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Bridget Phetasy: Why I Left California for Texas

The wildly popular podcaster is still "politically homeless" but says leaving California and having a kid have improved her life immensely.


Today's guest is the immensely popular podcaster and writer Bridget Phetasy, who recently packed up her family and left Los Angeles for Texas in search of affordable living, lower crime, and quieter evenings—all within an easy drive to Joe Rogan's Comedy Mothership club in Austin, where she sometimes performs.

Leaving the hustle-heavy entertainment capital of the world hasn't dulled her edge, though. "What stupid fucking times we live in," reads a signature tweet (she's a must-follow on that platform). In recent columns for The Spectator, she talks frankly about how she "learned to stop worrying and love the 'burbs," when she realized she needed to leave California, and talks with members of the LGBTQ+ community about "why Pride lost the public."

We talk about all that, especially what motivated her and her husband to choose Texas over California, and why she remains "politically homeless" despite just moving to a red state. At one point in our conversation, she says that living in a blue area surrounded by red voters might be the best of all possible worlds. She also explains why she's done with Joe Biden and Donald Trump but muses over the circumstances under which she might just vote for conservative Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Within hours of our talking, she messaged me with a link to a terrible DeSantis campaign attack video accusing Donald Trump of being too trans-friendly and touting the Florida governor's bona fides on shutting down gay-friendly activities in the Sunshine State. "I knew I never should have said that I'd vote for him," she wrote, with a laugh/cry emoji. "Puke can we rerecord."

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