Punish Politicians for the Right Reasons

The Reason Roundtable takes on the FDA, Andrew Cuomo, and more.


Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie gather on this week's Reason Roundtable to reflect with fresh fury on the latest bureaucratic bottle-necking and duty dereliction. And they find some bits of good news for you too.

Discussed in the show:

0:24: New York is…not well.

23:56: What's the takeaway of comparing Democrat- and Republican-run states in the face of pandemic management? (Look forward to a feature piece diving even deeper into this by Matt Welch.)

31:23: Weekly Listener Question: What does the Roundtable suggest to replace the current vaccine approval process?

46:45: Biden bombed Syria, and we're reminded that behind the "he's not Trump" hype, he's still just a "status-quo institutionalist."

49:13: Media recommendations for the week.

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