Pot Protesters Welcome President Trump With 4,200 Joints

"We've legalized here and we don't want our rights taken away."


The only place in town Trump supporters and Trump protesters could be found doing something together on inauguration day is "waiting in line for marijuana," says Adam Eidinger, co-founder of DCMJ, the pro-cannabis advocacy group that was key in making pot legal in the nation's capital.

Eidinger and his colleagues spent the day handing out thousands of free joints to anyone in D.C. who wanted one. It's a way of "welcoming Donald Trump to Washington," he says, "and letting him know we've legalized here and we don't want our rights taken away."

UPDATE (Jan 21, 2017): Eidinger says that 9,000 free joints were given away, thanks to last-minute donations.

Produced by Todd Krainin and Josh Swain. Camera by Swain, Mark McDaniel, and Todd Krainin, who also edited.

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  1. Brilliant idea – – probably saved the city from millions in property damages today.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that.

      It seems interesting to me that, although I do not smoke marijuana, I am now contemplating its possible effects (if various comedians and Conchfritters are correct) that marijuana induces lethargy and idle thought rather than activity and aggressiveness.

      1. “See, here’s why you legalized marijuana…you’ve never been to a party and heard “whoa, look out, Josh has taken too many bong hits and now he’s picking a fight”. The worst you ever hear is “Josh just ate all the cheerios and is passed out on the couch.”

      2. I’ve smoked weed before. Been a long time. But I’ve been around lots of people who smoke it. Never seen one violent confrontation instigated by people smoking weed. Alcohol? LOL, yeah, that’s a totally different thing. I could write a book about it.

      3. marijuana induces lethargy and idle thought rather than activity and aggressiveness.

        Not really. the stereotypical effect it has on people (the cheech+chong/beavis+butthead sort of behavior) is more a reflection of a *type* of person who smokes a lot of weed. “Dumb, lazy, easily amused”

        I played sports and music with people who smoked weed every day, and it wasn’t “lethargy” so much as ‘relaxed focus’ that people found beneficial.

        It is actually much easier for some people to perform difficult/complex technical feats while stoned. skateboarders i’m sure could attest to it, and any musicians. But i knew athletes (wrestlers, lacrosse players, skiers, track & field people, others) who would often perform @ their best while baked.

        Basically, you worry far less about failure, and enjoy the process of *trying* so much more, that people find themselves taking ‘risks’ and being successful more so than when they’re sober and hyperfocused.

        I bet its great for Golf. tho probably bad for keeping score.

        1. *footnote

          does pot make people “more peaceful”?

          I think it can. as i said, the “relaxed” part certainly makes people far less likely to be uptight in the first place.

          But i think if you’re *planning* on being violent? weed would simply make it more fun. And i’ve known some thug types who definitely smoked weed and went around looking for people to beat the shit out of/trouble to get into.

        2. “It is actually much easier for some people to perform difficult/complex technical feats while stoned.”

          Smoky Yunick, of all people, admitted to dope and mushrooms when he and his buds were skull-jobbing some of their rules interpretations.

        3. I’ve been smoking and consuming for nearly 50 years, with every type of person – amputees, blacks, midgets, Japanese, my 80-yr old mother – under a wide range if circs. The best experiences are extreme humor and sexual excitement. The worst part is paranoia and uncertainty. I’ve never felt like I could focus more, just gotten obsessed with tiny topics. Creativity seems enhanced but does not survive sober review the next day. Great fun!

          1. “Creativity seems enhanced but does not survive sober review the next day.”

            Disagreed here. I’ve been involved in the design of some fairly complex systems, and the insights from smoking and visualizing those systems broke log-jams and are still accepted as very elegant many years later.
            I wasn’t surprised by Yunick’s admissions. Only that he admitted them.

      4. That’s the effect of myrcene. Sativas have little myrcene and can be very energizing.

  2. RE: Pot Protesters Welcome President Trump With 4,200 Joints

    It just goes to show you that DC really has gone to pot.

  3. But there’s no truth to the rumor that the Marine Band was playing this during the ceremony.

  4. More Todd Krainin & Joshua Swain, please.

    This is awesome coverage. This is the story America needs.

    1. Krainin’s the tits, bro.

  5. Strangely, they gave the weed to members of Congress, and their behavior didn’t get any weirder.

  6. So, Obama left office without rescheduling weed. IIRC, there was a bet that he wouldn’t, then we decided we’d donate $20 either way. Who did I make this bet with?

    1. At least he closed Gitmo!

      1. And defeated ISIS.

        1. Any everyone has health care

          And a new car.

  7. Well, fuck. Finally something positive? I love this. If the war on drugs is what finally brings America together in opposing the overreach of the federal government, then that would be a wonderful development. And don’t get me wrong, I know that libertarians can never agree with conservatives and leftists about a lot of things. But if ending the WOD is the one thing we all can finally agree on, that’s great.

  8. I’d like to thank the authors of this article for writing a good article and posting the video about a libertarian issue, as opposed to the typical recent fluff about Trump being Hitler before he’s even served a single day in public office, ever. Nice, I’d love to see more of this around here.

    1. I always say “Hitler never won an election”.

  9. Did you get Leather Rock’s number, and if not why not?

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  11. Have you heard the news? The war on drugs is not authorized by the US Constitution. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  12. Wonder if Gary Johnson is lighting one up even as we speak. Ah, libertarianism.

  13. Will Trump’s administration honor state laws that have legalized marijuana? Given Trump’s appointment of rabid anti-marijuana zealot Jeff Sessions, I’m skeptical.

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