The Truth about Public Servants: Adrian Moore at Reason Weekend 2012


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"The problem [with government workers] really is the unions," says Adrian Moore, who is Reason Foundation's vice president for policy. "These are organizations whose mission is to oppose the taxpayers and get a better deal for their members. That's their mission."

At Reason Weekend, the annual donor event held by Reason Foundation (the nonprofit that publishes this website), Moore challenged the misperception that public-sector workers are underpaid. In fact, government workers do better than their private sector counterparts in terms of wages, benefits, pensions, and job stability. And the size of the government workforce expands, Moore argued, whether the economy is up or down, a phenomenon he calls "fair weather Keynesianism."

Approximately 33 minutes. Filmed by Joshua Swain and Anthony Fisher. Edited by Jim Epstein.

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