Debates 2020

Democrats Have a Massive To-Do List If Joe Biden Wins

But on big-picture fiscal issues, are Democrats and Republicans really so far apart?


Last week featured a surprisingly taciturn Vice Presidential debate that was notable more for what the candidates didn't say than what they did. But make no mistake: Health care, the federal budget, infrastructure and energy are all going to be subjects of intense legislative wrangling over the next four years, no matter who wins in November.

Democrats in particular have a far-reaching agenda that they will attempt to enact should they win back control of the White House and the Senate, as election odds-makers now believe is likely. But are Democrats and Republicans really so far apart?

On this week's Reason Roundtable podcast, Nick GillespieKatherine Mangu-WardPeter Suderman, and Eric Boehm discuss what comes next if Democrats take the Senate, and President Donald Trump's plans for a second term. Also before the panel: Last week's debate, the fate of the filibuster, what to expect from the battle over Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination, COVID-era baseball, and the decline of Saturday Night Live. 

Audio production by Ian Keyser and Regan Taylor.

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