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Kurt Loder Review's How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: New at Reason

The money-minting trilogy comes to a close.

Universal PicturesUniversal PicturesKids these days, what do they want? I mean seven-year-olds, eight-year-olds, down in that diminutive demographic— what are they looking for in a movie?

We can imagine a couple of things: action, obviously; snappy patter perhaps. Happily, The Hidden World—the concluding installment of the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, which began back in 2010 and has grossed more than a billion dollars to date—has acres of action; quite a bit of it brilliant. But there's so much of it that it sometimes obscures the story, and in fact starts to become a little annoying. As for the patter, well, this is Dreamworks, not Pixar, so there's not a lot of edge. But the script, by returning director Dean DeBlois, does have some nicely turned lines, the zippiest of them allotted to a hyper-chattery character called Ruffnut, whose screwball yammering drives everybody crazy, writes Kurt Loder.

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