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What Should the President Read?

It's the day after the presidential election. The winning candidate asks you to recommend three books to read before inauguration. Only one may be more than 10 years old. What do you suggest-and why?


Does Korea Need Us Now?

The war is long over, South Korea's economy is flourishing, democracy is on the rise…it's time to make a graceful exit.


1968–1988–2008: The '80s Will Be Remembered…

For Classic Coke and condoms, gold coins and Maggie Thatcher, tax cuts and AIDS…A look backward and forward by a host of REASON friends.


The Budget Revolution That Wasn't

If you believed candidate Ronald Reagan in 1980, you should have seen federal spending of $760 billion last year. Instead, it was $842 billion. Any guesses about 1988 spending?


Barring Competition

The California Bar Association would like to see fewer lawyers-and that's supposed to help consumers?


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