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Is FASORP For You?

It's not a lovely name. But you may be interested in this new organization.


FASORP stands for "Faculty, Alumni, and Students Opposed to Racial Preferences." Here's how the FASORP web site explains itself:

FASORP is a voluntary membership organization that litigates against race and sex preferences in academia. Its members include faculty, alumni, and students of many different universities.

We encourage you to join our organization if you share our commitment to meritocracy and our opposition to the corrupt and discriminatory practices that subordinate academic merit to diversity considerations. There is no charge to become a member of FASORP, and your membership will expand the range of universities that FASORP can target for lawsuits. Membership in FASORP is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

You can also use this website to submit evidence of race and sex discrimination in academia. You can submit incriminating emails, audio recordings, and documents that expose race or sex preferences in faculty hiring or the selection of law-review members. Simply drag and drop the files into the box at the bottom right of the screen. E-mail files should be converted to .pdf before submitting. You may also relate anecdotes of reverse discrimination that you or others have witnessed. If you wish to submit your evidence anonymously, you can omit your name, e-mail, and identifying information in the other boxes, and if you choose to submit anonymously there is no way for anyone to trace or identify the source.

We are especially interested in evidence and anecdotes related to our pending litigations against Harvard Law Review and the NYU Law Review. But we welcome the submission of any evidence that could lead to future litigation.

I'll write about FASORP's interesting litigation against the Harvard Law Review and the NYU Law Review very, very soon.