4 Dumb Things GOP Candidates Have Said About Legal Marijuana

Republicans say they love states' rights, but they almost all hate recreational pot.


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The Republican presidential candidates are facing off yet again in another primary debate to be held at the University of Colorado Boulder—so you can guarantee they'll be asked about that state's wildly successful experiment with marijuana legalization. 

Pot is a tricky subject for the GOP candidates. They want to support the states' rights to be "laboratories of democracy," but they mostly hate the idea of making pot legal. 

That tension has led to some pretty wild and stupid rhetoric. Watch the video above to see four of the weakest arguments the Republican candidates have made against legalizing marijuana. And you can watch the debate Wednesday, October 28th on CNBC at 8pm ET, or follow Reason's liveblog for all the latest updates and commentary. 

Approximately 3 minutes. 

Produced by Alexis Garcia. Additional footage from the Drug Policy Alliance.  

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