'Silence Is Violence': D.C. Black Lives Matter Protesters Adopt Strategy of Intimidating Random White People

Evergreen College, but everywhere


Following yet another horrific and unjust police shooting of a black man—this time the victim is 29-year-old Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin—protesters have again taken to the streets.

In D.C., these protests took the form of bands of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists roaming the streets and harassing random white people seated outdoors at restaurants. Videos of several of the encounters appeared all over social media on Tuesday. These are short clips, and it's not possible to say for certain what happened immediately before and after the recordings. Context often matters in viral videos.

But by reviewing all the videos, and eyewitness testimony, it's possible to arrive at a general understanding of what was going on, and it's not good. Chanting "silence is violence," the protesters demanded that people they encountered in the street, as well as the patrons of various restaurants, raise their hands to indicate solidarity with the goals of BLM. Many complied, but some did not. One white woman who declined to raise her hand became surrounded by protesters, most of whom were also white. These protesters hovered over her and even got in her face, as evidenced by the video:

Other videos also show direct, face-to-face confrontations between protesters and random white people.

This is the Evergreen College model of social justice deployed off-campus. Readers may recall the infamous 2017 episode involving a progressive professor who was forced to leave campus after drawing the ire of activist students. These students then essentially physically cornered the president of the college and refused to let him leave a meeting until he accepted their demands. In 2020, these theatrics are by no means confined to a college campus: Last night, activists walked the streets trying to bully people into submission. It's a poorly considered tactic almost perfectly calibrated to breed resentment toward the very cause it purports to serve: racial justice.

It's also wrong on its own terms. The U.S. is still in the throes of a deadly pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 170,000 people. In situations where a lot of people are shouting in each other's faces, the virus is likely to spread more easily. Policymakers, health officials, and the media are keen to remind everyone of this when the topic of discussion is school re-openings, social gatherings, and even funerals. The protesters, though, have often enjoyed an exemption from social distance shaming.

Two years ago, there was a debate about whether restaurants were morally justified in asking Trump administration officials to leave their establishments. It's a distressing sign of the times that such an act of public confrontation looks positively tame compared with what D.C. BLM activists did yesterday. A movement that deploys large crowds to confront, intimidate, and provoke random small businesses and their customers will quickly and rightly find itself demonized by the public.

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  1. This is an effective strategy to get people on board. Keep doing it.

    1. Something tells me they really are that stupid.

      1. They probably do indeed believe that raising a fist helps Blacks.

        If there’s one thing that constant about humanity, it’s the belief that cheap symbolism is meaningful.

        p.s. I was going to say a constant of the Left, but the Right engages in its own silly symbolism.

        1. “They probably do indeed believe that raising a fist helps Blacks”

          They don’t give a shit about blacks.
          Being part of a gang and feeling like they have total power and control over their victims is what they’re getting off on.
          Having control over others is the whole point of progressivism, they always devolve into this in the end.

          1. never under estimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

            1. The collective IQ of a mob or a committee is roughly (sum of individual IQs)/((number of members of mob or committee)^2).

              Congress is a committee of 535. Think about that for a while.

              IQ of Congress = (100*535)/535^2= 0.1869

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              2. Since the denominator is squared, is it a central force? Now that IS scary.

              3. 100 might be high for the individual average

          2. I agree except it’s not limited to the left. It’s precisely why the belligerent “pro-lifers” intimating and shaming women at abortion clinics couldn’t care less about genuinely pro-life issues.

        2. Blake saw it from his hospital room. It helped.

      2. My guess is that “stupid” doesn’t matter because this isn’t a strategy to win support for policies — though that’s how it’s rationalized. Instead, it’s just a bunch of angry people who ordinarily feel powerless but who now have found their opportunity to find power in numbers and get away with their aggression under the guise of protest based on principle. A bunch of absolutely unprincipled wannabe bullies. I saw the same angry 10% in the 60’s taking advantage of the peace movement to act out their rage at their fathers and other authority figures. It’s a mistake to consider them as anything else.

      3. Isn’t what this crowd is doing to diners a crime?
        I would start with terrorist threats, stalking,, intimidation, public nuisance, noise ordinance violation, and I don’t even know what else.
        If the police refuse to protect the public, I can foresee violent pushback.

        1. I see a .38 coming out of a purse and things going downhill from there.

    2. That’s not even remotely their goal.

    3. Trying to find a black life in that crowd is like playing a game of “where’s waldo”.

      1. Good one!

      2. Waldo Faldo?

      3. Putting the white wimmins in front was part of plan.
        6) Given many comments regarding protesters’ races, it’s worth noting that a young Black woman leading the protest Monday asked White protesters to step forward, as seen here. This direction was given more than once.

        — Fredrick Kunkle WaPo (@KunkleFredrick) August 25, 2020

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    5. Let’s see these cowards do it outside an urban area. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. If they do it here, they will receive a richly deserved ass kicking, not fearful silence like they get in a city.

      1. Are you kidding? They’re white suburban pussies who won’t leave mom’s basement.

    6. Not recommended in a Concealed-Carry State.

    7. What’s funny is they’re doing it in liberal cities where most of the people are already on their side.

      1. For now.

        1. Surprised that a prog hasn’t tried to link these kids to Trump’s campaign, or Russia

    8. Impressively white group of people there.

      1. Most intelligent black people want nothing to do with these raging jackasses.

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    10. That’s assuming that they want to persuade people, to reason with other to join their cause, to use moral suasion. They don’t. It’s not about winning people over; it’s about force and power. The liberal traditions of free speech and discussion, of good faith arguments are totally rejected by them. For them, such liberal traditions are simply instruments used by white supremacists to maintain power.

    11. This was behavior similar to the actions of students during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Nazi’s also went around Germany rioting and forcing people to raise their hands to support the party in the 1920s exactly like BLM. Interestingly, more and more Black organizations want nothing to do with this. However, beyond that we should question what China’s involvement is in these movements. China has backed many protest movements around the world to aid their ambitions.

  2. “You’re with us or you’re against us.”

    And then DEMAND a demonstration of loyalty!

    A quick way to make enemies instead of friends!

    1. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

      1. Absolutely.

    2. The American Red Guard in action.

      Prediction: this sort of demo/action will turn out to be great for both the cornered and the Guards.

  3. Following yet another horrific and unjust police shooting of a black man

    FYI, I agree that from the video it looks unjust. But if we’re doing journalisming, do we throw out that it was ‘unjust’ as a statement of fact? Horrific, yes. No argument there, because it looked horrific. But ‘unjust’ is a statement based on the legitimacy of the shooting given the facts on the ground, usually following a detailed investigation.

    For example, I haven’t read any of the detailed stories on the shooting, beyond seeing the video (from one angle only– my understanding is there is video from multiple angles), and I am still assuming that Blake was not yanking a firearm from the center console of his vehicle. Has any of that information come out yet?

    1. It’s hilarious that right after he says that, he says this: “Context often matters in viral videos.”

      1. I did some googling, and while details are scant, I haven’t seen any evidence there was a firearm. The cop was apparently yelling “drop the knife”, but I’m sad to say that many cops are fucksticks and will yell shit like that to give them cover in an investigation (stop resisting!).

        I’m not trying to slag on Robby here, because this may very well turn out to be an unjust shooting. But we’re still in that ‘under investigation’ phase and I don’t think anything has been ruled unjust.

        1. I have seen other reports claiming Blake was a registered sex offender, which could mean he was 19 screwing a 16-year old; that he had been arrested before for resisting arrest, which could easily mean busted for nothing while black; and claims that he had a gun in the car.

          My suspicion is that if any of those were true, they would be plastered all over the police press conferences. All I *know* is that I saw some guy opening the door to a car and being shot in the back (seven times!) by one cop while at least one other cop was right next to him.

          It smells to me as if the shooter’s first reaction on the scene was to draw his gun, and from then on, having made his choice of hammer, everything looked like a nail. The gun in his hand meant he only had one hand to try to control Blake, one hand to try to grab him, one hand to lose his grip … and the tool of choice in his other hand suddenly became his only option.

          1. “My suspicion is that if any of those were true, they would be plastered all over the police press conferences.”

            Normally, that’s the way to bet. But there’s allegedly audio from the dispatcher that suggests the initial call wasn’t to break up two women fighting in the street, but to stop Blake from committing yet another act of DV. Further, cops were told en route, that Blake had warrants and to arrest him.

            All of this would have been nice to hear from the Kenosha PIO about twenty minutes after Blake got carted to the hospital. But it wasn’t. Why?

            Answer that, and we might get some answers about whether he had a knife, or not. Or whether there was a gun in the car or not. Or whether Blake—allegedly—told the officers fighting with him that he was going to go to the car and get a gun. And so on.

          2. The Kenosha PD didn’t conduct the investigation, as soon as they realized a black man was shot by a white officer they called in the Sheriff’s department to conduct the investigation. The sheriff’s department then called in the Wisconsin DCI, who ordered no one to speak to the press until the official report was done. This was also the order of the Wisconsin AG, who happens to be a Democrat, and was given just before the Governor issued his infamous tweet condemning the cops before he had seen all the evidence. A new video, and nee accounts are already coming forward, which at least partially refute Blake’s families description. This is sounding more like the Michael Brown case every day.

            1. The guys running Kenosha are all D’s too, FWIW.

              It isn’t treason, because there’s no foreign power involved (AFAIK). But it’s awfully damned close.

              1. Oh, and thanks for the additional info, SM.

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        2. Just FYI, there is some zoomed-in footage of the video in which it appears the guy had something resembling a knife in his hand as he comes around the front of the vehicle. Here’s a link to a story that has the non-zoomed picture in it, but no mention of the object in his left hand.

          1. “…had something resembling a knife in his hand…”

            Hammer says “That looks like a nail to me!”

            To me, that looks like a phone in his hand, which is why the cops didn’t shoot him at that point.

            1. Warrants … Previous DV conviction … Getting in a vehicle after being ordered to stop and being Tasered …

              Looks like a Fleeing Felon to me …

        3. “Stop resisting.”

        4. Feds found the knife.

      2. I noticed the same thing.

      3. Exactly!

    2. But if we’re doing journalisming, do we throw out that it was ‘unjust’ as a statement of fact?

      That’s why journalists who aren’t judgement proof phrase it like “White cop horrifically shoots unarmed black father with assault pistol.”

    3. From what I understand, it’s wasn’t unjust. The cops were called on the guy, he had at least one arrest warrant already, he was actively resisting arrest, and he appeared to be either escaping or reaching for a weapon against lawful orders from police to stop.

      Horrific, absolutely. Every such shooting is. But this I don’t think qualifies as unjust. We’re heading towards a situation where any use of force by the police is unjust unless there’s ready video evidence of the victim/perpetrator shooting at the cops at exactly the moment he got shot, and even then it would probably be excused as self defense.

      1. On second thought, I’m jumping the gun by saying this was justified use of force. We should wait for the bodycam footage to be made public. If it isn’t (like in the Floyd case) then I think it’s safe to assume the DA is trying to hide something.

        1. No bodycams in Kenosha.

        2. I think it’s safe to assume that if the cops had any real reason for shooting a guy in the back seven times, it would have been the subject of a zillion press conferences. All I hear from the cops is “be calm while we conduct an investigation.”

          1. how frightening. Not jumping to emotion.

          2. Considering how these events are ALWAYS reported now, any explanation provided in defense of these cops would be political suicide for the higher ups in that police department. Safe bet is either going with the pre-established narrative or the most vague and non-committal response possible.

        3. Jumping the gun is the big problem in all these cases. A video clip doesn’t always tell the whole story. Smart people wait to gather as much information they can before formulating an opinion. The media doesn’t care about any of this and run with stories time and again framed into whatever narrative they want it to. It’s irresponsible, and in this day and age can turn up deadly, as people immediately burn cities to the ground. The media is toxic right now.

        4. ”unjust”before ALL the evidence is in?
          I’ve come to expect more from Reason. What a shame.

      2. maybe cops should only carry tazers as their sidearm? limit the damage. but have a shotgun in the truck that makes them stop and think for a couple of seconds before they unlock the trunk. and, the moment the trunk is unlocked, the 360 degree dash cam starts recording? thoughts?

        1. And the 3 cops ambushed the same day? Can we stop pretending their jobs are completely safe?

        2. I think they had already tased him and it didn’t stop him.

      3. Why? Here’s why. Black people are being conditioned to resist police. The mentally ill, the young and stupid, any black high on drugs or low I.Q will do something stupid followed by something suicidal because they are trained by their culture to do so.

    4. My $0.02: It should never, under any circumstances, be considered acceptable/just/legal for a cop to shoot anyone in the back.

      1. Yeah, no. If he did have a gun, and got in the truck with three kids and then engaged the cops, would that not make the situation even worse? He has a felony conviction for something very similar in nearby Racine in 2015, brandishing a pistol, and refusing to show his hands when stopped by the cops, and then resisting arrest when the cops finally got him out of the vehicle. He also had three arrest warrants from July, and it is now being reported, rather than breaking up the fight, he was fully involved in it and a new video shows the cops attempting to detain him, him resisting, and being tased and then him moving around the front of his vehicle and reaching down into the vehicle despite being ordered to stop and one police officer physically trying to pull him back. The police officers were close enough, if he did have a pistol stowed there (a big if as the Wisconsin DCI isn’t releasing any information, but it has been reported that there are rumors a gun was found in the truck, albeit this could be confusing this case with the 2015 case) that he wouldn’t need to turn to shoot them, he could easily have fired under his arm, with a good chance of hitting them. If they let him go and get in his truck, then, do they chase him down with three kids in the truck? Is that any safer?

        1. rather than breaking up the fight, he was fully involved in it

          This part felt hanky to me from the beginning. If you’re ‘breaking up a fight’ long enough for three cops to show up, you’re doing a shitty job breaking up a fight.

          And, to me, it’s actually beginning to cast some doubt on Eric Garner’s situation. Not that I think Garner didn’t break up or defuse a fight, but that going forward every black man who gets shot will have just been breaking up a fight. They’ll play it like the ‘Free Speech!’ get-out-of-jail free card until it runs into the ground.

        2. Some people are allergic to information.

      2. There certainly are circumstances under which cops are legally justified to shoot an unarmed person in the back. Don’t like it? Change the law in your local community… and live with the consequences.

      3. >>My $0.02: It should never, under any circumstances, be considered acceptable/just/legal for a cop to shoot anyone in the back.


      4. De’Von Bailey in Colorado Springs had a gun in his waistband as he began to run from the cops and began reaching for it. The cop in that case who shot Bailey had a good chance of being dead himself.

        I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube involving traffic stops; go watch a few. It takes maybe a second or so to whip out a pistol and gun down someone. Seems to me from the video that Blake appeared to be reaching for something inside the car door and the officer was either (a) legitimately spooked or (b) completely overreacted. If it’s (b) he needs to be up on manslaughter charges.

        A cop should have the right to defend against what’s now become a high likelihood of violent suspects trying to kill them.

        Perps & suspects: Stop being stupid. A cop has a gun on you, don’t make fast moves and reach for what could be a weapon. It’s a dumb way to die (though I suppose you now get to be a martyr for being stupid).

      5. Bullshit. What if the perp is in the act of attacking someone else, with his back to the cop?


      6. I wonder if you would still say this if someone was raping your wife and a cop couldn’t physically reach the guy but did have a clear shot at him.

    5. I don’t think that “unjust” is a reach for a circumstance where an officer fired 7 shots at a man’s back. perhaps if he’d been attacking another person, that might be considered just, but it certainly is unjust to use deadly force only because he didn’t respond to police commands.

  4. OK, maybe you could argue interrupting meals isn’t the best tactic. However, I guarantee these protesters agree with us Koch / Reason libertarians on immigration. That automatically makes them better people than any Drumpf supporter.


    1. This is not up to your previous standards OBL, C-

  5. Hopefully these guys wise up.

  6. It’s tempting to throw a nazi salute in that kind of situation just to give them a sarcastic f-u. Nevertheless, don’t. Assuming you’re not pummeled, the resulting images will be taken out of context and you’ll never live it down.

    1. Nah, I’d raise my hand and form it into a fist. Except for one finger.

      1. First, raise one fist in imitation.
        Then, slowly raise your other arm to have two fists raised.
        One up their asses

        1. I’m thinking maybe confine it to raising one finger.

    2. I don’t think I could resist the temptation to take off my mask and yell back at them, making sure that my yelling was quite spittle-laced.

  7. is violation of NAP to swing my chair @the fatty in the tank top and her Link-obsessed boyfriend if they’re in my face like that?

    1. No. They initiated aggression by screaming in your face. In most states that’s enough to be considered assault, you’re well within your rights to defend yourself if you believe they are making “true threats.”

      1. Especially in the Age of Covid…

      2. A quick brandishing of a concealed .45 would send these “social justice warriors” scurrying, for sure.

  8. I wonder if they do that shit in open or concealed carry states too

    1. Beat me to it. I was going to ask the same question.

    2. one more reason there shoudl be universal mandatory open carry

    3. This is strictly a gun free zone thing. Which that dead dufus forgot in Austin, TX.

    4. Wasn’t there some ‘how do you know they were BLM?’ similar kind of street harassment in Austin recently?

      It looks like their team wants martyrs.

      1. ‘Outdoor cafe’ street harassment. Not that AK-toting idiot with the quad-amputee GF or wife, who got himself deaded by a driver on 4th Street a few weeks ago.

        1. But the LP VP candidate assures me this was a tragedy and the guy was a a libertarian hero (who was gunned down innocently). That tweet may be worse than Johnson’s “What is Aleppo” moment.

  9. These are violating the rights of business owners to let their patrons enjoy a meal in peace, and violating the right of people to enjoy a meal without being harassed. So what are police doing about this harassment?

    Oh, right. Refusing to arrest them, and for the few who are arrested, the DA will refuse to prosecute. And ENB thinks we’re clutching pearls when we make Mad Max references.

    1. These establishments could always evict the trespassers, but they better have their fire insurance paid up first.

      1. Most insurance policies won’t cover arson.

      2. Due to Kungflu many place are only allowed to serve food outdoors in public places so the owners can’t get protesters for trespassing. almost like the two occuring at the same time was on purpose. that said why are they not fining protesters for not social distancing, we know they would fine people leaving a church because their cars are not far enough apart, this actually happened in California. In church parking lots cars have to social distance but not at grocery stores

    2. “And ENB thinks we’re clutching pearls when we make Mad Max references.”

      It might have been John who made the observation here, but the clueless ones in the Reason offices won’t really start to understand what the rest of us see with these protests and riots, until the mob shows up to DuPont Circle and tries to burn them out of their building.

      1. “until the mob shows up to DuPont Circle and tries to burn them out of their building.”

        Does the Reason office have a BLM flag flying out front yet?

  10. And here I thought that the members of Congress were the stupidest people in DC.

  11. So bunch of White people harass other White people for not engaging in cheap symbolism aimed at showing they think Black people are socialists? Got it.

    1. about sums it up.

    2. I have maintained for quite some time that all white progressives suffer the white savior complex. I mean if you listen to them, they never give blacks (and other minorities) any agency but make it all about how they can be saved by white people. Reparations, preferential hiring, white guilt, white privilege etc. These all take away minorities agency and make the subservient to whites to be saved. And our frequent progressives such as Tony buy completely into it, without realizing how bigoted it really is. It’s so bad that the Smithsonian put out an educational tool for understanding white privilege that is almost word for word what the Klan and segregationist used to argue for segregation and their perception of why minorities where inferior, and needed whites to be paternalistic.

      1. An interesting hypothesis that doesn’t take into account all the black people on the left talking about these things. Do you find it hard to imagine black people leading a conversation? Because that’s what happens on the left. There are almost no black people on the right, so i could understand how you might assume they’re doing none of the talking.

    3. They all have chosen to live in DC. This is the consequence.


    Get in my wife’s face like that and yell “silence is violence” and you will learn real fucking fast what violence is.

    1. Eric… i take it you’re a light sleeper?

    2. Amen. Anyone getting in the faces of me or mine whining ‘silence is violence!’ will get my fist in theirs. If I’m nice I won’t have the Eisenhower dollar coin I always carry in my fist between my middle and ring fingers when I punch them.

  13. Likely to get shot. Or severely beaten down.

    Notice they only try this shit where gun ownership is low or democrats are in charge.

    1. Yep. This wouldn’t stand in my Alabama town. There are more guns than people and the people are not afraid to use them.

  14. Are they still peacefully protesting if they’re intimidating random people?

    1. Protesting is peaceful.
      This is not protesting.
      Depending on the jurisdiction, it is some combination of assault, kidnapping, rioting, extortion.
      Am I the only one thinking that if I am in a restaurant, I most likely have a knife?

      1. Am I the only one thinking that if I am in a restaurant, I most likely have a knife?

        Restaurant, bar, grocery store, gym, church, school, hospital, library, post office, dentist’s office… oh, you meant silverware.

        Considering this is DC, do you eat tofu with a knife?

        1. even chopsticks can make good weapons

          1. I’ll go so far as to say they can function as weapons.

            1. when used properly and ground off on the concrete to a sharp point they become a shive. those seem to be fairly effective

      2. And upon further reflection, I am reminded that even a dull spoon can have it’s uses.

  15. This behavior will continue until the moment that one of these “activists” get a bullet in the head from their intended target.

    1. can’t be soon enough.

      Wasn’t that always the theoretical question…..why didn’t the Jews just answer the door with a Luger when the Nazis came a knocking? Or, if you had the chance to put a bullet in Hitler’s head when he was a kid, before he’d had the chance to become a monster, would you do it? Woulda coulda shoulda

        1. That’s terrific. Thanks for sharing.

        2. Complete with link to BLM at the top. That makes XKCD as a whole rather suspect.

        3. The only acceptable means of tampering with the Hitlerian Destiny.

      1. To answer your first question; strict gun control instituted initially by the treaty of Versailles to prevent a resurgence of German militancy.

        1. Also, tactics. If the Nazis knocked. They knocked with more men and guns than one man could solve with a Luger.

          1. same situation here one gun get maybe 6 to 12 shots depending on gun. they may scatter until you run out of ammo then they will swarm. Smart gun owner waits till he has an exit stratagy.

            1. Shoot and scoot when you are outnumbered and/or surrounded. Sometimes you just have to create that ‘exit strategy.’

              At the first shot most will indeed scatter, some will freeze or stand there ground. You do not try to distinguish between those, they all get dropped as you go by. Then you pick a direction and keep moving. check your six regularly and discourage any pursuit.

              You defeat an ambush (and that is what this was) by attacking directly into it.

          2. Mostly they knocked with two or three men, pretending it was an ‘arrest’.
            The point being if everyone responded with violence, even attacking armed soldiers with chairs and fists, the next time would require more men, and more men, until the process would impact the ‘actual’ war effort.
            If you attack, you will die. But if you don’t attack, you will die. Always try to take at least one with you.

      2. Scary, cause it seems that’s one not impossible way this all heads: radical activists taking over a la Bolsheviks and other terrorists.

        But I live far from the maddening crowd, and talk is cheap.

        1. I share some of your fear. Here’s where they and we are at:
          – anyone who doesn’t agree with 100% of their moral crusades is an enemy and to be destroyed
          – they have succeeded in getting mass media to regularly demonize such enemies
          – they have managed to shift the language itself in their favor to help with said demonization (witness “antifa”–hey they have to be the good guys because they are “anti-fascists”–hey that’s in their name!… Never mind what a bunch of privileged white kids wearing masks and beating up people looks like to me. Modern f*cking Hitler youth.)
          – they have found good success in destroying dissenters via social media, doxxing, getting people fired, publicly shaming people, etc.
          – they’ve found that they can largely get away with violence as an aftermath of a heated day of protests, including but not limited to looting, intimidation, property destruction, attacks on cops, commandeering of private property, etc.

          About the only plus: Most of them don’t believe in being armed.

          This can easily get a lot worse. Yes, they will start using increasingly violent / terrorist attacks if they feel it’s necessary (and many of them do). You can read their own unhinged words; just poke around a bit and you’ll find the most fervently religious ones of the bunch.

  16. Total assholes.

    1. Obviously. But to a “progressive” these are just “well-intended but overreaching efforts to mitigate racism,” and if you “get more worked up by [such efforts] than…by racism itself,” you’re a horrible person.
      (I am quoting someone’s comment on a recent Volokh Conspiracy post.)

  17. the protesters demanded that people they encountered in the street, as well as the patrons of various restaurants, raise their hands to indicate solidarity with the goals of BLM.

    You better make your face up with your favorite disguise
    With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes
    With your empty smile and your hungry heart
    Feel the bile rising from your guilty past…

    1. Roger Waters is only opposed to other sorts of fascism.

    2. +1 for Pink Floyd.

  18. I keep looking at that picture. I’m imagining the horror of having my quiet, street-side meal ruined by a bunch of screeching body-positivity activists…

    1. Waiter! There’s a retard in my soup!

      1. /thread

    2. “Body positive” is 21st century slang for “fat”?

    3. It’s certainly got to get awkward after they move on and one of you raised your fist and the other didn’t.

  19. Chanting “silence is violence,” the protesters demanded that people they encountered in the street, as well as the patrons of various restaurants, raise their hands to indicate solidarity with the goals of BLM.
    As I understand it there goals include a Marxist state and the destruction of the nuclear family. And they’ve demonstrated that they employ violence against innocent people to achieve their goals. Not raising my hand assholes.

    1. I would hope that my response would be to stare them for a few seconds, then ostentatiously and slowly zipping my lips and throwing away the key.

      1. I got excited at the word ‘zipping’, then was disappointed with the rest.

        1. Said every girl ever to him.

    2. If you’re not for the destruction of the nuclear family, you’re against the destruction of the nuclear family!

    3. Raising your hand with a weapon drawn would be appropriate in such a circumstance.


  20. They’re on video. Cancel culture might yet come for many of these people.

    1. “deck at least 3 activists in the face”

      You don’t ‘deck’ someone in the face, or anywhere else. To deck someone means to knock them to the ground.

  21. D.C. needs to burn.

    Northwest D.C.

    1. I’m glad that they trash white liberal neighborhoods. They invited this and no one should give a damn that they’re getting what they asked for

      1. Trashing SE wouldn’t do any good, no one would know the difference.

  22. There is no proof they are BLM.
    /some idiot.

    1. BLM isn’t an official organization. It’s just a loose-knit group of people shouting something.

      1. And anybody who shouts slogans of ideology X should be treated as an adherent of ideology X, for any value of X.

  23. Add to the growing list of reasons why Trump will be re-elected.

    1. At this point, I almost wonder if I could be getting paid to go out and chant “Silence is violence!” Maybe even paid by both sides.

      1. how about “Silence the violent”

  24. if some BLM knucklehead screams in my face (while not wearing a mask) and I later get the Rona…. is that assault? Reckless endangerment?

    1. “it’s murder” – chemjeff

  25. Trump is now guaranteed a win. He will for sure carry OH, PA, and WI. MI probably but we’ll see. FL and TX are for certain. As people watch this bullshit they will turn away from the left, from blm, from the nonsense they learned while being indoctrinated in school, because they will finally see the reality of this. The left is demonic, evil, wrong, stupid, pathetic, immoral, unethical, violent, and an unholy mess of failed ideas, ideology, and insanity that cannot be tolerated or justified. It is time to bury leftism and all that entails now and forever. It must be banned, never taught, and its proponents jailed.

    1. “demonic, evil, wrong, stupid, pathetic, immoral, unethical, violent, and an unholy mess of failed ideas, ideology, and insanity”

      …but they make up for it by poor personal hygiene.

    2. Minnesota is looking good too. Last poll I saw had him tied with Biden. Outside chance at Oregon (very outside). Arizona is a toss up, but trending his way. North Carolina looks good for him also. Nevada probably is out, as is New Mexico and Colorado and Virginia, but if the shit continues and Biden continues with his promise for a nationwide lockdown after he is president (he said as much in an interview, I believe it was today, may have been yesterday) it definitely starts looking like a Rwaganesque type victory. He won’t win 49 states.

    3. That’s just what Hitler said.

    4. Trump is now guaranteed a win.

      Depends on whether the Democrats are able to intercept the vote-counting.


  26. I think it’s important to go back and read the hot takes from writers at Reason when this kind of behavior was first targeted at people who support Trump. Many people said this would escalate, but the writers here were too busy being giddy to formulate an independent thought.

    Now that it’s in their backyard and they could be a target they’re not so giddy. You reap what you sow.

    1. So much all of this.

  27. It’s also wrong on its own terms…

    So. Brave.

    …The U.S. is still in the throes of a deadly pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 170,000 people. In situations where a lot of people are shouting in each other’s faces, the virus is likely to spread more easily.

    Aye yai yai … Cmon Robby. Idk if this is meant as a hedge against woke types but it’s lame and cowardly to say Covid distancing is why this is wrong, not the blatant racism, intimidation etc. There’s no scenario where this is right with or without Covid.

    Reverse the races. Imagine the uproar the ENTIRE WORLD would be in. I’m sure somehow it’s racist to suggest such a simple thought experiment but whatever, I can’t be bothered at this point.

    1. “Reverse the races.”

      So… black people threatening and intimidating black people? (All the people in the photo are white.)

      Happens all the time and we don’t see any uproar.

      1. Remember that doctored photo that circulated last election cycle that showed a supposed gathering of Republicans which was all white men?

        This is the real thing, but it’s on the progressive left. No editing required. Whiter than Portland.

      2. “So… black people threatening and intimidating black people? ”

        Intimidating them into raising a fist in support of White Lives Matter of course.

  28. I wonder if the peaceful Quaker meeting house in Kennett Square,PA is rethinking their billboard that “White Silence is Violence?”

  29. This is terrorism, and stopping it is why we need magazines > 10 rounds.

    1. Magazines? Amateur… belt-fed is the way to go.

      1. When the going gets tough the tough go cyclic.

      2. You absolutely can lump peaceful protesters in with violent rioters, their bodies stack just the same way.

        1. When soldiers wear the same uniform they are all treated equally wether they claim to be peace full or not

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  31. The politicians are responsible for what the police do, for their training and for their SOP. So if you have a beef with the police and what they do don’t take out your rage on the cities and residents and business in your city. You are just hurting the residents as well as causing these resident to have to pay higher taxes to pay for the damage. These same resident will in addition to have to pay higher taxes will also have to reach deep into their pocket to pay for insurance too.

    Now if you want to correct what the police do then replace the politicians that are supposed to control and supervise the police. But to get different politicians that will do that one will not be able to vote for another politician cut out of the same cloth and from the same pattern. Elect totally different politicians and you will begin to see a change but only if you hold the politicians feet to the fire.

    1. What, you mean they should stop voting for Democrats, as this seems to happen in Democratically controlled cities/states most often? That would mean voting for Republicans or Libertarians (not Green because they are worse than Democrats in regards to this stuff). Perish the thought.

  32. “The U.S. is still in the throes of a deadly pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 170,000 people.” No, it isn’t. It never was. It’s in the throes of a fascist power grab by politicians and the pants-wetting pussies who had a meltdown over a fucking cold virus. The CDC’s own website admits that only 6% of the fatalities are in people who died OF covid-1984. 6% of 175,000 is 10,500. The other 94% have an average of 2.6 other co-morbidities that caused or contributed to the deaths, but those people who died WITH it are still counted in the total for the purposes of making it look scary so you’ll go running to nanny’s skirts and beg to put on a muzzle. Coronaviruses cause 15-30% of colds. If your immune system defeated one of those cold viruses, the PCR corona test can detect RNA fragments of that virus and return a positive result. A lot of the reported “positives” are just cases of the test detecting that viral debris, so even the 6% number is bullshit.

    1. “Science, bitch!”

      Seriously though, great post. Needs repeating in other threads.

    2. Exactly!!

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  34. This isn’t protest, it is intimidation pure and simple.

    1. “mostly peaceful protest”

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  36. Speaking of the BLM organization, what’s with all those honkies in the picture?

    1. These protests are almost all dominated by white people. Young white people. In some cases, you cannot spot a black face anywhere in the crowd.

      1. nice thing is when someone starts shooting these rioters they can’t claim it was a racist shooting

        1. Sure they can.
          And will.

  37. In a situation where one finds himself threatened, and in particular finds his family or companion(s) threatened, raising a fist is perfectly appropriate.

    However, raising a firearm in whose use you are trained will be much more effective. And appropriate.

    If the law cannot rise to protect the peaceful among us going about our business, the law should not be used against those who protect themselves. Because, law that is not applied equally and consistently to all is not law at all. It is just another form of intimidation and abuse.

    1. Several people have already tried to defend themselves or their business and all are are being prosecuted for doing what the state failed to do. Protect

  38. So do I get to stick a gun in people’s face demanding they bow down to the NRA? Choose your victims carefully BLM or whatever white idiots are doing this shit.

  39. The proper (initial) response should be, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me”.

    1. I prefer”Fuck Off, Slaver” and then show them your Concealed Carry Permit.

      If that doesn’t work, a salad fork in the eye.

    2. See? Gen X needs to step to this shit. (I assume that was a Rage Against the Machine reference.)

      1. Me too, Dada. And considering de la Rocha’s and Morello’s publicly professed politics, fantastic irony.

  40. What are these people thinking? When someone feels their life is in danger from these protesters and shoots one in self defense, then who’s the bad guy threatening the safety of people?

    1. In a just world every member of that mob would be facing felony murder charges if anyone died.

  41. “Context often matters in viral videos.”

    But not in the case of, say, Jacob Blake. The Reason team somehow knows exactly what happened there without needing any context.

  42. Apparently one of the “antifascist” fascists in the threatening mob, Chuck Modiano, writes for Deadspin.

  43. Also – and I realize this may seem extreme, but those people raising their fists to avoid having a stranger scream in their face don’t seem all that… sincere. I imagine the feeling is analogous to a Jew putting on their yellow star, hoping that by complying they will be left alone. Not nearly the same scale – trust me, I see that – but those people would terrify me.

    Look, these are bullies and they will push it as far as they can. People are afraid to stand up to them. They almost never face any consequences.

    They can do this, no police involved, but if I walk through a mall without a facemask, I’ll get a ticket.

    And why the FUCK am I still social distancing when this shit is happening in almost every major city?

    So should we go ahead and call the election for Trump? These assholes might as well be campaigning for him.

    1. “People are afraid to stand up in them”.

      In some places, yes. Mostly coastal cities populated by timid people who love to crow about how strong and tough they are.

      These people feel safe being this aggressive in DC because the populace is disarmed. Try this in Houston, you’ll get a much different headline.

      1. “Try this in Houston, you’ll get a much different headline.”

        Maybe. Ten years ago, definitely. Kim Ogg’ll probably prosecute you for harming one of her pets, now. Even if the jury hangs 11-1 for acquittal, the first time.

    2. I don’t know why they’re afraid. These are mostly beta-male cucks or dumbass girls.

      As for the mask/social distancing….word.

      What a shit show of spectacular stupidity all of it.

      Masks. I can’t believe how this superstition has been raised to such a level.

  44. All we need is people acting like this with ballots mailed to every single citizen in the US and nothing bad will happen at all.

    1. My right to vote is not subject to your feelings.

  45. That would set the blacks against Indians and Asians since both these ethnicities are more successful than blacks in education and careers. Asians are also more successful than whites in education and careers. Should the Asians be paying everyone else? This is the reductio ad absurdum logical argument HERE…USA JOBES

  46. It is god damn fucking enraging that this is happening in the USA in 2020.

  47. “Following yet another horrific and unjust police shooting of a black man ….”

    I’m wondering how the author determined that the shooting of Jacob Blake was unjust. Are we expected to just take it on his authority? A competent editor would have questioned this opening sentence.

    1. Didn’t he walk away not heeding orders giving the impression of going to get a weapon? Certainly one can say still not a reason to shoot but for the love of God….these perps are playing their part in their fate.

      That’s a trifecta of asking for a whole lotta trouble.

      Anyway. I believe he survived so let’s see what happens next.

      1. That’s the case with a lot of these shootings. Could the guy have done some things differently to avoid getting shot? Yes. Does that mean the shooting was justified? Not necessarily.

        I understand that they tried to arrest him, he resisted and walked towards the car. At that point, YOU TRY TO ARREST HIM AGAIN. He has not gotten violent with you (yet), there’s no reason to believe you’d be in significant danger by trying to arrest him a 2nd time. If you have to take a couple bumps and bruises to arrest someone without anyone dying that’s part of the job, your desire to avoid physical effort does not justify lethal force. If you can’t handle that you do not deserve to be a cop.

        The cops were not confident in their ability to affect the arrest with non-lethal force. That is shitty policing, and at the very least they need to be fired for being shitty cops.

        1. No, they had already wrestled around with him on the ground as well.

    2. “competent editor”

      I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

  48. What happens when some raging anus gets down in your face, and you swing a hand implement (vase, candlestick, or napkin holder on the table, for instance) into his mouth, split both lips, and scatter his chiclets on the floor?

    1. You get arrested?

      1. What if he did it peacefully?

  49. Anybody else hearing “HEIL HITLER” when you see those pics?

  50. What’s really funny is the people flocking to the comments section of the Washington Post article about this, trying to convince people that these are all White Supremicists trying to discredit BLM.

    This despite a quote in the article from the Black leader of the group, saying she encouraged the White members to take the lead in harassing White diners.

  51. The future is bright for this country. It’s alarming to see people in full public support of a neo-Nazi style group such as BLM.

  52. The BLM cancel culture chant.

    “It’s about policies and practices that keep black people in a lower socioeconomic bracket.“

    That’s the primary line of bullshit.

    Prove that there are policies directed at only blacks. Show us all the specific policies that deny blacks agency, free will.

    1. How about the policy that gave blacks the lowest unemployment rate in history?

    2. Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, all directed at blacks.

      1. Where is there slavery or Jim Crow today? Are people protesting history. Talk about wasting time. I don’t like the Middle Ages much. Do you think protesting, looting and arson will help?

        Redlining is directed at the poor who have bad credit. If you have a problem with that, complain about it for all poor people. It isn’t a black thing.

        You have provided NO evidence that blacks are denied agency, free will in today’s society.

        1. Should I explain how they are actually, how living under slavery or apartheid conditions up to 50 years ago doesn’t automatically get erased because laws are fixed, or just get to the question I’d prefer to ask?

          If black people have equal opportunity, why are their social metrics poorer? If systemic racism isn’t the cause, what is? Please be as detailed as possible.

          1. I don’t know why blacks have free will but make more bad choices than others.

            What the fuck do they want from me?

            Be specific.

          2. If black people have equal opportunity, why are their social metrics poorer?

            Because you leftards set out to turn them into sharecroppers for votes during the Johnson administration, and succeeded in destroying black families, you smug piece of shit.

            If systemic racism isn’t the cause, what is?

            Systemic racism exists, and it’s perpetrated by the Democrats. They fight tooth and nail against letting black kids escape from incompetent government schooling.


            1. I regret that the Reason comment section doesn’t let me upvote your comment, because I’d give it +1000 if I could.

  53. If “silence is violence” then evil is good.

  54. People just answering the Call of the Wild, a chance to act with abandon, anonymously.

    This would be happening in Wisconsin during the season (football or deer).

  55. Maybe this is what happens when the powers that be treat black issues as something you’re supposed to only talk about when there aren’t any cameras around, the better to quietly brush them under the rug. Black people can’t even silently kneel during a sportsball invocation without getting shit from you guys. I think it’s hilarious that they aren’t letting you set the terms of protest anymore (those terms being: just leave me out of it).

  56. Whether left or right, white Americans handle issues with extreme aggression.

  57. Sorry! This white Democrat is NOT raising a fist in solidarity with BLM! COME FIND ME!

  58. “Following yet another horrific and unjust police shooting of a black man…”

    Robby you are a disgrace. You don’t know the context or details of what happened. We know you don’t and you know it too. It could very well be a justified shooting. Or it could be murder. We don’t pass judgement based on a few seconds of video.

    Are there any writers with integrity anymore, anywhere? Certainly not here, or WaPo, or NYT, or anyplace I’m aware of. It’s propaganda all the way down.

    1. Well, it can’t be murder yet because Blake is still alive.

  59. And here you have it, the true epitome of Democracy, i.e., mob rule.
    This bunch of snot nose, petulant dimwits will one day be seeking public office, so they can force everyone to live as they demand.
    Interesting how they have professional camera crews with them everywhere they go now…

  60. “Silence is violence” = It you’re not overtly with us, you’re against us.

    Which begs the question: If you’ll scream in my face for not joining you, what will you do if I dissent? Is that even worse violence against you?

  61. Silence is violence. Also, speech is violence. Great, I’ll be remembering these when I need to present an affirmative case of self defense.

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  63. Why are they so cruel!

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  65. I don’t know where to begin. Another unjustified shooting. Says some liberal hack in the media. You don’t know that you’re assuming facts to be as you wish them. They may be and they may not. that’s why they do investigations. Breed resentment? I guess that is one way of putting it. It kind of makes the folks on the right not give a damn about the causes the protesters support. Who the hell do these people think they are? The almighty bringers of social justice? Well I don’t give a damn about social justice because it is usually the opposite of real justice. White silence is violence. What BLM/Antifa is doing is justifying attacking white people. They don’t agree, that violence, so let’s go kill them. Having seen so many white people get attacked for simply being white I oppose BLM and Antifa on general principles of decency.

  66. I can respect other people’s point of view. I can empathize with the struggle of the poor, I grew up in poverty. I understand that there were bad acts in American and all countries history in regards to the war on the poor and indigenous peoples. I understand that my ancestors were white and were indentured servants coming to this land. I understand that my ancestor married a Native American and I am both white and Native American. So I do get it.
    What I don’t get is how the world seems okay with this ASSAULT in public. Scaring people, getting in personal space and yelling to comply with a point of view, is just wrong. It’s illegal and it is assault. I now understand that many people are getting concealed carry permits to protect themselves in public from violent people who assault others. This is exactly like the Brown Shirts in Hitler’s day. These are Communists and they are puppets for an agenda they don’t even understand, but I do. I will protect myself, family and my property against assault. I will not hesitate and everyone who bows down to this tyranny, is a fool and needs my protection as well. This is the age of citizens sticking together because we can’t trust liberal city governments to protect us. Look at Portland, Oregon. It’s insane and protected by the governor and city leaders. They do not protect the people living there, so we need to take it back into our own hands. Just like education of our youth. It’s our responsibility, not the government. Time to go old school. Bring it..

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