Why the GOP Congress Should Welcome More Immigrants (Even Illegals!)


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Here are a few reasons why immigration is GOOD for the U.S.:

So instead of trying to reduce immigration by "securing the border," "completing the dang fence," and forcing ALL residents to show work papers and ALL employers to become agents of the federal government, why don't we just…

 Let (a Lot More of) Them In…

In the new Congress, immigrant-friendly lawmakers in both parties can pass laws "that enjoy bipartisan support…to start fixing the system…. These include a GUEST WORKER PROGRAM for low-skilled workers and DEREGULATION of the high-skilled visa program."—Shikha Dalmia, in the February 2015 Reason.

Read more at reason.com/policyagenda2015

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Written by Nick Gillespie and Amanda Winkler. Produced and edited by Winkler. Graphic art by Jason Keisling.