on every page.

        1. Like god, if Trump did not exist, they would have to invent him.

    2. the previous 30 people murdered by rioters didn't count until now why. Because a few people have realized that if the police won't do anything about it then the people have to. and so it starts the people started to stand up to the left and left recognizes this. the left better get their people to stop or it will only get worse because people aren't buying the claim that the riots are all a right wing conspiracy. most people but not the people on reddit or medium those people are f'ing stupid

  6. Just keep up the 'good work' till November, thank you!

  7. They blame the white supremacists of Portland

    Because if there's one thing we all know about Portland it's that it's absolutely lousy with white supremacists.

    1.  "People justify the things in their mind. They blame the white supremacists of Portland, or the city government, or the cops. And they see what they're doing as creating some sort of justice."

      They blame those people in the same way that Nazis blamed the Jews. If they didn't want to be shipped off to camps then they should have thought of that before deciding to be Jews

    2. Close, Portland is full of white-privilege supremacists. They still think whites and white-culture are superior; they just feel really bad about it.

  8. You cannot overstate how vile the Portland mayor, and the Oregon governors are. They refused to enforce the law and protect their own citizens from violent mobs. Worse, they did so for the most cynical and awful political motivations. There is no doubt in my mind they allowed these riots to happen assuming that Trump would overreact and put them down which would then allow Trump to be portrayed as a tyrant. They allowed chaos for the most rank and base political purposes.

    The result of this is not only the death and destruction caused by Antifa but now the death caused by the inevitable backlash. The public isn't going to sit back and allow Antifa to terrorize and burn down their homes. They will pick up guns and start shooting people like they did in Wisconsin and Austin. Antifa will no doubt do the same. As a result, you end up with something like Northern Ireland were each side has what amounts to death squads. Once political violence starts, it is very hard to stop and usually escalates into a cycle of revenge.

    The US is very lucky it is such a large nation with such a decentralized federal system. I don't think this lawlessness is going to spread and destroy the entire country. But, it already has turned Portland into a war zone along with Minneapolis. All of the blood from this is on the hands of the Democratic Party and it's media operatives who have done nothing but encouraged and enabled political violence committed by the left.

    1. John...The amazing part to me is that the voters actually affirmatively choose these people to lead them.

      1. They never paid any price for it until now. What did they care if Antifa beat up a bunch of evil Nazis who marched downtown? I honestly think that the typical Democrat thought that Antifa and BLM were good people and would never harm them. So, why not support them?

        It is amazing to think that people could be that foolish, but it is nothing new. Ever since there was such a thing as leftism, moderate leftists have been thinking everything would be okay because they were loyal party members only to find out that wasn't going to save them.

        1. You're completely delusional. Get some fresh air.

          1. Everything I said was true and you have no response to it. So, you just throw and insult and run away. Thanks for conceding the point. Next time, just say so. It would be no less obvious than what you did and have the virtue of being more direct and transparent.

          2. You guys have been reduced to calling people pussies. Seriously, what's next, calling people fags? Recess is over. Go back to class and shut the fuck up.

      2. Democracy good and hard?

      3. The two parties in Portland politics are:
        Far Left, and Antifa Marxist left.
        Is Hobson's Choice the right term?

        1. Nope that's take it or leave it. This is more like Socrates choice of pick your poison

          1. The only answer is to not play the game.
            Might get messy

  9. "If you're a 22-year-old and you're home and you're not in school anymore, and maybe your job has gone away because a lot of jobs were lost in Portland" due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, "you're looking for identity and you're looking for people to hang out with," says Rommelmann, who has interviewed dozens of protestors. "Then you put on an outfit and you go out every night and you feel energized and part of something."

    ----Nancy Rommelmann

    Nancy Rommelmann is full of awesome, and this is the kind of awesome journalism we used to expect from Reason. This is the kind of journalism Lanny Friedlander wanted but saw missing from the national conversation when he founded this magazine in 1968.

    "When REASON speaks of poverty, racism, the draft, the war, studentpower, politics, and other vital issues, it shall be reasons, not slogans, it gives for conclusions . . . . Proof, not belligerent assertion. Logic, not legends. Coherance (sic), not contradictions. This is our promise: this is the reason for REASON".

    ----Lanny Friedlander

    Reason, Issue One, Volume One


    We need this kind of journalism in 2020, too--now more than ever, actually, as journalism standards have broken down across the politicial spectrum and even some on Reason's staff seem to think the object of journalism is to sell noble lies.

    The primary weapon of libertarianism is persuasion, persuasion comes from credibility, and credibility depends on an honest evaluation of the facts. Rommelman's reporting has been a solid contrast to what I've seen everywhere else in this regard. She's like a breath of smart air.

    More Rommelmann is better.

    1. Several people have commented on reason who say that for over a decade Portland attracted a large number of young people who can best be described as "the dirtbag left". A lot of young people with no interest in earning a living or doing much of anything except drugs and beg and be an activist of some sort have been coming to Portland for years. When the mayor started letting Antifa riot, they had a huge supply of willing recruits.

      1. Wasn't the motto something like "Portland, where people in their twenties move to retire"?

        1. Portlandia... where young people go to retire. It's like Al Gore won the election, it's like the 90s never ended...

      2. These kinds of kids have been a feature of the Pacific Northwest since before Grunge, Riot Grrrl, the 1999 Seattle WTO riots, environmental activists that coalesced around anti-logging (like Earth First!), and animal rights groups--no question about that.

        There is no doubt that anarchist, anti-capitalist, environmentalist, animal rights, and social justice groups have been operating there with more success than other places for a very long time. The point is that since the economic collapse, they have suddenly found a tremendous number of willing recruits--who are falling over themselves to join up and make mischief. And that is because of the economic collapse.

        Godwin be damned, here's an analogy. In 1924, when Hitler went to jail for the Beer Hall Putsch, my understanding is that the SA was comprised of a few thousand Brownshirts. In 1933, when Hitler assumed power, there were 2 million Brownshirts in the SA. Can you think of anything that happened between 1924 and 1933 that would explain the explosion in the number of volunteers to become Brownshirts in the SA?

        I suspect the world wide economic collapse circa 1929 might have had something to do with it.

        Yes, the Nazis were always selling records, and there have been some kids in the Pacific Northwest who have been buying anti-capitalist records for a very long time. What we're seeing now, however, isn't like what we saw in the past. I'm not denying that there have been street thugs masquerading as protesters for a long time in the Pacific Northwest. I'm saying that the reason you go from a few thousand Brownshirt to millions is because of an economic collapse--and that this is the same phenomenon.

        1. That is where you are wrong Ken. They haven't found a tremendous number of recruits. These riots are not that big and do not involve that many people. The media makes it seem like they do, but they don't. It is the same people who were always there. The difference is that they are more emboldened now. They don't have any new recruits just much less concern with being arrested.

          1. “If you’re a 22-year-old and you’re home and you’re not in school anymore, and maybe your job has gone away because a lot of jobs were lost in Portland” due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, “you’re looking for identity and you’re looking for people to hang out with,” says Rommelmann, who has interviewed dozens of protestors. “Then you put on an outfit and you go out every night and you feel energized and part of something.”

            —-Nancy Rommelmann

            So Rommelmann shouldn't believe her own eyes?

            The willingness of recruits and the attractiveness of these groups to recruits goes up exponentially when economic conditions go bad. If it wasn't for the economic collapse, this probably wouldn't be any more than a local story. It works the same way with gangs, skinheads, suicide bombers, and terrorists. The attractiveness of antisocial behavior increases dramatically when the economy goes bad--and the overall crime rate increases, too.

            1. Rommelman is wrong. Those kids were there already and have been rioting for months. Go back and look at what was going on in Portland the last few years. Every time the Proud boys or someone showed up there was a riot. The only difference is that the Portland police are now being told to stand down.

              Rommelman is a leftist. She is more honest than most leftists. But she still cannot admit that there is a hard core group of professional leftist rioters in this country. So, she blames it on the economy and unemployment the way leftists always excuse crime. That is not what is going on. Being unemployed doesn't make you riot, especially given the generous unemployment benefits in this country. Ken, you are just putting out a bullshit Marxist "everything is driven by economics" explanation here. It is not true.

              1. I lived in outskirts Portland suburbs until 2018. I believe John's take is correct. It was a recurring, every other month phenomenon that there would be a political protest as pretext for right and left to get into street fights. Regular, non-political people knew it was dangerous and would advise others not to go lest they be assaulted. I don't believe it was whole crowds riled up doing crazy shit; it was a small group of agitators who thought battling their political enemies with closet rods was morally justified. I never got close enough to say which side was starting it, and honestly I don't think it matters from a civil order perspective. The mayor knew this shit was going down all the time at most of these protests, and chose over and over to do nothing.

                1. So they didn't take over the city and fight pitched battles with the police for months at a time before?

                  Because that's what they're doing now.

                  Meanwhile, there have been dozens of George Floyds and Breonna Taylors in recent years. Why didn't they inspire months of arson, looting, vandalism, and fights with the police before?

                  The answer is because it wasn't against the backdrop of an economic collapse.

                  Like I've said (three times in this thread?), it's not that these agitators weren't in Portland before. It's that their strength, intensity, and support has risen dramatically because of the economic collapse.

                  There isn't anything different about Portland in this regard; economic collapses lead to social unrest in all cultures and throughout history. It makes sense that some of the worst social unrest happened in a city where there were people who were already susceptible, but the fact is that economic collapses have always, do, and always will exacerbate social unrest.

                  Certainly, the suggest that social unrest isn't exacerbated by economic collapse is ludicrous.

                  1. So they didn’t take over the city and fight pitched battles with the police for months at a time before?

                    They took over parts of the city many times. What they didn't have was a green light from the mayor to do whatever they wanted. After George Floyd, they go that.

                    Ken, if this were about unemployment, there would be riots all over the country involving locals. Instead, there are riots in a few places where the local government has allowed it and they don't involve locals.

                    If your theory is every unemployed 20 something is just dying to go out and riot for Antifa, then explain why they are only doing so in Portland and not everywhere else they live? You can't. You are just wrong about this.

                    1. "Ken, if this were about unemployment, there would be riots all over the country involving locals."

                      You didn't hear about Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and Seattle? It isn't just Portland. There were riots all over the country.

                      And there will probably be more.

                  2. The answer is because it wasn’t against the backdrop of an economic collapse.

                    The End of the World, not economic collapse. Covid-19 is The End of the World and generating the same primal superstitious reactions that comets and eclipses have for millenia.

  10. https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1300452241703350274

    “Death to America” was chanted by the mob as they marched through Oakland, California starting fires and vandalizing businesses

    1. And Democrats and liberals own this. For three years starting with Charlottesville, every Democrat I know bought and mouthed the party line about Antifa being not just the good guys but the same as the guys who fought the Nazis in World War II. And then BLM came along and every celebrity, Democratic politician and Democrat run institution or corporation embraced it. They all put their BLM signs in their yard.

      So, there is no way the Democratic Party is going to disassociate itself from Antifa and especially BLM. At first they pretended the violence wasn't occurring. When the violence became so obvious even they couldn't do that, they pretended it wasn't really BLM or Antifa but white supremacists or something. Now they can't even do that. So, they are trying to blame it on Trump for inciting it somehow. I don't think that is going to work any better.

      It is clear that the Democrats lost all control of BLM and Antifa. So, the violence isn't going to stop. They are screwed.

      1. The idea was to play good cop/bad cop, which is what Joe "only I can stop the rioting" Biden's campaign staff is trying now. We aren't violent, but they are and you need to appease them by giving us what we want.

        1. I don't think a message of "vote for us or we won't stop burning down cities" is going to play very well with the country. And really that is what Biden and the Democrats are saying. If Trump supporters were rioting, a message of vote for me and I will stop it, would work for Biden. But, everyone knows it is the left and the very people that the Democrats have embraced and enabled are the ones rioting. So, that makes Biden saying "vote for me and the riots will stop" straight up extortion. And I don't think the public is going to be swayed by such crude extortion.

          1. Trump does have their expressed support of the bail funds to bail out "protesters" to smack both Biden and Harris around with.

          2. Yep! Everybody on Twitter seems to be spouting the "This is Trump's America" line, but everybody with a brain sees that the left is fomenting the violence.

            Might as well be a toddler in the grocery store saying "BUY ME THE CANDY OR I'LL THROW A FIT!!!"

      2. For three years starting with Charlottesville, every Democrat I know bought and mouthed the party line about Antifa being not just the good guys but the same as the guys who fought the Nazis in World War II.

        And about half the Republicans.

      3. It's interesting to see every business in Kenosha boarded up and half of them painted blm on the wood themselves. By interesting, I mean sickening and hypocritical.

        1. That's BLM the movement, not BLM the organization. Or is it the other way around? Either way, you're racist for complaining.

          1. No, no, that's clearly the BLM Association, not the Movement, nor the Organization. And also, these groups are completely independent of each other with no connection.

    2. Oh no! Not "death to America?" That could really hurt someone's feelings. I'm all for protestong, but saying "death to America" is crossing a line. If they had said "Injury to America" it'd be fine.

  11. I call this the "I'm Weird, SEE???!!!!" Theory.
    It's not uncommon to people who lack confidence to stand on their own legs and be exactly themselves. They need to latch on to a 'movement' to help bolster their identity. I think it often explains why a lot of people join in to just about everything...from 'goth' to 'born again' to political affiliation, to protestors....to gun toting 'patriots'...
    Mix in the anxiety of pandemic and social/political issues you might actually believe in and voila.....

    This quote right here:
    "If you're a 22-year-old and you're home and you're not in school anymore, and maybe your job has gone away because a lot of jobs were lost in Portland" due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, "you're looking for identity and you're looking for people to hang out with," says Rommelmann, who has interviewed dozens of protestors. "Then you put on an outfit and you go out every night and you feel energized and part of something."

    1. Agreed, but you are just pointing out root human behavior that has been well-documented for at least 50 years. The human animal is emotional, superstitious, and highly biased, and constantly focused on social status and tribal allegiance. Not much better than chimps.

      1. Not much better than chimps.

        Only real difference is we've got a lot more fancy toys.

    2. Most of antifa are downwardly mobile drug addicts, trannies, etc. "failsons" in the parlance. Not bored teenagers.

      1. Also lots of lowest end college degree jobs like social worker and elementary teacher.

        1. I seriously doubt there is a huge overlap of elementary school teachers and antifa. Now, middle school teachers...

        2. Antifa are mostly white upper class burnouts-I remember reading an interview somewhere with one guy who was a philosophy PhD well into his 40s and teaching part time at a community college. He was angry at the system for not valuing his profession and couldn’t get over the fact that there were people with much less education than he had making a lot more money. This is the type who joins antifa.

  12. Portland is complete disaster for the Democrats and Biden. When Biden and Trump debate, assuming they will, Trump is going to point to Portland and say that it is Democratic enabled lawlessness. Biden will then try and blame it on Trump. The problem is that Trump will say he would have stopped the riots months ago but the Democratic mayor and governor refuse to accept his offers of help.

    So Biden has three choices of what to say in response. He can criticize Trump for not doing it anyway and invoking the insurrection act. But doing that is criticizing other Democrats and admitting that the riots are an insurrection, which would totally alienate his base. So, he can't do that. Biden can agree with Trump and call on the mayor and governor to accept the help. But that might be even worse. It would be admitting that Trump is right and blaming the chaos on other Democrats. Or he can call Trump a tyrant for even offering to intervene and effectively become the candidate of riots, looting and chaos.

    No matter what he does, he is screwed.

    1. Have you ever been to Portland? Most of us are doing fine. The far right media is fanning the flames to help Trump. The MSM is in the tank for Biden, but only after taking a page from the right wing media playbook.

      1. "Most of us are doing fine." -- KillAllRednecks

      2. I have been to Portland many times. I have a cousin who is a cop there. Sure, most are doing fine. That means a whole lot are not. It is complete chaos downtown. You think it is okay because you are a violent idiot. Normal people disagree.

        1. Anybody who disagrees with John is an idiot.

    2. “The problem is that Trump will say he would have stopped the riots months ago but the Democratic mayor and governor refuse to accept his offers of help.“

      And Trump’s argument will appeal to his base and Biden’s to his.

      1. And Trump’s argument will appeal to those who value the truth and Biden’s to those who don't.

  13. drifted into dangerous territory?

    Oh, I see. The shooting is what makes it dangerous. Not the rioting for the last several weeks. Before the shooting it was all 'mostly peaceful protests' - described as such by reporters framed by burning buildings. But *now* its 'drifted' into dangerous territory.

    Not 'flat out drove into', but 'drifted'.

    1. "I seem to have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque."

    2. Right-wingers and left-wingers are starting to shoot each other. I’d call that more dangerous, an escalation.

      America, without both contingents, without their boosters and apologists, would be doing pretty well.

      1. I’d call that more dangerous, an escalation.

        More like a warning, that if unheeded, may lead to a cleansing and restart.

  14. Here's what happened: The Left didn't bother calling our or dumping the Black Flag and Antifa assholes in their midst. Not this week, not this years, but for that past twenty years. We now have a new generation that has grown up knowing that you can do anything at a protest and no one will ever call you out for it.

    I mean seriously. I've been to anti-war protests. I've seen it happens. Come guys in black masks show up, throw a molotov at a building, and nothing happens to them. The Left is too willing to let violent nihilists hide in their numbers. They will never explain that it wasn't them, won't call out those individuals it knows were involved. They think that just because they're not being violent themselves, it's okay if other people are. It starts out small, but when Social Justice types don't toss out those there for the nihilism, then Social Justice soon means nihilism. Which is exactly what it means today in Portland.

    1. I think that is all true. But the reason they won't do anything is because part of being on the left is refusing to criticize anyone on the left for anything except maybe going to the other side. Also, standing up to the people you mentioned requires admitting that there are violent extremists on both sides. And your typical leftist can't do that. Too much of their sense of moral superiority comes from the conviction that they are fighting the violent right wing extremists and only the right wing is violent. The typical center left idiot who shows up at a protest is complete moral narcissist. They are leftists because it allows them to feel good about themselves and feel they are on the right side of things. Taking on the violent assholes that are on their side really makes that hard. So, they don't do it. And they just pretend that the violence doesn't exist or excuse it in some way.

      1. > I think that is all true. But the reason they won’t do anything is because part of being on the left is refusing to criticize anyone on the left for anything except maybe going to the other side.

        That's part of it for sure. I saw exactly the same thing in the Libertarian Party where no one would be criticized, no one dis-invited from the meetups. And so the conspiracy mongers multiplied until they took over some chapters.

        Of course the conspiratards aren't he same thing as black flag nihilists, but the refusal to keep an ideological movement on an ideological basis is the same. Anti-war protests should be been about anti-war, and NOT about capitalism or zionism or whatever. Both the Left and the Libertarians are too afraid of offending people by setting down rules of behavior.

        And you're right that another large part of it is the moral narcissism. Protests have become theater to them. So you end up with mass shit-ins after the Trump election, rather than an introspective examination of why the the Democrats lost, or even why their partisan concerns where overwhelming their ideological principles.

        p.s. I don't hate the Left, but I do hate what it's become in the past twenty years. I'll take an old fashioned unapologetic Marxist over the current crop any day.

        1. I would too. These people are just nuts

    2. From the onset this was more nihilistic than idealistic. Or at least not about social justice.

      This is as much about failed leadership as it is mob rage.

      It's been pretty sobering to witness how poorly citizens are served during the pandemic and riots.

      1. Social justice has always been about power

    3. "They think that just because they’re not being violent themselves, it’s okay if other people are."

      Which everyone knows is ridiculous because they expect conservatives to whip themselves repeatedly and shout unclean if someone with a MAGA hat so much as cuts another person off in traffic

  15. dangerous territory exists the second something is on fire.

  16. Not a shock. People here have been screaming for weeks for Wheeler to get the streets under control before Americans have had enough and do it themselves.

    Then he went on TV and blamed Trump.

    1. Because he's a sociopath incompetent coward.

  17. How it drifted?

    By woke Mayors and Governors playing SJW refusing to enforce the law pretending they were peaceful protests.

    They abandoned their oath to defend and protect citizens and as such should be either ousted or arrested.

    Destruction and blood is on THEIR hands. Not Trump.

    The end.

    1. It drifted like the IJN drifted into Pearl Harbor

      1. Or, like Gillespie drifted into inanity.

        1. That wasn't "drift", that was "MDMA". 🙂

          1. Lemmon 714s he found in the liner of The Jacket.

  18. I believe more and more that Trump will actually get re-elected, which was definitely in doubt a month or two ago.

    If that happens, these riots will explode in scope and fury. These people are so insane. I'm very concerned about how bad the post election riots will be if Trump wins.

    When he first one, we had pussy hats and a women's march and they were essentially harmless. It will be far worse than that this time.

    1. They are nuts but they are fewer in numbers than you think they are. These riots are not big. This isn't some kind of organic uprising. Like everything with the left, they are astroturf. It is a few thousand hardcore losers who are paid to go and riot by various activist groups.

      I think what is going to happen is a good number of their foot soldiers are going to get locked up as the feds finally start to crack down and they venture away from Portland and places that refuse to prosecute them. By the time the election rolls around, they won't have enough foot soldiers who are not in jail and willing to risk jail to do much.

      1. Astroturf? Paid protesters? What's with conservatives and conspiracy theories? Oh wait conservatives have no critical thinking skills so of course they'd believe conspiracy theories (especially when their fuhrer in chief is promoting them). If you think the protesting in Portland is astroturf then youve never been to Portland.

        1. Below you claim they are just a few criminals in with protesters. I know you are stupid but try to at least go to another thread before saying a lie that contradicts the lie you just said

          Dumb ass

          1. Yes and I don't see how my above comment contradicts my earlier comments?

        2. It's a conspiracy theory if it doesn't fit your narrative, you mean. Walk on home boy! Learn to think for yourself, if possible.

          1. Care to explain why I'm wrong? Do you have any evidence?

      2. I actually hope you're right John. But I don't think you are. There's a LOT of angry leftists frothing at the mouth about Trump and if he wins again they WILL join the "demonstrations" which will certainly be large and become violent.

        I hope I'm wrong and you're right. But I know a lot of these people.

        1. There are lots of angry leftists frothing at the mouth. The number of those willing to risk death or prison, however, is much smaller.

          1. 2020 is starting to look more and more like 2004 when everyone was convinced W was going to lose. Then it finally hit them that they had nominated a complete turd of their own and in such situations, many voters tend to stick with the turd they know. Of course, Trump brings out a much more violent side of them than W ever did, so it could get real ugly if he wins.

          2. John for example, you cla to know more about events you haven't witnessed than I do who witness them. Instead of admitting you're wrong you bring up "Biden staffers paid bail for some people, condemn that!" It's very clear to me that you have fewer than 8 great grandparents and believe anything Trump and his cronies tell you. Moderates and lefty's are scared that people like you will be given any sort of power. You people aren't qualified to clean an outhouse, but you wanna destroy our country. Anyway keep being scared shitless at the lies you hear about Portland. Hopefully sane people can take back the country.

        2. There's a lot of people upset because Trump and his supporters are completely detached from reality. I'm very fortunate and not one of those saying 4 more years of Trump will destroy America. But it certainly will hurt it. Also people are frustrated that the system is rigged toward rural inbred hillbillies(Electoral college, senate, dc not being a state). People rightly see it's dangerous to give inbred, rural Hicks any power to begin with, let alone more disproportionate amounts of power. It's scary allowing such uneducated rubes to run the govt.

    2. After Trump wins, the gloves come off.

      The only reason there isn't piles of leftist corpses already is because we're waiting for the election

  19. I love how Reason, like many others in the government/media complex, are suddenly starting to subtly change their tune, now that it's really starting to dawn on them that Joe Biden is less than a zero and is probably fated to get whipped.

    Reason has reached the point where they're no longer even capable of having an independent thought of their own. All the coverage, from the tone to what gets covered, is taken straight out of the standard issue leftie media.

    1. Remember when reason was claiming that Trump was using "secret police" to arrest the rioters? Good times. Now, things have gotten dark in Portland.

      It is worth mentioning that Rommelman has been reporting on Portland since the thing started. She lives there. Oddly, it wasn't until the media talking points turned against the riots that reason suddenly decided to start publishing her.

      1. My favorite take on that was some witty libertarian on Twitter who said : "If you have a problem with secret police snatching people off the streets and carrying them off to prison in an unmarked van, then maybe socialism isn't for you" lol

    2. Reason has reached the point

      I'm old enough to remember when Reason's election coverage was dictated by Ezra Klein and his buddies and nobody noticed because it was more or less what they'd write anyways.

  20. Hey Nancy what are you doing back in Portland? I thought you left because "it's the people." There's always been knuckleheads in Portland who take advantage of legit protests to cause trouble. They're more fired up then ever for many reasons, but PPB colluding with far right protesters and criminals pisses a lot of people off. Hopefully you leave soon, cuz you know "it's the people."

    1. I like how the media referred to the guy killed as part of a 'right wing' group, but never uses the term 'left wing' in regards to the rioters, aka 'protesters'. Another comical media style guide trick was to refer to antifa/blm/black-bloc rioters who have been in action for 90 days as 'counter protesters' to a group that had been in Portland for (according to that same Media) for THREE SATURDAYS IN A ROW.

      1. You must be watching the Pro-Trump coverage if your grouping Antifa/black block with the peaceful protesters. It'd be nice if you loons on the right stop drinking the kool aid and actually look what's going on in Portland. The right wing media is doing everything they can to encourage and overblow violence to get Fuhrer reelected. Ask most people in Portland and they'll tell you there are Antifa folks causing problems, but it's being way overblown by Trump and his cronies. Portland is a great place, way better than flyover country or America's anus(the south). Don't listen to the lying kooks on the right. The patriot prayer assholes aren't from here(many are from incestcouver) they bring their loaded weapons to an event they know will turn violent. They have the PPB on their side as well. It's sad someone got killed, but fuck those right wingers for causing trouble. Screw the "rioters" who are damaging property, but fuck all the people using a few Antifa assholes to discredit the peaceful protesters. It doesn't surprise me given the amount of racism on the right and lack of common Sense. If they had any brains they wouldn't be looney conservatives.

  21. How Portland's Protests Drifted into 'Dangerous Territory'

    I blame guns

    1. in all seriousness, the only good thing about any of this is that this time the left can't blame the second amendment. They must hate that

  22. Seeing Joe Biden get ratioed on his own twitter feed is pretty satisfying:


    1. Even bank robbers generally have the good sense and honesty not to blame the cops for a hostage situation

  23. Well I have on good authority that these violent protests are all Putin’s doing, a puppet show between Antifa and militia groups. I am sure they will disappear, just like COVID, and we can return to scheduled programming, as soon as Joe Biden is elected.

  24. In other news: Six, that's *6* elected democrats in the state of Minnesota, are now endorsing Trump.

  25. The social aspect described as

    "If you're a 22-year-old and you're home and you're not in school anymore, and maybe your job has gone away because a lot of jobs were lost in Portland" due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, "you're looking for identity and you're looking for people to hang out with," says Rommelmann, who has interviewed dozens of protectors. "

    is known as "Call of the Wild". Nothing more, nothing less. What does that indicate? The 'protesters' were discontented from the start, they just needed ignition.
    And finally, adult or matured brains can process disappointment, past wrong,, etc. without throwing a tantrum. An immature mind processes the Governments' inaction as tacit endorsement, then their off to the races.

  26. There's not a word in this article about the thuggish, escalating behavior from Patriot Prayer and allied right-wing groups for YEARS before this year.

    1. Because every article has to be about everything, right. No political side has a monopoly on "thuggish and escalating."

      The political executions in the US used to be only state sponsored. That's changed.

  27. The headline says Territory. Perhaps it should read Terrortory

  28. Here in Santa Monica, the police spent a long afternoon carefully monitoring the protests. As soon as it got dark, police and protesters alike went home for dinner, and the looters had a field day to the tune of 81 businesses. One of them was an uninsured privately owned music story which lent out older instruments to low income people. The looters are a mixture of L.A. criminal gangs, plus some hangers on looking for free stuff. A good many of the looters can afford an SUV. The gangs are well organized and can clean out a store and be gone in short order.

    1. RIP music store.

  29. I am so glad that Nancy Rommelmann is doing this reporting.

    I think whoever is driving these riots expects Trump to win and they're just revving the motor. If/when he wins, it'll be "either you're with us or you're against us," some more people will be fired for speaking their mind, and more people will get in line for the so-called resistance. "People of good conscience will take to the streets" and require time off to do so, and accommodations on exams, and the whole nine yards of institutional support or the institution will be branded racist. There will be an increase in the proliferation of pro-BLM mission statements.
    And David Shor's lost job is hanging there like a decapitated head on a pole to remind people what happens if they criticize a "protest."
    "You shouldn't be filming." (crunch)
    Faustian bargains always have the payback time. Submerging justice in violence doesn't go away fast. I'm not sure it will stay in Portland; the media praise for "BLM protests in small, white towns" indicated contacts literally all over the country and post-election they would be more likely to activate.

    1. And the end result will be a bunch of white college kids bleeding out on the ground. What they can get away with in the city is a lot more than they will get away with in any town smaller than the distance between it and the next town.

  30. "Drifted." Yeah, right. That's like saying that Al Qaida "drifted" a couple of airliners into the World Trade Center.

    Violence and chaos are the GOAL. They bring opportunity for collectivists.

  31. Nearly 3 months of blm-ers rioting and acting like little children and destroying property has done nothing but help 5 million more Americans decide to buy guns. And they ain't gonna put them on the mantle or out for show. It will be another 5 million by the time Trump starts his 2nd term.

    1. And Biden is promising to take them away . . .one more sign of how out of touch the Deep Staters are.

  32. The guy in Kenosha was defending himself against a mob that was looting and destroying property and was ready to beat him to death.

    The guy in Portland wad picked out by the Antifa/BLM thugs, shot and then they cheered because they had killed a Trump supporter.

    There is no valid comparison between the two act: Kenosha - self-defense, Portland cold blooded and cruel murder.

    1. You're arguing with fence posts here. American Libertarianism (capital L intentional) was co-opted by the Marxist Left years ago.

  33. The list of intelligent people who didn't see all this coming months ago is shorter than the list of dead people Hillary Clinton knew but didn't likely have killed.

    1. Four more years of Trump would be a gift to Antifa. If Biden wins, even if things don’t improve with cops killing Black people, the economy, or COVD, which they most likely won’t, most of these losers will just go back to smoking weed and masturbating in mom’s basement.

  34. "A man was shot and killed in Portland on Saturday, August 29, during a showdown between Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump supporters."

    Or, as NPR put it, "Far Right activists and social justice demonstrators."

  35. All these protesters have no objective, no purpose. Just some vague notion of social justice.

    They don’t have any examples of current targeted injustice.

    They show up to vandalize and loot. They resist arrest with violence and get shot becoming martyrs spurring on more random violence.

    What to do?

    Give them some trinkets to fuck off? Eh.
    Put em in jail? Meh
    Declare martial law and show them the true proceeds of crime? Probably.

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  37. "When terror is seen as justified, I think it's inevitable that something terrible is going to happen,"

    Define "terrible"?

    Like ANTIFA found out the hard way in WWII, sometimes the only answer is that you just have to kill the mother ʄuckers.

    Given Rightwing Conservatives embrace of "alternative facts" they have proven they are incapable of operating within reality and need to be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.

    One could even argue that the brains structure difference between homo sapiens and those with the regressive Conservative mutation makes Conservatives a competitive hominid species - A competitive hominid species that is conspiring to commit mass murder on a global scale with AGW, when they are not murdering people with their vile evil murderous pro-pollution ideology, for short term economic gain as the expense of human lives - making them no better than mob hitman.

    1. Anyone wanna refute this person?

  38. Something terrible indeed. Like if they come to my neighborhood and attack, a lot of them are likely to die, very quickly.

  39. This post is atractive and great thinking but reality is...READ MORE

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