Lewis Lapham on Legalizing Drugs, Hating the Facebook, and Curating the Past at Lapham's Quarterly


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"Intoxication is the becoming of someone else or the going to somewhere else," says Lewis Lapham, editor and founder of Lapham's Quarterly. Soon after stepping down as the long-time editor at Harper's Magazine, Lapham started his eponymous quarterly—a curated magazine of historical essays, poetry, quotes, and excerpts focusing on a single topic. In the latest issue, which deals with the subject of intoxication, Lapham candidly discusses his use of drugs and alcohol and why he believes pot and most other substances should be legal.

Lapham sat down with Reason's Nick Gillespie to discuss his magazine, American's unique relationship to intoxicants, and why he likens Facebook and Google to Soviet NKVD and the Gestapo.

Shot by Anthony Fisher and Jim Epstein. Edited by Meredith Bragg.

Approximately 9:15 min.

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