Biden Administration

What Have We Done?

On the largest spending bill in U.S. history and the one year anniversary of life under coronavirus.


In today's Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie discuss the last year of pandemic life and what the next year may look like. They also break down the unprecedentedly large spending bill that just passed through the Senate.

Discussed in the show:

0:52: The Senate passed the largest spending bill in U.S. history.

20:39: Dr. Seuss is distracting the GOP from any intelligent debate about the largest spending bill in U.S. history.

33:49: Reflection on the one-year anniversary of coronavirus.

45:13: Weekly Listener Question: Is it more important to be principled or effective? What is the point of maintaining your "principles" if you lose literally every political battle?

49:14: Media recommendations for the week.

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Assistant production by Regan Taylor.
Music: "Angeline," by The Brothers Steve.

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  1. I have a problem with the premise of the Listener question. Why is it principled or effective?

    Cannot one be both principled and effective? If the answer is no, then we are pretty lost.

    1. They would rather let America dezcend into an authoritarian shit show than take one step towards freedom.

      1. Says the guy who licks Trump dick all day.

        1. Surely personal insults are less authoritarian than making a case about freedom… /s

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        3. Lol. It is amazing how you leftists have no intelligent response day in and day out.

    2. Apparently, at Reason, being principled means voting based on your feelings, because certain candidates are assholes and tweet mean stuff, ignoring some of the most libertarian policies in decades, and shilling for a “return to normalcy” even though normalcy means exactly more of the same status quo bullshit.

      There will never be a perfect libertarian president. You take W’s where you can get them. If you’re willing to trade those small wins for another decade of MASSIVE losses so you can feel good about your moral purity, then you have no principles.

      1. I haven’t listened to it and don’t intend to, but I hope Suderman at least was spouting sunshine, since he got his wish and Trump lost and did get impeached a second time.

      2. “return to normalcy”

        Rejoicing over the status quo is about the least libertarian position you can take.

      3. Yeah… Matt is the worst of the bunch in love action if not on the printed page.

        For most of the last couple of years, every appearance here or at fifth column was punctuated by incoherent sputtering of rage and hate when any Trump administration actio. Or policy came up. Even after an appropriate amount of throat clearing by other pundits, he would still stammer forth in rage against any suggestion that Trump had done something good, even by accident.

        And this is what we ended up with.

        Federal mandates that all government policy going forward be overtly racist. Bailouts to pension funds in the hundreds of billions to fight covid-19. (!). Reinstatement of grotesquely descriminatory and unjust mandates on gender in education. Immediate resumption of wars in the middle east… All without any real debate or even discussion of any kind. Heck, we started new wars without even an announcement.

        Well done, reason illuminati… Look forth and behold what you have wrought. A world that is objectively worse in every way…. Except that the press is more polite and the president doesn’t say rude things on his Twitter feed.

        At least you had your priorities in order.

        1. Actually, Welch has written/spoken about gains made during the Trump administration with respect to (1) deregulation, (2) criminal justice reform, and (3) not starting new wars.

          But you keep on imagining what people say/believe rather than actually listening to them. Carry on clown shoes.

          1. Lol

            Appropriate name you’ve chosen, simp.

          2. No, seriously. You have to go back and listen to him publicly speak on the reason podcast and on the 5th column. Every single mention of that guy makes him go completely insane. Not metaphorically, but literally. He becomes incoherent and just babbles. He won’t even let anyone say a single word positive about the guy.

            I get that this is the internet and being a pedant is the highest calling, but if you actually read what I wrote you would see that I talked about what he says, not what he writes. So then you would have known better.

  2. “What Have We Done?”

    Enabled an unprecedent degree of authoritarian governance because putting an end to mean tweets and preserving your progressive street cred was apparently more important than taking a principled stand against the most batshit crazy and power hungry political demagogues we have seen in this country over the past sixty years.

    But, that’s just my opinion — since you asked.

    1. No one gives a fuck about “mean tweets”. It’s that massive $2.5 trillion deficit Donnie Boy created that pisses us classic liberals off.

      (Joe seems to want to suck to)

      1. No one gives a fuck about “mean tweets.”

        Sorry, fuckface, but we were all awake during the last four years. Give it a least a decade before you try rewriting history.

        1. The writer doesn’t complain about the tweets. He just points out how Trump uses social media.

          The tweets aren’t mean. They just make him look like a dumbass.

          Check out H&R comments for “mean”.

          1. People pointing out youre a dumbass isn’t mean, just accurate.

            1. I frequently counsel him towards self harm, preferably suicide. So I admit I’m a BIG meanie. It’s still better than him living, which means more raped children.

          2. From the article:

            Sometimes, Fleischer said, Trump “hits himself in his own nose. … He’s misused Twitter in sometimes very mean ways that hurt him more than his intended target.”

            So, are you a liar, illiterate, or an illiterate liar?

            1. Yes, yes, and yes!

          3. And, for the record, here is a list of the articles the esteemed staff of Reason wrote about Trump’s tweets like they were the most pressing news in the world:


            If one were to archive and compile of all the articles where the writers here complain about Trump’s tweets would be enough to fill a small encyclopedia.

            1. The funny thing is I thought trumps tweets were three dimensional chess to get the leftists to fixate on the tweets while he pushed his agenda through.
              Instead it looks like the rhinos blocked his agenda by siding with the Democrats, and the tweets alienated the suburban moms.

      2. Aren’t you the one who masturbates to kiddie porn?

        1. Guessing he is impotent.

        2. See? This QAnon liar shows us what “mean” is. Donnie Boy can’t lie/slander like this so his Trump Trash base does it for him.

          1. Read your comment again for the irony pedo.

          2. You posted child porn links here at Reason, and you were banned for it. So stop with your bullshit.

            Kill yourself, you goddamned child rapist.

          3. Meanwhile this BlueAnon pedophile shows us what “lying” is by blaming Pelosi’s vetoproof bills on Trump.

      3. You’ve proven yourself a partisan piece of ignorant shit on this. Go back to child porn.

      4. Did you just complain about a 2.5T deficit while supporting a 1.9T spending bill?


        1. It’s the progressive way.

      5. “It’s that massive $2.5 trillion deficit Donnie Boy created that pisses us classic liberals off.”

        Welcome to Sleepy Joe’s $6 trillion deficit.

        1. Strange how he ignores the Democratic controlled House’s role in all that.

      6. The morons around here who continue on with this “mean tweets” nonsense want us to ignore Trump’s multitudinous flaws and deficiencies, AS WELL AS his many terrible policy ideas, to vote for him over not just Biden, but an actual libertarian, Jo Jorgenson, and pretend that the only reason to not vote for Trump was because he said mean words on Twitter. No, that wasn’t it. It was because Trump is an authoritarian bigoted asshole. It was because Trump took lying to a whole new level – every president lies, but Trump made it an art form. It was because Trump was completely uninterested in policy, and PROUDLY so. It was because Trump had some very stupid ideas on trade and immigration that deserve to be consigned to the dustbin of history. It was because Trump himself made it impossible to get anything meaningful done through the legislative process with his complete lack of interest in policy, negotiations with Congress, principles, or anything resembling a coherent plan about anything.

        An abstract policy platform was not on the ballot in November; individual persons were on the ballot, and Trump deserved to lose for all of the above reasons. The people who carry on with this “Mean tweets” nonsense are really the ones who are insisting that all of US, who didn’t vote for the Orange Cheeto, sell OUR souls in voting for a man with a list of disqualifying attributes that long, ANY ONE of which would have ended the political career of any other politician in the last half-century. They want us to sell out to Team Red, just like they did, and when we don’t, they invent the weakest possible rationale for why we didn’t. They should not speak to anyone again about principle, because they don’t stand for principle, they stand for the most expedient agent available to further power for their tribe and they are pissed that there are those among us who aren’t the craven throne-sniffers that they have become and make them look bad in comparison.

        1. Keep pretending your 1% had a chance who you only voted for as you were in a safe blue district fatty. Let’s not pretend you have principles. Everyone here admits trump had deficiencies. But you thought mean tweets were worse than shot like the green new deal. So fuck off.

        2. ” It was because Trump is an authoritarian bigoted asshole”

          Of course he never actually did anything remotely authoritarian or bigoted, so please don’t challenge me on this.
          I’m just paid to say it.

          1. …and to think I was actually looking for a substantial point in your post for something Trump did that was effectively horrifying for the USA. Sorry; name-calling just didn’t fill that desire.

      7. “”It’s that massive $2.5 trillion deficit Donnie Boy created that pisses us classic liberals off.””

        Is that what we are calling Pelosi these days? She was the one proposing massive spending.

        1. …. as we cheer the new $1.9 Trillion Proggy slush fund just passed

    2. “What Have We Done?”

      You got paid by your major patron, who evidently felt that throwing in with the Davos crowd was better for his bottom line, than letting some Libertarian assets continue to advocate for Libertarian issues.

      In other words, you sold your souls, and it’s a little late now to start bitching about the terms of the deal. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be eaten more towards the end of this regime, than if all of you hadn’t acted the way you did the last year or two.

      1. than letting some Libertarian assets continue to advocate for Libertarian issues.

        Such as the ones espoused by individuals like Jo Jorgensen?

        1. Good. That must’ve hit a nerve, you fat sack of shit.

          1. What are you even talking about? I voted for JoJo. Who did you vote for?

            1. Lol, the hell you did. You voted Biden because Sanders told you to.

              1. He lives in a safe blue area so he pretends to vote for anti racist jo. If his vote mattered he would have helped biden. He is a liar.

      2. Sad to say that Reason is a less effective Lincoln Project.

  3. Vote for fascists, get fascism.
    Damn, whodathunkit?

  4. The largest?

    Don’t disappoint Donnie Boy like that. The CARES Act was at least $2 trillion that he proudly signed checks for.


    1. Your party crafted and pushed that bill, yet it’s Trump, who couldn’t have overcome the ensuing veto that is solely at fault.

      You should be put down. Like all your kind.

      1. Traitor

    2. Wasn’t your team PO’d it wasn’t twice that?
      Trump may have signed cheques for the Hoi Polloi, but Team D were the ones that used it to fund Gender Studies in Pakistan.

      1. Just look at the math. Assume it’s full 2k checks per eligible person in the US, and assume there are 300 million people to receive them. That’s ‘only’ 600 billion dollars, and that’s overstating the spend by quite a lot. But the relief bill is 1.9 trillion.

        Where in the fuck did over 2/3rds of this motherfucking mountain range of money go?

        And how stupid are the collected writers in this ensemble to not see that this is exactly what was going to happen with a Biden Presidency?

    1. /thread

    2. I was about to post something similar, but I checked just in case, and the byline is indeed multiple people. So this “we” is really them, although for some reason I don’t think they intended this to be an acceptance of any sort of responsibility.

    3. Kemosabe?

  5. 20:39: Dr. Seuss is distracting the GOP from any intelligent debate about the largest spending bill in U.S. history.

    They doubled down on this fucking talking point only they came up with? They’ve been against it since last fucking year. How much in the bag are reason editors they have to blame conservatives? Where was reasons fucking coverage before yesterday?

      1. Well not a single Republican voted for this monstrosity and all of their amendments were rejected but it’s clearly their fault this thing got passed. I mean they could have organized an insurrection for crissake,

        1. I honestly couldn’t think of a worse take than trying to claim it was completely beneficial. Well… sarcasmics take that it didn’t cause bond prices to rise less than 24 hours after voting was probably worse.

          1. Yeah but sarc’s completely broken so he doesn’t really count.

          2. If you were a recently-divorced wife-beating chronic alcoholic whose children hate you, you probably come up with some retarded takes too.

  6. 45:13: Weekly Listener Question: Is it more important to be principled or effective? What is the point of maintaining your “principles” if you lose literally every political battle?

    Reason has no principles. Of they pretended to they would have attacked both candidates near equally and even given more against biden based on just the GBD by itself. He was openly authoritarian in his plans. Reason did not. The orange man bad day after day. I still see no articles on HR1.

    Reason has no principles.

    1. Here’s another bill Reason is ignoring.

      The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to consider and debate the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021 next week, according to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD).
      The PRO Act was re-introduced last month after the House Democratic majority passed the same bill in February of 2020 before it eventually stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate.
      The PRO Act includes language similar to California’s controversial Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), which imposes an “ABC test” to determine the status of an independent contractor.

      1. Only a 1 billion dollar tax increase on gig workers too.

      2. Wiping out owner-operators is a feature when one wants government to run everything.

    2. Christ, you actually spent an hour listening to them?

      1. No. Posted from what they thought their highlights were.

      2. I got almost 30 minutes into it. They really quickly stated that the rona bill is a bunch of garbage. They didn’t really criticize Democrats for pushing and passing it. They all went crazy against Republicans and conservatives for not arguing and complaining about the bill. It seems to me that they really have zero exposure to conservative media or what republicans have done in congress. There have been countless articles about the many ways this is bad in conservative media. Republicans have been the only ones arguing the bill should be significantly smaller and not be a Democrat wish list grab bag.
        They also spent significant time complaining that conservatives have expended effort in the culture war regarding Dr. Seuss. KMW specifically thought it was a good thing to ban the books.
        Reason is not remotely libertarian anymore. These editor roundtable podcasts just emphasize how out of touch the people in charge are with libertarian ideals, conservatives (anything about them), and the actual news. They are stuck in a leftist bubble.

        1. Jeezus Crisp. The Republicans are reaponsible for a bill not a single Republican voted for, because MSNBC didnt cover enough Republican outrage over it?
          Is this real life?


    Which turned out to be true. So there’s that.

    1. SENILE MAN – and his entire party doing his bidding – WORSE.

      Turning out to be not only true, but disastrous.

  8. Aw shucks if only that silly GOP would do whatever the liberaltarians wanted. But see as the LP can’t be bothered to even win a single electoral vote or put anyone in congress, I’d say your objections are irrelevant.

    Meanwhile you sided with the democrats, and now complain the GOP isn’t helping you. Too bad.

  9. Sevo can’t comment because he’s at his pussy AA meeting.

    1. Pussy Alcoholics Anonymous? Do you have to pay for the pussy, or is part of the program?

      1. No because it’s for “pussy alcoholics” like Sevo.

        1. Is that like a pussy addict?

          1. There’s no such thing. There’s only guys who get lucky all the time. Like KillAllRednecks. That dude gets so much pussy.

            1. No, he gets his ass plowed by his many Mormon husbands. He’s the belle of the ball at the fundamentalist Mormon compound.

              1. Fuck off traitor

                1. Tell us again about your Jewish friend — you know, the one that is conspicuously tokenized in your fantasy grievance mongering narrative against the Mormons.

                  Tell us all about that kite.

                  1. I already told you about my friend who was constantly told to “get in the oven” or called the k word by mormons.

                    1. Yes, but, tell us again.

                      It is a very interesting and compelling story. It seems so real, I can almost touch it.

                    2. Because it really happened.

                      I’ll admit I’m dumb for arguing with a racist bigot like you.

                    3. “I’ll admit I’m dumb …”

                      The admission is redundant, but thank you.

                    4. Whatever traitor.

                    5. Lol, you handed his ass to him, Geiger. Lefties just can’t meme.

    2. Would make more sense as a sarcadmic parody KAR.

      1. Why? Sevo’s the bitter drunk.

          1. Because he’s at a 12 step meeting

            1. We can all cite sarcasmics drinking lroblem and its effects on his family.

              So cite?

              1. Not my fault your too dumb to notice Sevo’s a bitter asshole 12 stepper.

                1. Do you have a specific reference for that? Like, specifically and exactly that?

                  1. Im not gonna waste my time. You’d just lie. I dont need to cite shit to you ya racist homophobic bigot.

                    1. Okay …. but do you have a cite for that?

                    2. So no cite. Got it.

                    3. I’ve replied to your racist/bigoted comments pointing them out and you ignore them.

                      You used the n word on the reason roundup(sounds like a crappy rodeo) today.

                      Fascist bigots like you lie.

                      I’m dumb for arguing with a racist traitor like you.

                    4. So, no cite.

                      Got it.

                    5. Lol, not even a cite. What would White Knight say.

                  2. I have to admit that Poe’s Law has me completely befuddled as to what’s actually going on here.

                    1. sarcasmic is mad at everyone for calling him an alcoholic so he moved on from harrassing ChuckP, to trying to troll Sevo.
                      Unfortunately for him he’s not too bright, so it’s not working for him.

        1. Drunk? The resident drunk is that faggot Sarcasmic. He’s a retarded lying lush.

          1. Sevo’s an alcoholic pussy.

            Fuck off traitor

            1. Go to bed sarcasmic. You’re drunk.

            2. Traitor? No, I’m a patriot. Faggots like that drunk Sevo, who shilled for Biden are traitors. Like most democrats.

  10. Why are you so upset? You got exactly what you wanted.

    1. Narrator: they actually weren’t upset but had to pretend they were kind of upset.

  11. If only we could have seen this coming!

    1. Who the fuck could know Biden had a campaign website stating all of this.

  12. Final nail in the dollar coffin…this should get very interesting…all glory is fleeting by the way…the prog bolsheviks will be defeated…

  13. What Have We Done?
    On the largest spending bill in U.S. history and the one year anniversary of life under coronavirus.

    Elected a guy that would be “wrong within normal parameters”.

  14. Clearly we’ve gotten the government “we” voted for. What else did anyone with three brain cells expect?

    1. [WE] manufactured ballot printers?

      1. [WE] diverted machine votes?

  15. Gillespie has a point – populists don’t generally win by promising NOT to give stuff to their supporters. They generally win based on promises to give stuff to their supporters. So if Team Red continues to go down the populist path, it is less and less unlikely that they are going to ever get to a reducing government stance.

    1. Meanwhile, Team Blue is just slashing spending across the board en route to the promised land of Libertopia.

      1. Nope, they’re not either.

        1. They told you they would do it and are doing more than they even promised. Meanwhile ylu threw away the guy with no new wars, less taxes, less regulation, withdrawal from Afghanistan, Abraham accords for violence free ME normalization, prison reforms, etc.

          You have no libertarian philosophies because you preferred the one open to GND, dismisses genocide as cultural differences, wants to charge men with title IX, pushes CRT, promises to spend and raise taxes, promises increased regulations, has voted for every war the last 40 years, increased criminalization, etc. So fuck you.

          You have no principles.

          1. Don’t forget that Jeff’s never heard of crt and doesn’t know anything about it.

            1. Certs? Those are after dinner mints, right?

          2. Anyone who thinks Trump was a libertarian is a fucking moron, or libertarianism is pretty much fascism.

            Republicans just say they are for less government spending. They never actually do that.

            Trump also just said he was for less bombing. He bombed more.

            You can’t just take politicians at their words dude.

            1. Of course he’s not a libertarian. He probably couldn’t even tell you what the NAP was or who Milton Friedman was.

              Once again, an abstract policy platform was not on the ballot. PEOPLE were on the ballot. We were not being asked to vote for or against wars or taxes. We were being asked to vote for or against PEOPLE. And Trump’s flaws were far more numerous than anything that they complained about any previous president.

              For all the times that they said Clinton was an amoral wretch, Trump is far worse.

              For all the times that they said Bush was an idiot, Trump is far worse.

              For all the times that they said Obama was a self-absorbed narcissist, Trump is far worse.

              It’s the TRUMP voters who sold their souls to overlook literally every glaring character defect and disqualification that the man presented, in favor of power. They literally proved that they will vote for ANY Republican over ANY Democrat. That right there is the height of seeking power over principle. OF COURSE they will not say so openly so they strawman the motivations for those that oppose them by claiming it was just about “mean tweets”. No, it was because their guy is a complete train wreck of a human being.

              In fact, they MUST say that objections to Trump were only so trivial as to constitute being upset over “mean tweets”, because only by painting their opponents as even more intellectually bankrupt than they are do they stand the chance of looking better than those they object to.

              And when you consider that there WAS a candidate on the ballot
              – Jo Jorgensen – who was far better on all of the issues, PLUS was not an authoritarian immoral narcissistic xenophobic idiotic bigoted asshole, there was no excuse from a principled libertarian point of view to vote for Trump. None.

              1. “Of course he’s not a libertarian. He probably couldn’t even tell you what the NAP was or who Milton Friedman was.”

                All of a sudden your insistence that you be viewed as libertarian when you clearly aren’t, makes sense. For you libertarianism isn’t doing libertarian things, instead it’s knowing about certain economists.

            2. He bombed more? when? where? than who?

              1. Legion are the things that Trump “did” in the fevered imaginations of the progs.
                He never, in reality, did any of them, but you can’t tell the Tonys or pedo-jeffys that.
                Their whole being is wrapped up in him being literally worse than Hitler.

    2. Uh huh. Like populist Trump instructing the executive agencies to eliminate 3 regulations for every new 1?

      1. The deregulation thing is a bit of a mixed bag.

        He deregulated in areas that Team Red doesn’t like regulations, but he also added regulations in areas that Team Red wanted regulations (i.e., trade war, immigration).

        So it was never about deregulation for its own sake, it was about delivering on promises for his supporters – get rid of the “bad” regulations, but implement “good” regulations.

        1. Yeah stopping crime, like illegal immigration, isn’t really adding regulations. Regardless, the man got rid of more regulations than any president in my lifetime- including Saint Raygun.

          1. No, it is. It’s just regulations that you, and they, prefer.

            1. You’re such a shitweasel Pedo Jeffy. And your preference is for sex predators from foreign countries to come here unrestrained and rape American children.

    3. Or populist Trumo refusing to start any new wars?

      1. Yes, but look at all the wars he almost might have started.
        Like when he nearly started WW3 by droning the Iranian general that attacked Americans in Iraq. Or when he was a Russian spy. Or how he meanly called Kim Jong Un “Rocketman”.

        1. Is that like your messiah’s “jobs saved”?
          Fantasies about what idiot leftist think could have happened are like unicorn farts in the wind.

    4. Stop pleasuring the master baiters.

      1. Hey fag, you done with your pantomime Sevo sock? That fell flat, just like everything you do.

    5. No offense, but when has Team Red ever really reduced the government?

      It’s not like Bush did jackshit. Ryan worked against Trump pretty hard.

  16. The comic artist Frank Thorne has died.
    He did Moonshine McJuggs, Ghita of Alazar, and The Devil’s Angel….the last one notorious for the comic shop owner facing legal heat for ‘child porn.’
    Do a piece on him, Reason.

    1. *Buttplug furiously starts researching “The Devil’s Angel”*

  17. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding across the prairie, when, suddenly, a mighty force of Cheyenne appear over the hill. Sighting them, the Cheyenne let out a mighty war cry, and charge the duo. The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says “Well, I guess we are screwed”
    Tonto looks at him and replies “What mean you ‘we’, pale face?”

    1. Damn, you beat me to it! 🙂

      There is also the famous line: “Who is ‘we?’ You got a mouse in your pocket?”

  18. This is the most progressive legislation in multiple generations. As in not just big spending, but big spending on poor people with children. Jesus Christ, you don’t know how fucked you are (by being showered with money and prosperity, of course).

    Trump told the truth in odd circumstances. Republicans never were for fiscal restraint, and he was smart enough to know that he could become popular by ditching the stingy corporate cocksucking. What did he care about that?

    So now there’s nobody left to care about government spending, including the American people.

    Sorry you lost. Might I introduce you to some alternative, highly appealing political philosophy options?

    1. You have an amazing ability to be completely obsessed with Trump and the GOP about fiscal sanity while being entirely and completely ignorant over the DNC compulsively and consistently being entirely fiscally insane.

      Ya know; if the Democrats voted against the Cares Act that would be one thing; but the DNC 100% supports fiscal insanity consistently even when the GOP majority does it. Yet the GOP still has many members going against it.

      1. Put another way, Democrats are willing to put tribalism aside when it means taking the necessary emergency steps to save the country, while Republicans are not.

        1. >>to save the country

          lol dude

        2. Yep, spending less than $200 billion out of $2 trillion to help people is sure awesome. Of course the $1.8 trillion in democrat pork spending will cause enough inflation to more than wipe out any benefit to those same people.

          Good job faggot.

      2. Mitch McConnell spent the Obama administration trying to make the country fail, in fact, so that a Democrat wouldn’t get credit for saving it. He did it right out in the open.

        So maybe don’t take your policy advice from sociopaths who would sooner shit on America than make it work for you.

        1. Now do Nancy, keeping those people waiting, for months, to get a Chinaflu package, to not give Trump the “win” and let the steal happen to get the senile Zhou Bai-din into office.

          So, who is willing to shit on America?

          1. Preventing Trump from winning re-election was the single most high-return thing anyone could have possibly done. This country legit may not have survived a second Trump term.

        2. Typical prog. Blame your utter failure on everyone else. Your kind is never accountable. How you remain unmurdered is a true mystery.

    2. Tony, it is big spending that is going to have to be repaid somehow or some way in some fashion. We ALL will be fucked when the bill finally comes due. This level of spending is reckless by any measure. It’s not even mostly about COVID relief! This party cannot go on forever. Someone has to be the adult in the room and tell people that they cannot get the magic unicorn that the government continually promises them.

      1. Sensible comment, but you are wasting your time with someone who has a victim for life mentality and can only see government as a doting mother who has no end of money and who will punish your enemies for you, all the while cooing “there, there.”

      2. Your plan to let all the illegals in will certainly help.

      3. Why does it have to be paid back? We’re borrowing it from ourselves. Interest rates are so low it would be folly not to borrow money right now. My mortgage will be essentially a bucket of free money thanks to covid.

        It would be nice, I totally agree, if Republicans would practice some fiscal restraint when they were in power to better manage these numbers, but I can’t control what they do.

    3. Krugscum: “Isn’t this great? We’re finally helping the poor!”

      Reality: checks are going to individuals who grossed up to $75k and couples who grossed up to $150k, almost two and a half times the national median. No remotely normal and honest person would classify people making this much as “poor”.

      Krugscum: “This is si progressive, nobody has ever tried this before!!”

      Reality: Many other civilizations have tried this same strategy of inflating the currency going back thousands of years. The ancient Romans did it when they started minting the denarius our of time instead of silver. Not only has it never worked n the long run, it has ended in disaster every single time.

      Krugscum: “This time is different though. This time it’ll work, we guarantee it!!”

      Reality: no Chony Krugscum, it won’t work in the long run this time either. You cannot repeal the basic economic laws of supply and demand, no matter how much you delude yourself into believing otherwise.

      1. Don’t progs also want the poor to bail out rich people with expensive college degrees?

        I guess that, somehow, is not the single most regressive policy in history. After a year of Dems working hard to transfer wealth from small business to mega businesses.

  19. >>Dr. Seuss is distracting the GOP from any intelligent debate about the largest spending bill in U.S. history.

    dudes no. nobody on Capitol Hill is sad about the the largest spending bill in US history. they are one borg.

  20. I thought the headline would refer to Reason’s buyer’s remorse over Biden….

    1. Wait. I thought Biden bought them – – – – – – – –

  21. We just elected the United States’ first mentally retarded president. Isn’t that what Reason has been working for over the past year?

    1. He was medically lobotomized from his second aneurysm surgery.


  22. That’s a good question Reason staff, you got what you wanted, orange man bad and all. Now you’ve got to live with it.

  23. Suggestion for a review: The Cowshed: Memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It was written by a department head at Peking University and provides an interesting analogy to today’s cultural conflict. It suggests what cancel culture unbound could possibly look like. The absence of a Mao-like figure today to give authority to such a movement would certainly be a limiting factor, but perhaps the Cultural Revolution provides a glimpse into the human heart when society has been destabilized and self-preservation is on the line.

  24. What have you done? Decided that tyranny is preferable to mean tweets.

    Enjoy the world you asked for.

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