ReasonTV's Remy provides a chimney sweep's response to Kristen Bell's minimum wage parody video.

Approximately 1:20 minutes.

Written and performed by Remy. Produced by Todd Krainin. Music tracks by Ben Karlstrom. 

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So they'll raise the price of me
How happy I will be
It's great!
I've been
Replaced by a machine

I don't mean to sound too partial
You're forgetting, Sarah Marshall
Unintended consequences of these laws
But I agree with what you say
Rich people they should pay
Their share!
Their part!
Not take cash on Kickstart

Just 3 pages of Econ
And perhaps your mind will change
When free people arrange
Voluntary exchange
Just 3 pages of Econ
With this talk of "living wage"…
Tell me, what do you folks pay?