Remy: Straight Outta Homeroom

Hardcore rap meets zero tolerance.


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Schools have zero tolerance for students as dangerous as this.

Written and performed by Remy. Produced and edited by Sean Malone.

Approximately 1:30 minutes.

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Rolling into school with a deadly device
and every person in my path better take my advice
cuz if I ever draw my weapon you'll be praying to Christ
and if you dare to double-cross me son you're gonna get iced

I'm busting into your crib, got the basement locked
packing super-deadly weapons like a makeshift clock
you're gone be hiding at night, pulling up your covers
keeping one eye open like you're sleeping at the Duggars

I got a finger gun, oh wait I got another
waving "bye bye" as I drive-by brother 
taking dead aim, it's about to get gory
you ain't been this scared of fingers since that time you turned 40

Because it's over you lost and now it's early retirement
like Keith Olbermann's bosses all I'm doing is firing
a shotgun's never been deadlier, most deadly by far
(unless you count calling the front seat of Ted Kennedy's car)

Because I'm dangerous, there ain't no debating this
killing people like a VA Hospital waiting list
Busting out my magic ring, it's gonna do wonders
make you disappear like Scott Walker's poll numbers