Joe Biden

Hair-Sniffer Joe Biden Should Apologize for His Whole Career: Podcast

A real American genius Joe is not.


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"Joe Biden Is Probably Running for President," runs the first half of this Christian Britschgi headline from two weeks ago. "He's Got a Lot of Baggage."

Does he ever.

A good rule of thumb is that you don't want to pre-launch your presidential campaign with Associated Press headlines about how you "never meant to make women feel uncomfortable," but that's where the former vice president and longtime U.S. senator from Delaware finds himself this week. But let's not sleep on a decades-long career of not just talking real funny about Others and plagiarizing a dog's breakfast of material, but also backing some of the worst federal policies the late 20th century Democratic Party could concoct. Or so argue Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and yours truly on today's Editors' Roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast.

Also up for discussion: President Donald Trump's potentially calamitous threat to close the southern border, Mark Zuckerburg's potentially calamitous suggestions for regulating the internet, and Peter Suderman's definitely calamitous obsession with Blade Runner.

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  1. Pervy uncle Joe is a uniquely creepy old bstrd.

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  2. And then he whispered “I’ve got a flute you can blow on.”

  3. I can’t wait for those with TDS to start singing Joe’s praises. The man is like the Bizarro Trump.

    Trump grabs ’em by the pussy. Joe just sniffs their hair and puts the scent into the spank bank.

    1. However bad Biden may be, at least he never told an audience of black people that the GOP planned to “put y’all back in chains” like Trump did.

      Oh wait, that was Biden that said that, elevating the political discourse above the rude, crude, nasty, over-the-top, norm-breaking vileness of that deplorable Trump. Yeah, fuck that Creepy Uncle Joe that likes fondling little girls while the Dems cough and politely look the other way. They all need their faces punched in every goddamn time they open their mouths about how Trump “just isn’t our sort”.

      1. Trump not being the “sort” of people with real money and breeding is a major component of his psychosis, and with his election his mental illness has become the problem of everyone in the world. Why was this necessary?

        1. Shades of Gatsby. I’ve always hated the Tom Buchanans of the world inheriting their money and look down their noses at people who earned their money.

          1. There’s never an excuse for rudeness.

    2. Is every legitimate criticism TDS, or just the illegitimate ones? Or are there no legitimate criticisms?

      Asking because every time I see a valid complaint, it’s automatically (unthinkingly is a better term, I believe) labelled TDS. It’s lazy and hackneyed.

      1. You miss the point. It is not that the criticism isn’t valid. It is that people with TDS will ignore something in Biden that they loath in Trump.

        1. I was asking an unrelated side question.

          1. There are plenty of criticisms to be made of Trump if you don’t like his policies. Even if I don’t agree with you, criticisms of his policies are reasonable and legitimate criticisms. What is not legitimate is “he is icky” or “he attacks the media” or “he is so mean on Twitter” and so forth.

          2. John just finds the dumbest commenters here and steals their material. I don’t get it, but it is what it is.

            1. Tony I have never stolen a single comment from you and you know it.

              1. Absolute murder happening over here.

              2. This is why Tony comes here: masochism.
                I respect that

                1. I’m actually a highly sensitive person who handles criticism badly.

                  That’s how little I respect you people.

            2. If you’re suggesting John is really Joe Biden, I’m just not seeing it.

      2. Is every legitimate criticism TDS, or just the illegitimate ones?


        “Nations should allow immigrants in. If Trump bans virtually all immigrants we should oppose him.” – Legitimate criticism

        “Nations should allow immigrants in. In the US immigrants are predominantly brown and poor and Trump hates that. We should oppose him.” – Same argument as above, now with more TDS.

        “Our education system is failing natives at phenomenal cost, our healthcare system was literally balanced on existing population demographics, xenophobia of Mexicans on the right and Russians on the left is as rampant as it’s ever been, and we’ve pretty much voted our debt ceiling out of sight in perpetuity… so, if we’re going to accept more immigrants more liberally, we probably should do something about those issues before brazenly and openly inviting everyone from everywhere.” – The sort of immigration debate that should be happening if the majority of idiot TDS sufferers weren’t nakedly playing the race card as a shallow foil for status quo interventionism and wealth redistribution.

      3. I usually tell someone they might have TDS if they repeatedly bring up a Trump-related criticism when the conversation wasn’t even related to Trump in any way. Example:

        Person 1: “I don’t want to eat at that restaurant, they served me a bad steak last time”
        Person 2: “Well at least they don’t put ketchup all their steaks it like Trump does!”
        Person 1: “Wow dude, I think you may have TDS. I’m getting concerned”

        The key is that this has to happen repeatedly. Like all they can think of is Trump because he’s so far inside of their head that they can’t help themselves. TDS.

    3. Biden’s sweaty palms and creepy nuzzling is the least of his defects. Why did his son get a billion dollar contract with the ChiComs? What has any Biden ever done that is useful?

    4. I hate to say it, but next to the other D candidates running, Biden looks like the reasonable one.

      I find it terrifying that someone proudly calling themselves “socialist” and openly supporting absolutely ridiculous ideas may well get the nomination of a major party. I think that would be a perfect setup for another Trump win. But, for fuck’s sake, Trump actually won, so who knows what other ridiculous shit might happen?

      Biden may be the Trump of the left when it comes to personal behavior. But Bernie and AOC could well be their Trump in other ways.

  4. Boy, with the Democrats #Metooing their own prospective candidates, makes you wonder what they’re going to end up with in 2020.

    1. Its curious.
      Seems whatever is the new D establishment doesn’t want ole uncle Joe in it.
      Welch writing this up just confirms that suspicion

      1. He is not woke enough.

      2. It’s really interesting, because I think Joe is the only name being bandied about that has a chance to beat Trump in the likely battleground states; blue collar states like MI, OH, PA, WI.

        The D’s have gone full on SJW it seems and have even given up political expediency for the time being. Either that, or they just don’t fully understand what happened in 2016.

        1. “Either that, or they just don’t fully understand what happened in 2016.”

          They don’t – well, the journalists writing these stories don’t. They really do believe their own narrative that it was racist, sexist old white people that lost them the election. They haven’t even considered that the economy, healthcare and immigration were what lost them the “blue wall” states, and thus the election.

          The Dem political pollsters and insider operatives have caught on, though. My guess is they are probably pulling their hair out trying to find someone that can please both the rabbid leftist base while still being electable in what’s left of the blue wall states.

        2. Biden could beat Trump in those battleground states if he wasn’t shackled to the Democratic party.

          There is no way he could run far enough towards the center otherwise.

          He is being taken out because he can be taken out. This sort of thing tells you that the people doing it are both highly connected, and very serious. Welch jumping onboard tells you which drummer’s beat he marches to.

          1. Of course the really damaging stuff – that Biden’s son got rich getting in bed with the Chinese and anyone else Dad could deliver favors – is too hot to mention.

            Mainly because the dirt is spread to too many other important names.

        3. It always amazes me when television pundits assume that people in blue collar states would vote for Biden or Hillary. As if people working in blue collar jobs can’t tell when someone is full of shit. Even if he wasn’t a creep, Biden would lose the key states.

      1. Well my dream ticket was Sanders / Cortez, but I know that’s a medium shot.

    2. If recent articles in Vanity Fair are any indication, the Democrat Party is gripped by a severe case of Beto-Mania.

      They’re like 16 year-old girls in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show.

      1. Its crazy how fast leftists forget they hate white men when a pretty-sounding, decent-looking white man walks in the room and offers them free stuff.

  5. The sad fact is that creepy Uncle Joe, and he is creepy, is still probably the Democrats’ best chance at beating Trump. That is how crazy the Democrats have become.

    1. And I believe that pretty well describes the Democratic 2020 line up; but no matter how bad the final choice may be, 49.9% of the electorate will vote for them either because they are gimmedats or are quite comfortable thank you and like to virtue signal from the voting booth.

      1. Why don’t people just virtue signal online and then just vote their damn interests at the voting booth?

        1. I’d be even happier if people voted their principles. You aren’t supposed to vote for what you want, you vote for what you want the government to be.

          1. Unfortunately, far too many people “want the government to be” their sugar daddy.

    2. LOL

      Not even Russian hacking will help Drumpf win in 2020. The economy is in ruins. Polls show voters are increasingly pro-immigration. And most people can see through the lie that Mueller “exonerated” him.

      1. OBLT would be the of the comfortable variety

      2. OBLT 2020

        1. Parody you can believe in

    3. I think Tulsi Gabbard could win, but the Dems won’t nominate her. She’s not crazy enough.

      1. … not to mention (as OBL pointed out below), Gabbard is a Russian operative.

      2. The other problem Gabbard has is that she is a woman who is half way attractive and seems like a normal person. No way in hell are the old hags who gave Hillary the nomination going to nominate a woman who is obviously more attractive than they are.

        1. That is a huge truth right there, how is Gabbard supposed to get the women vote when most women hate women that are prettier than them?

          1. Gabbard is the hot mom at your kid’s little league games that all the dads flirt with and fall all over. Woman hate that so much.

    4. Didn’t see this before I posted similarly above. Agree 100%

  6. Biden is obviously better than Drumpf or any Republican. But among Democrats he’s in the bottom tier of 2020 hopefuls, above only Russian stooge Tulsi Gabbard.

    1. “…Russian stooge Tulsi Gabbard”

      I’m gonna hold you to that.

  7. train every day makes more sense now. creeper.

    also what is ecstasy death nobody dies from x.

  8. Joe Biden is a total prevert !!!

    Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy

    See her pervertions.

    1. oH my, his pervasions- so awful

      don’t watch, you’ve been warned !!!


    Vintage Biden campaign poster found.

    1. I had forgotten about those ads

    2. love it. also how did he survive “You can’t goto a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Dounuts…” video?

  10. My gut feelings have been more accurate the older I’ve gotten. Sometimes I scare myself.

    My gut feeling is that Biden was never a threat to win the primary. I also think that fellow old geezer Bernie is a threat to win, if only because he has a cult following and he’ll be splitting the vote between 20 people who do not.

    So, I figure this hair sniffing stuff started out as Bernie-led oppo, but would someone please start leaking oppo on Bernie. There’s a lot of fucking material. Don’t wait until the last minute when the bros have their hopes up and are in full war mode against anyone who would dare challenge him.

    1. Sure there is a lot of material. But most of it is things like Bernie praising communism and the old USSR, which just makes him more popular among Demcorats.

      1. Among Berniecrats. His appeal to them is that he is the most radical leftist in national politics. And he’d be pissed off if anyone said otherwise. Some of us do see that this is the definition of unelectable, but they persist in thinking that the key to winning elections is for the candidate to agree with them personally on everything, especially when it’s promising a bunch of unicorn farts.

        1. I’m pretty sure its possible to win the Democratic nomination without taking a single concrete policy position. All you need to promise is hope & change.

          The Republican side isn’t much better – all you need to do is promise brimstone and fire.

    2. So, I figure this hair sniffing stuff started out as Bernie-led oppo, but would someone please start leaking oppo on Bernie.

      Tony, please, if what we KNOW about Bernie hasn’t sunk him yet, there’s nothing anyone’s going to find out that’ll turn out to be the final nail in his political coffin.

      1. *We* know, but the general public doesn’t. He’s never been in a position to have serious oppo dumped on him on a national stage.

        Hillary held back so as not to piss off his nutbar supporters, which was a good strategy.

        1. Were you not around in 1988?

          1. Apologies, I thought this referred to Joe

            1. Yeah with joe all they have to do is press print.

    3. I doubt Bernie will be the nominee because the radicals in the DNC will destroy him, I’m sure they’re looking for metoo type of allegations right now. He is too old and too white for the current DNC. But, it is good entertainment. God, why did you take George Carlin? I would have loved to hear his take on all of this.

    1. Adam Trahan Verified account
      Replying to @washingtonpost

      This is like saying “I’ve discovered this new band” after they’d already toured the world and put out three albums

      Just imagine, if Hillary had won it’s entirely likely the WaPo would’ve had to make this discovery posthumously.

  11. I’d usually plop the latest podde caste on the gramophone right about now but baseball is back so evening games take up most of my evenings at home until October. That is, unless the impossible occurs and [redacted] make the playoffs, in which case that’s a write off, too.

  12. The touchy feely stuff about Biden has been documented for decades. He’s gotten a free pass ? until now. Perhaps someone in the DNC wants to kneecap ole Joe.

  13. Keep this in mind about Biden

    Joe Biden coined the term ‘Drug Czar’ after watching Reefer Madness. According to Biden, the movie set him on a path to have the government warn the nation’s youth about the dangerous marijuana plant.

    Biden is in constant contact with past and present Drug Czars, who say that the current marijuana is much more powerful than the hippie weed. So much so, that it’s now considered to be not only highly addictive, but a gateway drug to LSD.

    Unnamed sources say Biden was maneuvered to be Obama’s Vice President so Biden could keep an eye on president pot head. There was a feeling that Obama would start smoking marijuana again, even though he swore he was off the stuff. So Biden was placed there to make sure Obama behaved and did not reclassify marijuana.

  14. Particularly great podcast today. Quite funny! Peter’s comment in particular about Devos defunding the Intersectional Olympics had me rolling.

  15. He is quite the creeper.

    The scary thing is, he’s probably the BEST person out of any of the Dems. I hope he doesn’t get the nomination either… He might actually win, whereas any of the crazy coastal shit libs they’re putting up will tank them in the purple states again.

    1. They are all creepy in one way or another. You don’t live that long with that sort of power and impunity and not be affected by it.

      Biden’s creepiness just clashes with mores du jour.

      That, and people with more clout in the Democratic than him have decided it’s time for him to retire from politics.

      1. Biden’s biggest sin is he chooses to do about a tenth of what Bill Clinton does in private in public.

      2. LOL

        All true. I’ve known a few people with obscene amounts of money (9 figures!), and some of them were cool… And others did INSANE shit because they felt invincible. Powerful politicians are like that, but on steroids because they often have fame and pure, raw, power to boot.

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  17. No one wants to close the border. The funny thing about the argument is it makes you decide if he’s bluffing or not. If you think he’s bluffing, turns out you believe he’s not as authoritarian as practically any democrat wants you to think he is.

    So he wins. Again.

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  19. Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius

    Today we salute you Mr. Creepy Presidential Candidate

    1. The voting’s closed, and congratulations, that comment won you the Internets for today!

  20. It’s a Roman Catholics thing, he learned from his priest, heck maybe even from the nuns.

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