'Free speech is not about being sensitive,' Says Chapman University President

Jim Doti speaks out on campus free speech issues and the value of a liberal arts degree.


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Comedians such as Jerry Seinfield and Chris Rock aren't the only people who feel college campuses have grown intolerant of free speech. Jim Doti, President of Chapman University, shares their concerns and says campuses are worse off now than they were ten or twenty years ago.

"People [increasingly] feel that they are victims of some kind of social stigmatization, and as a result you have to be very, very sensitive," says Doti, "and free speech is not about being sensitive."

Reason TV sat down with Doti at this year's Freedom Fest  to discuss the decline of campus free speech, why he thinks "multi-cultural" centers at colleges are a bad thing, and the value of a liberal arts education. 

About 7 minutes.

Edited by Amanda Winkler. Shot by Paul Detrick and Meredith Bragg.

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