Remy weighs the odds of finding true love and, like a well-timed IRS hard drive failure, finds a higher power at work.

Approximately 2 minutes.

Written and performed by Remy. Video and graphics by Meredith Bragg. Music arranged by Ben Karlstrom. 

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There's seven billion people
Walking on this world of ours
How I found the perfect girl
I think about the odds

I think somebody up above
had us exchanging glances
I mean, what are the chances?

It's like if victims of improper screenings
all had the same views
And the head guy at the agency
told Congress that ain't true
and it turns out when he said that
well, it really was a myth
and the lady in charge of it all
happened to plead the Fifth

Now while that's all coincidence
I don't think our romance is
I mean, what are the chances?

Now while we're on the subject
of stories no one buys
You can't tell me how we met
ain't just fate in disguise

Regardless how improbable
it seems that our romance is
What are the chances?

It's like if an impartial agency
with no corrupt connections
Leaked private tax returns which
were then used to sway elections

and the hard drive of the lady
at the center of the buzzing
conveniently lost all the emails
from the time in question

and the Congress asked for records
from a second dude as well
but it turns out that there weren't any cuz
his hard drive crashed as well

so they tried to get some records from a
third person and fourth
but would't you know their hard drives crashed
so no emails of course

and a fifth person and six person
were focused on for help
and they finally found documents
ha, hard drives crashed as well

And a seventh guy investigated
Wait, really….