Should You Boycott Your $42 SoulCycle Bike Ride To Stick It to Trump?

The end of political privacy and the politicization of everything


Is absolutely everything politics now?

Anti-Trumpers are boycotting pricey stationary bike rides at Equinox-owned SoulCycle after major Equinox investor Steven Ross held a fundraiser for Donald Trump. "Steve Ross got into a little bit of trouble this week," Trump joked. "I said, 'Steve welcome to the world of politics!'"

Regular Reason podcasters Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillepsie are joined by Elizabeth Nolan Brown to discuss the morality of boycotts and campaign finance disclosure laws, plus conspiracy theories, sex trafficking, political photo ops gone awry, and much more.

The hashtags #ClintonBodyCount and #TrumpBodyCount were both trending after disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in jail on Saturday, and both sides claimed victory in a large immigration raid on a Mississippi meat processing plant that rounded up more than 600 alleged illegal immigrants and left their children weeping in the streets after their first day of school.

As usual, the podcasters make recommendations for stuff to read, watch, and listen to, plus Mangu-Ward asks whether she should take a mysterious red pill with an "X" on it that she found on her desk this morning.

Audio production by Ian Keyser.

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