Where Are the Female Libertarians? Allison Gibbs on the Ladies of Liberty Alliance


From Ayn Rand to Isabel Paterson, some of the most important figures in the modern movement for liberty have been women. So why aren't there more female libertarians today?

Reason.tv's Tim Cavanaugh sat down with Allison Gibbs, founder and executive director of the the Ladies of Liberty Alliance, at the Libertopia festival in Hollywood, California. Gibbs says that, although the pretentious and argumentative nature of the libertarian movement has been a turn off to women, she is optimistic about the future. She points out that LOLA is growing rapidly and notes that libertarianism is especially popular among young women.

Approximately 6 minutes.

Camera by Zach Weissmueller and Adam Hawk Jensen. Edited by Paul Detrick. Music is "Need Some Glue" by Fresh Body Shop (Magnatune Records).

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