Why Conservatives Should Fight for Death Penalty Drug Transparency

Capital punishment fails the "conservative litmus test."


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"Conservatives believe in transparency in government," says Marc Hyden of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. "And when they make things secret, like where they're buying these drugs, you have to ask yourself, 'What are they trying to hide?'"

In a conversation with Reason TV at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Hyden expressed his opposition to the increased state secrecy surrounding lethal injection drugs, and why capital punishment fails his "conservative litmus test," because "it's not pro-life, it's not fiscally responsible, and it sure is not limited government."

Last week, Reason TV reported on the new First Amendment challenges to the death penalty, which you can watch here

About 2 minutes. 

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher. Camera by Paul Detrick. Interview by Josh Swain.

Music: "Not Today, Once Again" by Jahzzar (http://www.betterwithmusic.com)

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