At a time when pundits and politicians of all stripes endorse securing the border between the United States and Mexico, travels south to see what's really going on-and what the human and monetary costs are of amping up border patrols.

Building a wall along the border with Mexico is a great idea-if America wants to be like China and the former East Germany. In the 13th episode of's acclaimed and controversial Drew Carey Project, our host suggests there are better ways to ensure American security while also promoting free trade with our neighbor to the South.

"One way out of this mess would be to simply allow peaceful workers to enter our country through legal ports of entry," says Carey. "If we did that we could stimulate our economy, bring a huge underground labor market out into the open and we could put unscrupulous smugglers out of business. More importantly, we'd free up border patrol resources that could be used to fight criminals and terrorism."

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