Weed Week

Is Nationwide Marijuana Legalization Just Around the Corner?

Erik Altieri of NORML sees a bright future for American pot.


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It's hard to be pessimistic about marijuana legalization these days. Recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states and decriminalized in another 14. Virtually all presidential candidates, including Trump, favor letting states decide the legal status of marijuana. Polls show a majority of Republicans even support legalization. And six proposals to move marijuana laws in a more or less libertarian direction are now making their way through Congress. 

What do these policy proposals look like? How are states navigating the conflicts between state and federal law? And are there any obstacles left on the path to nationwide legalization? 

(Joanna Andreasson)

Reason's Todd Krainin sat down with Erik Altieri, the executive director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, to talk about the building momentum toward nationwide legal pot.

Music—"Reggae Life" by Goymamba.

Produced, hosted, and edited by Todd Krainin. Cameras by Austin Bragg and Meredith Bragg.

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